Books I Did Not Finish in 2016

When I DNF books its always for a multitude of reasons there is never just one reason for all, maybe I’m just not feeling it, maybe I’m hating it, Maybe I just wanted to read something else and then forgot all about it.

So here we go books I didn’t finish in 2016 for a multitude of reasons

822993A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin

I admit that I got to page 200 and put this book down and it’s not because of the writing or the story I was LOVING IT but it is because I marathoned the series right before picking this up and felt like the TV series was just so well done that the book was really close to what I just watched.

I will pick this up again in the new year and I can’t wait for the TV series to start again!


The Haters By Jesse Andrews

This was an impulse buy, I was at the store and seen the cool name and bright cover and I had heard of Jesse Andrews before so I thought why not?

I put this down after around 50 pages because I couldn’t stand the language and jokes, I just didn’t like the writing. I think I may be unhauling this in the new year.


22041082All the Light We Can Not See by Anthony Doerr

Now this is a book that I DEFINITELY 100 million percent plan on picking up

The reason I put this down after reading a few pages is the writing was really descriptive and pretty and I knew I wouldn’t love this unless I read it in a better mood. I was in the mood to read something easy and quick BUT I can’t wait to read this story.



4588Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close By Jonathon Safran Foer

I haven’t technically DNF’d this because I am still holding on and have it as my Current read on goodreads. I am loving all of Oskars chapters but I’m struggling with his Grandfathers point of view. I’m actually listening to this on Audiobook though and usually I would have this finished really quickly. I’m hoping to have this finished before the new year but I’m not going to stress myself out if I don’t.


2113260.jpgShades of Grey by Jasper Fforde 

You ever read a book and then just think, wow my brain can’t handle this? Yeah well that’s what I though of this one, I read a fair bit and yes it was pretty and there was a lot of cool comparisons to colours but there was just to many sentences that were there for you to think about and figure out and I just can’t be bothered with that. I don’t think I’ll be picking this one up again.



24476465Crystal Kingdom by Amanda Hocking

This whole series was a cover buy, the three books were cheap and they sounded okay plus they were pretty so I picked them up. Nothing has ever bored me so much. I read these at the beginning of the year and pushed through them so I could justify me buying the series only to rage quit at the third book because I just didn’t care anymore. This series just wasn’t for me.




So those are the books I DNF and whether I’m planning on reading them again or un hauling them. I hope you guys didn’t read too many crappy books, life’s to short to waste time on boring books. I’m all for DNFing if I don’t feel into a book at the time or if it’s giving me the shits.

Any books that you DNF’d this year? Or ones that you wish you DNF’s?

36 thoughts on “Books I Did Not Finish in 2016

  1. I totally bought the Kanin Chronicles because of their covers as well. Super pretty but I haven’t made it past the first book. I won’t be reading the rest.

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    1. Nothing much happens in the next books if you ask me, the MC just continues to annoy me DX Yep I’m unhauling them soon, I think we need to learn some self control when it comes to covers XD Hopefully our next cover buys work out better then this series!

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      1. Ugh….not cool at all. I am trying to restrain myself. No more buying books until I finish the ones I have. I have so many books I bought because of the covers haha

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          1. That challenge actually sounds like a fantastic idea. I hadn’t heard of it before! That would for sure be motivation to read what you have first. I may attempt it haha

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                    1. Right?! Going to books stores I’m like um ah maybe I’ll just get 1 and online I’m just I’ll put 5 in my basket for now and then decide which one I want the most opps I bought them all Dx

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                    2. Hahaha so true! The book store has a different feel. Plus I usually get judged by my husband who is always asking why I need so many. I’ve bought so many eBooks that I don’t know what to do with myself.

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                    3. I’m pretty good with ebooks and will only get samples and then buy if I am reading it right at the moment otherwise I’d probably be so overwhelmed XD Also with book stores it’s like these are heavy maybe I should just get one and order the rest at another time so the mail man can drop it off instead XD

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  2. I actually did a whole post on this, too. As I get older I find myself DNFing like never before, plus being busier makes me appreciate my reading time more. I don’t like to but DNFing is a big part of my reading now haha. I read a book by Andrews before and he’s targeted to a very specific type of reader. I’ve had quite a few cover buys that have turned out ghastly – It was Down With The Shine.

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    1. Having so many books to read makes it hard to justify spending 2 weeks on a book that I’m not enjoying or feeling just to have the satisfaction of finishing it 🙂 I’m trying to not DNF as much just by choosing my books carefully 😀 Yep Andrews writing and humor is definitely a love it or hate it type and I just couldn’t get into it :/
      Ooooh Down with the Shine’s cover is pretty! Shame the inside isn’t just as good 😀

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      1. YES! That’s so true and it takes a mature reader to finally come to that realization. The amount of time wasted that could’ve been spent on an actually enjoyable book is not worth it. That’s a good strategy too, haha, I hope it’s working out for you. In the beginning I actually liked the book, but then he humor took a serious decline it was cringe worthy, crass and just immature. So trust me, you’re not the only one.

        I know right! Down with the Shine is soon beautiful but the story was just so bland. haha 😀

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  3. I totally feel you on All the Light We Cannot See. I’m listening to it on audiobook but I keep falling asleep because the narrator just has that type of voice (not bad, just soothing). I listened to the same half an hour section about 6-7 times because I kept feeling like I missed something with all the times I fell asleep through it. I finally made it past tho!
    I read Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close maybe 3 years ago and I struggled with it, too. No idea why. I can barely remember it. I’m thinking about rereading it because I may enjoy it more now.
    I kinda wanna see what you mean about Shades of Grey. I bought it because it seems interesting but haven’t been in the mood to read it. Will definitely try next year.
    I feel like all of Amanda Hocking’s books are like that tbh. I remember loving the Trille Trilogy but can barely remember anything about it. And I gave up on her mermaid trilogy. It was well-written but so meh you know?

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    1. I’m definitly going to pick up All the Light We Cannot See again because the writing is beautiful but I’ll need to be in the right mood to appreciate it and not get sick of the descriptive writing 🙂
      I do plan on finishing Extreamly Loud as well because I have it on Audio but I’m just not liking the granddads narration, the narrator for Oscar is fantastic tho! You may like Shades of Grey it’s very think worthy (if that’s a word XD) I’d be really interested to see what you thought of it. I have so many books that I look back on and just think meh about I mean at the time I liked them but now I can barely remember the plot let alone the character names XD I don’t think I’ll be reading anything by her again it’s just not my style 🙂

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      1. I feel the same way. Right now I’m missing a lot of what is supposed to be emotionally impactful and I’d rather just enjoy it another time.
        I getcha! Hopefully I do enjoy it, I’m interested in the author’s other series about characters hopping universes but it’s soo long.

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        1. I haven’t read about his other series! I’ll have to check it out and see if I can give that one a go. I think it’s better to put a book off for when you can enjoy it more then slug through it and give it a 3 because you just weren’t in the right mood for it. Hopefully when we both pick it up again we’ll love it as much as everyone else 😀

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  4. I can understand what you mean by being in the right mood to read something…. I am really struggling with Beauty Queens (Libba Bray) right now because I am pretty distracted with a lot of other things going on and finding it difficult to read a book which has a huge cast of characters and well .. is very character-driven rather than plot driven.. I really like the book, writing etc. but I think this is something that I would appreciate better when I read with a relaxed mind…
    A book that I DNFed recently was Mr. Fox by Helen Oyeyemi. I was excited before I started reading it because it was a Bluebeard retelling (a change from the usual fairytale retellings) but I found it to be abstract to the point of nonsensical.. so I ditched it after a few chapters..

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    1. I’ve heard that about Mr Fox! I was looking at it to because I mean Bluebeard retelling? Cool! But after the first reviews came out I don’t think I’d like it either 😦

      Character driven stories and multiple POV’s are def something I need to be in the mood for, I can probably read a short first person story anytime but book like that need full attention to really enjoy and be immersed in the world 😀 If I were you I’d put it down for another time when you can read it with out the stresses of December 😀

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  5. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close is one of my favorite books of all time so I hope you continue and love it. I get what you mean about GoT. I’m currently on the third book but it is very similar to the show. There are a few things that change & it actually helped me keep track of who was who BECAUSE I had already watched the show. However, I have to admit, I prefer the show over the book lol

    Molly @ Molly’s Book Nook

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    1. I’m planning on continuing I really like Oscars narration it’s just the grandfather I’m struggling with, I may even get the physical book to see if I like it better then the audio 🙂

      The GoT show is just so epic I think it’s one of my all time faves so i really want to read the books but I may wait until the series is further from my mind 😀 Bring on Season 7 XD I am excited and scared DX


  6. I totally agree with you there on the Amanda Hocking novels. I did the very same things with both of of series – I loved the covers and wanted them on my shelf but I was just so god damn bored. Everything about those books didn’t click for me. The writing, the pacing the characters – I DNFed that last year!

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    1. YES! That’s exactly what I did, I didn’t connect with anyone or care about the plot I was just bored even in the epic action parts 😦 So many people love this series I though maybe it was coz I didn’t read her other series but now I’m just not that interested theres to many other books I’d like to read first 😀

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      1. I wanted to read her first series but couldn’t get past ‘switched’. I don’t know what it was but it bored me to tears. There was no chemistry or tension between the love interest and I just didn’t care about the protagonist or her story at all which definatley isn’t a good thing!

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  7. Yay! It makes me so happy to see this. I don’t often see bloggers talking about their DNFs, but I think they are so important. I DNF’d Game of Thrones about 40 pages into the second book. I just didn’t feel like Martin cared about his characters or really knew where his story was going. I wasn’t interested in their world or experiences. I know I’m an odd duck for thinking that, but, well, I look forward to hearing what you think of All the Light We Cannot See! It was one of my favorite books I read in 2016. I listened to the audiobook, and that helped me a ton with the flowery prose. Just an idea. 😉

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    1. I love flowery prose I just need to be in the right mood for it, I was the same way with The Book Thief and it ended up being one of my fave books so I can’t wait to try All The Light again 🙂

      I don’t tend to do DNF reviews but I do keep a record of what books I DNF’s I just cbf with some and really dislike others so i thought I’d make a post, so glad you liked it!
      Did you like the TV series for GoT or did the book turn you off? I felt a little like he stopped really writing with purpose after the TV show took off and it’s made me less motivated to read the 5 books that are available I do plan to try and read them but because there not finished and there’s no publish date I just don’t care all to much. I do really love the show though 🙂

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      1. The GoT books turned me off. I don’t watch television, actually… O_o I don’t have time with all the books I want to read. 🙂 I am intrigued by this observation that he stopped writing with purpose. I wouldn’t be surprised. I’ve heard the show is AMAZING and in many ways a better version of the books (which isn’t standard). Some of my friends hypothesize GRRM is using the show to make GoT the best version of itself.

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        1. I like that hypothesis, the show truely could be better then the books from the 200 or so pages I read I liked the show better but I thought it was just coz I had just watched it 🙂 Also I feel how much does the Author change the characters to match the actors when it comes to writing after the shows already come out it must influence their perception and writing.

          I was a non TV person too but my partner loved shows so he’s got me addicted to them now XD

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    1. Thank you! ohh I’ll check it out, years ago I would finish books just for the fact that I paid for it so I should finish but now there’s just to many books on my shelves waiting to be read to spend time on a book i’m not enjoying XD

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