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Hiya! I’m Casey a 20ish book lover from Melbourne, Aus. I obviously like to read I am a book blogger for gods sake.

My Favorite genres are Fantasy and Sci fi the more weird the better, I also love horror, contemporary, and a dash of swoon worthy romance. I’m a genre mixer and completely okay with that, got to have a balanced reading list and all that xD


I mainly read Young Adult but like Adult for my more stabby stories, gore and smut? How could you go wrong?

I escape into books and have to be frequently pulled back into the real world by my partner when we have to do adult things *sigh*

Happy reading all!










161 thoughts on “About this blogger

    1. Haha Thank you for that comment it made my day! Also Nerdfighters unite XD I hope you get to come here too, we really do have some amazing things to see.

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  1. Thank you for liking my post on books- books-books. I don’t review books, I merely read them and love (most) of them. Am currently in the fourth book of Circle of Ceridwen by Octavia Randolf (I should review this one – I love it). When I finish book five, I shall start on the books my father left me…

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    1. That’s lovely 🙂 I liked all the photos you shared on your post 🙂 I love to review books that’s why I made this blog, you should definitely put up a review if you love it! Share it with the world XD

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