My Favourite Sci Fi books of 2016

BAH it’s christmas time and as usual I’ve left my shopping and writing to last minute. I was thinking about just do one gigantic wrap up but then I was like NO, I cannot choose between my precious books I’ve read this year they’re all just my fave so I settled with doing a top three books in every genre because let’s face it a read a lot and suck at decision making.

TOP 3 SCI FI READS OF THE YEAR (also these aren’t books released this year these are books I read this year) 


In Third place is The Martian by Andy Weir

The Martian is so good, If you love sci fi that is really, really well explained and you haven’t read this yet I don’t know what else to say? Read it!

I laughed so much when reading this, seriously Mark Watney marry me and take me to Mars your humor mixed with my love of potatoes? YES YES YES


25372801Second place is All The Birds in the Sky by Charlie Jane Anders

Second place on my Sci Fi shelf even though it is Sci fi and Fantasy there is no out of space but there is such a love of science, and time travel. An evil Artificial Intelligence that just wants people to be matched with their soul mate, and bullying with witches that are trying to save the world and if you think this description is weird you should read the book because it is SO weird and wonderful and everything I want from a book.

New synopsis – If you like weird shit this is for you



AND in first place is GEMINA by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

Seriously who didn’t know this? Are you surprised? If you are surprised welcome you must be new, I like this book and you should read it ASAP.

Illuminae is my absolute fave and Gemina is SO GOD DAMN GOOD at first I was like well Illuminae is epic how are they going to top this and then I remembered omg these people are evil geniuses and they can top everything.

I can not wait for the next book I need it more than a ship needs a working hyperspace coil when being chased by intergalactic terrorists trying to kill them.



So these are my Top Three Sci Fi read if the year, what are yours! Tell me so we can yell about them together or so my TBR can grow larger because why not it’s already pretty big lets just throw some more onto the pile and laugh manically.


20 thoughts on “My Favourite Sci Fi books of 2016

  1. GEMINAAAA!!!! So much love for that book!!! Also All The Birds in the Sky sounds very interesting. Such a good mini-list! One of my faves didn’t make it onto your list though, if you haven’t read it yet please give it a go: The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet. ❤ Also We Are The Ants. Yay!

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    1. All the birds is really strange but I just enjoyed myself so much, I hope you loove it if you get around to it 🙂
      I haven’t read both of those! I’ve had so many people tell me to pick them up., I am putting them on my christmas wishlist right now and buying them with my xmas giftcards/money 😀

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      1. Good plan!! Angry Planet was a little slow, so don’t go into it expecting fast paced or you’ll be disappointed. It’s well worth the read though. 🙂 Maybe I’ll get it with Christmas money? I have no idea!!

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        1. I’d be interested to see what you think of All the Birds also I can always lend it to you 🙂 Some of the reviews I’ve read are either loving it like I did or really being put off by the strangeness so you could go either way 🙂 Thanks for the heads up! I’ll make sure I’m in the right mood for Angry Planet when I pick it up 🙂


  2. These are excellent choices! I haven’t read any of them.. x) But I have heard fantastic things about The Martian book (looved the movie) and of course people can’t stop raving about Gemina.
    I say you have excellent taste in Scifi.

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    1. *blushes* Thank you! The Martian movie is a great adaptation I mean it’s still missing out on a lot but I really enjoyed it and it kept most of my fave lines in 😀 I hope you love the book is you get around to reading it! Gemina’s format and the twists and turns just blew my mind I loved not being able to predict what would happen next with books and of course everything space ships and artificial intelligence has me obsessed right away 😀


  3. Of course Gemina takes first place! I wouldn’t expect anything less from you, haha. The Martian would definitely be in my top three sci-fi too, that’s for sure. Such a hilarious and fun read! I really, really need to pick up All the Birds in the Sky too – your praise of it has me super keen to read it!

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    1. It’s so weird and cool Kirstie I seriously think you’ll LOVE it. I laughed so much in The Martian and I wasn’t expecting to but Mark Watney’s brain was such funny and smart place to be in 😀 Gemina is always first place its just so good ahhhh I need the third book already

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    1. Gemina is just sooooo good, pretty sure I’m going to listen to it on Audio soon because I neeeed to here the lollipop song XD I hope you can read and love the martian soon! There’s a lot of math and science talk but the jokes give it a good balance in my opinion 😀


  4. Great picks – hellz yes for Gemina! I’d like to add another voice for Long Way to a Small Angry Planet (and it’s follow up Closed and Common Orbit). Becky Chambers does character so well. Also I read John Birmingham’s A Girl in Time last week. It’s great fun with some truly inventive swearing 🙂

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