The Syrian Refugee crisis and charities in general.

A rant on our society… This isn’t book related but I feel this needed to be talked about and I am burning to speak about it in a constructive way.

The Syrian Refugee crisis and charities in general.

Let just start with how I am going to participate in the Act For Peace which is a fundraising challenge designed to raise money and awareness of how Syrian refugees live. You can find more information and sign up for this fundraiser here


In the short The Act for Peace supports and raises money to show refugees we’re with them and not against them. For one week between the 19th and 25th of June I will eat the same Rations as a Syrian refugee.

I am going to donate all my weekly shopping money which will be around $100 and I will also match $1 to every $10 pledged ( I know this isn’t much but its what I can afford and how much I can help out.)

This is a fantastic fundraiser and there are so many people supporting it BUT what really irks me is the people commenting negative things. So many people are saying we should donate to our own problems: fix our homelessness, feed our people or even protect our Animals. Now these are all amazing causes as well BUT they have there own representation and respected charities dedicated to them. Why must people comment negative things on other charities? If you’d like to help Homelessness and problems within your community do it! Don’t complain about other causes. Everyone is trying to help a multitude of things and none of these things deserve to rank better or worst then the other.

I have worked for a multitude of causes and still do. ACF (Australian Conservation Foundation) A project to help with Australia’s wildlife and natural wonders. Plan international a charity that sponsors children in third world countries, The Breast Cancer foundation, The Royal Children’s Hospital and varies others. I like to help, I like to volunteer and I don’t like to self promote because I don’t do it for the praise. I don’t want people to “thank me” for what I do because that’s not why I do it. I do it to help and writing about me doing these things is actually a little uncomfortable as I don’t want to be seen as bragging or trying to be mother Theresa because I’m not. I’m a human being trying to help other humans and whether others know about or not doesn’t matter as long as I know and I continue to try.

I understand the idea that we should focus on Australia’s problems, but we ARE. There are heaps of fantastic people doing fantastic work and it is wrong to put down another foundation trying to help Refugees because you see it as not your problem.

The way I see charities and fundraisers is as much as its about raising money its also about Awareness. Awareness that this is happening.

Why do I think this cause is worthy of support and awareness?

Because its happening to people. To people in our world. To . if we were born a mere 11,978 Km away(from me). A 13 hour plane ride away. This could happen to your family, your friends, and it matters.

Yes homelessness in our own country matters too but that is no reason to reject helping other causes.

Okay now I have that out of me I’d love to share some light on what has been happening in Syria and why this issue is as important as others.

There are more then 4.7 million Syrian refugees in other countries and more then 13.5 million people are still in need of assistance inside Syria.

The total of deaths so far cause by the Syrian war is around 400,000 at the moment. I don’t like to compare this to the Holocaust but in reality its the best juxtaposition I can think of. We opened our arms for people fleeing in 1945 and it worked. If we didn’t I wouldn’t know many of my friends as their grandparents wouldn’t have immigrated here.

Syria’s civil war is the worst humanitarian crisis of our time. Half the country’s pre-war population — more than 11 million people — have been killed or forced to flee their homes.

Why do we the average citizen think its our place to weigh in who can or cannot come here and if other people should or should not fund raise for them. Syrian’s are Humans, they are part of the human race and need our help just like countless others.

Whew okay so now that is all out of me from the 19-26th of this month I will be eating rations as this is my way to help.

I may not have influence or a huge audience to sway to help but I shall do it anyway. Not for my own self gratitude but to help for the sake of helping. For the want to believe in the human capacity of strength and to come together and help. To make a slight difference and finally to show my support as I would hope others would do if it was Australia, America, England etc… the list goes on in this situation.
So while yes the issues closest to home do matter and you should support those as well there is no reason to not support others. Do what you can for every good cause and if you can’t donate money or eat rations for a week then help out in other ways.

Spread awareness and in general be a nice human to those around you and thank the stars you were born 11,978 Km away. Just don’t ignore the problem. Address it, research it, try to understand it.

If you read all this I thank you. I must say I am not an expert in immigration or even on the full extent of the problems in Syria I have read and researched this topic on the inter webs so if anything is wrong of out of context I’m sorry and come back to the fact that I am only 1 human girl and make a multitude of mistakes.

I have detailed what I am doing and all my fundraising links are in the post above this one !

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