Robots and Artificial Intelligence – A List of my Loves

Last week I did a new thing and listed out my favourite Bastard Assassins and decided I am going to try to keep the Lists of my Loves going, so here we are again with Robots and Artificial intelligence.

Robots she says. I am instantly alert and on the move, head down, arms pumping as I bolt to the nearest bookstore. Grabbing that baby off the shelf and slamming it on the checkout desk I give a yell of triumph. The worker cuts off my gleeful shout asking Card or Cash, I pay and thank them for dealing with my batshit behaviour. Running home with a smile, ready to start reading. 

You could say I get excited when ever Robots are mentioned… I don’t think I’ve ever read a robot I disliked? They are all super intelligent, sentient beings and I need more? Especially AI with feelings, AH My heart. Everything’s better with Robots, I mean imagine Hamlet but with Robots?! So good.

9781780748375Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

I know, I know. No one is surprised by this pick but C’mon AIDEN is the best evil robot in all of time and I love him to bits. So sneaky, so cold, so loving, so evil without meaning to be evil. Just a Ruthless sass machine really, dealing with strange new human feelings is hard okay! Cut the bot some slack.



All The Birds in the Sky by Charlie Jane Anders

THIS BOOK, if you like weird this is the book for you. Ultimate Sci fi in my mind. Witches, talking trees and animals, super computers, robots with feelings and Artificial intelligence. The AI in this the ultimate match maker willing to destroy the world for love. When science threatens to destroy the earth who better to fix it then a witch?



The Just City by Jo Walton

This book, this book is wonderfully weird and just wowed me with the writing and themes. Some Greek Gods (Athene and Apollo) decided it would be cool to put Plato’s theory to test, creating a school based off his book The Republic they snatched 10 year olds up and taught them all the things they need to know to become great Philosophers, the greatest minds. Realising they need someone to do the more menial tasks Athene creates Robots for the city. The Robots are of course treated like slaves and only tasked with menial jobs so shit is going to go down when they get sick of how there being treated.


27850092Sleeping Giants by Sylvain Neuvel

Giant Alien robot parts being left around the world, dodgy Government officials, Hilarious crew and distinct voices, told in a series of interviews and logs, scientists and mind fuckary. The absolute best Audiobook I have listened to. Please go read it it’s so good and, well, giant robot! C’mon.


11235712.jpgCinder by Marrisa Meyer

Iko is my favourite.. just look: “I’m sure I’ll feel much more grateful when I find a guy who thinks complex wiring in a girl is a turn-on.”

She’s hilarious, helps Cinder and the gang out of so much trouble, has so many issues and does whats best for the others before herself, is probably the only AI I’ve read that isn’t bat shit crazy and really should be the star of this entire series.


25786523A Long Way to a Small Angry Planet by Becky Chambers

OMG This book! Just wow wow wow wow wow that’s wow with an emphasis on the OW part because MY HEART AH. I adored this book, truly loved every single one of the crew members and their journeys. I have a big love for AI especially ship AI’s that just want to have the same rights as everyone else. Lovey is the Wayfarers AI and she is all things amazing, a true part of the crew that adds such a sweetness to the story. I can not wait to read A Closed and Common Orbit!


So that is a list of my favourite Artificial intelligence and robot characters!

What books have you read that feature AI & Robots seriously hit me with all the recommendations. Have you read any of these? Who’s your fave Robot of them all?


37 thoughts on “Robots and Artificial Intelligence – A List of my Loves

    1. How amazing is sleeping giants?! The second book Waking Gods also blew my mind AH SO GOOD I hope you love it when you get to it 😀
      I’d say sorry for adding more books to ur TBR but I’m really not XD All the Robots are so different and so good!

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        1. YAS! ITS SO GOOD I was in tears when you know who died I thought I didn’t like him and then he goes and dies and I was so irrationally upset 😦 It was amazing though and I can’t wait for the next book I have no idea what to expect from it.

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  1. I love stories on AI as they’re such an interesting way to explore humanity and what’s at the heart of it. I have All The Birds in The Sky on my TBR! I think you’ll also enjoy these Ancillary Justice, and the Westworld HBO show.

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    1. I hope you love All The Birds in the Sky! As I said it’s very weird but that’s what I liked the most and it surprised me with how different it is from over sci-fi’s/spec fics I’ve read.

      I was forced to put down Ancillary justice at the bookstore, damn book buying ban 😦 I’m planning on buying it asap though it’s time for a new haul of sci-fi and fantasy.
      I watched the first ep of Westworld and then just forgot it existed, hopefully I can binge that one day xD


    1. I hope you enjoy them both! The Just City is such a good read, lots of themes that really make you think and the mythology mixed in new tech was so really interesting. All the birds was one of my fave reads last year ❤

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  2. I love AIDEN!!! He is so ruthless, I absolutely love it!!! One of my favourite lines of his is “It may comfort you to know that your death, while astonishingly violent, will likely be mercifully swift”. Lol he is such an ass!! Awesome list, I haven’t read any of the other books on here apart from Cinder, so I will have to keep an eye out!!

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    1. AIDEN is the best! I love when he tries to understand why murdering everyone is a bad thing and he starts to go a little hay wire XD That line is so good, I am PUMPED for Obsideo I need it to hurry up and be in my hands!
      I hope you love any of these if you do pick them up, robots and AI are so cool to read and can make really good charcaters

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    1. I loved the audio so much! The narrators are all amazing (I really need this book to be adapted into a TV series it would work SO WELL).
      Illuminae is one of my favourite series the format is like nothing I had ever read and I can never predict what’s going to happen XD I hope you’re enjoying it!

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  3. I am beyond happy that you loved Angry Planet, it’s so goooooooood!!!!!!!!!!! I also have to read A Closed and Common Orbit AAAAAAAAH! I love this list idea KEEP GOING YES YES! ❤

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  4. Iko really is hilarious, one of my favorite characters in this series, that’s for sure! ❤ Also, you really made me want to read All the birds in the sky now…. Great list! 😀

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  5. I’ve just bought A Long Way actually and looking forward to it arriving. I love the sound of All The Birds in the Sky though. I love fusion books that throw a few different genres in there. And let’s be honest, you had me at weird ❤

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    1. Kelly its so weird and wacky I’d love to hear your thoughts on it!
      A Long way is really good, the characters are some of my favourite and the narration is perfect + space adventures and so many alien races ❤


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  7. Illuminae and Cinder, I love them both so much!! I need the third and final book in the Illuminae Files series ASAP. Awesome post, I love all the books that you included, and you picked a really unique topic for your post!

    I’m new to blogging and book reviewing, and I was wondering if you had any tips for newbie bloggers and book reviewers.

    If you have the time, please check out my blog @breenysbooks. I’d love any feedback. Have a wonderful day.

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    1. I AM DESPERATE FOR THE FINAL BOOK AHHHH it’s coming out close to my birthday though so that’s pretty cool (would still prefer if it was in my hands right now xD) Thank you so much! ❤ My main peice of advice would be just to write posts about the things you love and be engaging with others (which you're already doing obvs coz you commented on my post!)
      I always love checking out new bookish blogs XD

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      1. That’s going to be such an awesome birthday present, though I do agree with you! I’d rather have it in my hands right now. ( HOW IS IT ALL GOING TO END???) Thank you so much for the advice! I greatly appreciate it. =)

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    1. AIDEN! XD WHY DID I NOT REALISE YOU READ SLEEPING GIANTS LAURENNNNNNN did you like it? I loved the next book even more than this one so hopefully you can get to it soon 😀 I think you’ll love Small Angry Planet the characters are all so fantastic ❤


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