2019 is basically over Yearly update

Hey everyone that’s still here and maybe some new people that find this little piece of internet I’ve used to talk about myself and my love for reading and stories in all forms for a few years (minus this one).

2019 has been a wild ride for me with some huge ups and big life changing events, oh and I actually read some books.

First off I can’t believe I haven’t actually posted since January and how many things have happened in basically 12 months, life just starts going to quickly and I haven’t had anytime to write.

I like to think my excuse is relatively good though. In the middle of the year I had my right leg amputated due to an accident. I have posted about being in hospital on some of my bookish socials but it’s always hard to just announce that in a natural way. I’m in rehabilitation (Getting out next week!) at the moment and have had a fair bit of spare time to catch up on reading which is always a plus but things are going well and I can claim to be part robot now so that’s pretty amazing. If anyone has any books with amputee rep let me know, I listened to Josh Sundquist Just Don’t fall and really enjoyed it.

Now what we’re here for, not only have I been reading these last few months, this last year I’ve managed to curve my book buying and don’t have a huge tbr. I do plan on making a post about what I’ve read, tbrs and how getting away from the bookish community is what curved my spending but also demotivated me from wanting to pick up books fast.

Another thing that was pretty cool that happens this year, I’ve built a house! During May we started construction on our house and it’s done! This has been a two year process with our purchase of the land on September 2017 but I’m so excited to have this journey finished. Seeing something come to life from a bunch of confusing sketches on A3 pages and small samples of colours is just amazing. Now to build ALL the bookshelves 😍

I’m planning on posting some different content like the building of my home library, decorating my home and shelves as well as the usual update on what I’m reading, what podcasts I’m loving, and if we’re lucky some writing updates… I’m hoping that motivates me to post more often and be a bit more creative. I think I want to completely revamp this blog and I’m not sure what direction I want it to go or how I’ll do that but we shall see.

Now the thing to do would be to click bait this since it’s probably the only legitimate chance I’ll have, title ideas include:

  1. I left my leg where?!
  2. One year robot transformation
  3. The quickest way to lose 4kg
  4. Sick of having odd socks? The solution is here!

No but really I do want to get back into the book community and writing and I figure this post will be a bit easier then just rocking up to an event looking a bit different now, some pre warning one might call it because it can come as a shock to people.

How’s everyone ending the year? A great book that’s been on your tbr for ages? A goal achieved? A place visited?

I’m jumping headfirst into a big goal which is to go to a music festival either in my wheelchair or in my prosthetic with the help of crutches just playing it by ear for the moment but I want to get myself out there and live music has always been one of my happy places.