BookTubeAThon Wrap Up!

So the BookTubeAThon is over and I have finally slept a full 8 hours! Sorry for the lack of posts I’ve been reading so much the last week I feel like I’m drowning under reviews to write.

Okay so I did the Booktubeathon and not only was it really fun I made a sizable dint in my TBR.

I managed to read 5 books out of the 7:

30555350The first book I read was Nina is not Ok. This was my Read a book with yellow on the cover. You can click on the photo for my full review but I gave this a 2/5 stars. It just wasn’t for me and I couldn’t connect with the Main Character Nina. I skim read a lot of pages and was so happy when I finally finished it!



The second challenge was Read a book you found through BookTube. I”ve heard so much about Morgan Matson’s books and only had this left to read to complete all of them, so I thought this would be perfect for this category 😀 I loved it, I teared up it was fantastic. I will be posting a full review for this soon!





For Read a book that’s older than you I started The Picture of Dorian Gray and got halfway before I realized I didn’t have the right mindset to really give this book all my attention so I swapped it for The Little Prince.

I have never read this before and I loved it! The story the images. I am currently learning French so I think I’m going to by the original version and read that to help me learn some more. I also read this at night so it counted towards my Only read after Sunset Challenge. 



Read 7 more books! Obviously I only read 5 BUT for my two wild cards I chose The Fill in Boyfriend and On the Fence by Kasie West. I absolutely loved both of these stories and would highly recommend them if you’re looking for a perfect summer contemporary!

18298225.jpgI gave The fill in Boyfriend 4/5 stars and On the Fence 5/5 stars.






I also started The Savage Song by V.E. Schwab but I’m still reading it. So I missed out on Read a book by a favorite Author and Read a book and watch the Movie adaptations.


This was my first ever reading challenge/marathon and I’m happy with my 5 books off my TBR! I had a heap of fun seeing the challenge videos and posts and being apart of the twitter sprints.

I will definitely be participating in more reading challenges this year and hopefully tackle my TBR


Did you participate? How did you go in the BookTubeAthon? What are your thoughts on ReadAthons? Have you ever done one before?

Also if any of you guys have a Booktube as well leave me the link! I’d love to check out your channel 😀



15 thoughts on “BookTubeAThon Wrap Up!

    1. It was so crazy trying to read that much! I usually read about 2 books a week so squeezing another 3 in there surprised me 😊 Now my tbr has a big dint in it but my reviews to be written are out of control 😅

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  1. The Little Prince is so cute!!❤ I love that book!! A friend of mine was reading it, and in class she shoved it towards me and said, “I won’t take it back unless you read it.” So I did. And it was the sweetest/cutest/saddest/amazing book my eyes ever did see. 😀 (Yes, the feels) Haha. I’m taking French too, and I’d want to reread Le Petite Prince when I’m better at the language. I’m glad you enjoyed it!!

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    1. You summed it up perfectly! And your friend sounds like my type of person 😊 haha! I wasn’t expecting so much from such a little book but it blew me away ☺️ French is so much harder then I thought it would be! Why does everything have to have a sex and the grammar always trips me up 🙈 hopefully reading in French will help me learn a bit more I can’t wait to get a copy of le petite prince!

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      1. I know right?! I keep forgetting if an apple is a boy or a girl. Pretty sure it’s “le pomme” though. And all the verb conjugations are hard to remember. All in all, I’m glad you loved the book, it surprised me too! 🙂

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