Books I want to Re-read this year

Books I plan on re-reading this year

Some of these books I’ve loved forever and some of these I was obsessed with as a teenager and I’d like to go back into it and read more critically I guess you could say, really I just want to relive the cringe and maybe have some fun with some great cliché tropey books that I loved in the past.

Surprisingly although I loved Twilight it wasn’t the book that started it all for me like it did a lot of people. Heaven is actually that one.

787660Heaven is a book Mum gave me when I was 12 and felt like I had the worst life ever (spoiler I did not).

It’s essentially about a young girl living in complete poverty in the hills of America, shes picked on for her hamidown clothes and not having any food and in an abusive family situation but she’s the prettiest girl there is. I knnnoooow it already sounds bad, there’s abuse both emotional and physical as well as a cute romance and at the end of it she’s sold to be someones house slave basically… yep but the writing really is addictive (at least to 12-year-old me who read the series obsessively over and over again thought so).

I might live tweet or at least write down my thoughts while reading and then make a then Vs Now review what I loved and what I now dislike about the book.

41865Twilight I did love but I was already reading all the things when it was handed to me. I re-read this series a heap of times and still have my original copies so I’m excited to read them out of my teens and see what it’s like. I think there’s going to be a lot of long looks and holding of breaths but seriously I’m pumped to get into it, especially because I know they’re quick and addictive reads and I’m sure I’ve forgotten all the things. Like Heaven I’ll be taking notes all through out that I’ll share in a review/wrap up.

2657To Kill a Mockingbird I read in highschool and I think nearly ever year after that except for last year. I love it so much and I don’t exactly know why, the story is sad but the characters are just all so real feeling and the writing is amazing. Each time I read it I can find a new layer I hadn’t before.

11588.jpgThe Shining, man this book! From what I do remember it is creepy as hell and I am down with that. I remember not wanting to go anywhere near decorative hedges afterwards and definitely staying away from huge ass empty hotels. I’ve never re-read this and I want to read the sequel and have this fresh in my mind when I do.

25372801All the birds in the sky is so wacky and I would seriously compare it to a black mirror episode except not as fast paced/terrifying. When I read it I hadn’t watched black mirror so I couldn’t compare it but NOW that i have, bring on some weird ass kids to adults playing with science and witchcraft and all the artificial intelligence and world endings please. This is a sci fi fantasy and a little on the strange side.


152403Chances is another book i read and loved as a teen and just really want to read again. It’s the start of a series with the baddast female character I adored her as a teen. I thought Lucky was amazing so it’ll be cool to see what I think of her character now. I don’t know how many people grew up reading the same books as me because all my books were given to me by Mum who also read these as a teen so I might be a bit off everyone elses experiences (asides from twilight).

Casual mentions:

The Night Circus, Long way to a small angry planet, Strange the Dreamer, Illuminae & Gemina, A Darker shade of magic! All of these I read within the last 2 years and adored so I want to read them again asap. ADSOM series I’ve read book 1 & 2 a couple of times but I haven’t re-read them all as a series yet so I’m excited for non stop Lila action. Six of Crows I have re-read a few times but I have a friends copy I need to annotate so I’ll go through and do that!


Do you re-read books? Did you? Have you stopped for any reason? What’s your favourite book to re-read? 

My fave book to re-read has to be To Kill a Mockingbird.

32 thoughts on “Books I want to Re-read this year

  1. You know what, I am actually so happy you did this post. I felt bad because all I want to do at the moment is re-read my favourite books. I will be re-reading Illluminae, Gemina, Crooked Kingdom, all the Mortal Instruments books, ADSOM…probably Strange the Dreamer as well. V.C Andrews did the Flowers in the Attic books hey? I read the first 3 books and they made me feel sad and weird so I haven’t gone back to any of her other stuff. I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts on Heaven!! Great post!!

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    1. I’m so happy you liked it Steff, all those picks will be such good rereads! I haven’t read the mortal instruments since I finished them the first time but I have read the infernal devices a couple of times and loved it even more.
      Yep she did and yep they get reaaaalllly weird so I’m wondering what I’ve blocked out of my memory from years ago.

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      1. Omg I LOVE the Infernal Devices!!! I have reread that series so many times (but I always stop reading before the very last chapter of the last book because I cry too much haha). Haha well have fun reading Heaven, it’s always interesting going back to books you read a long time ago!!

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  2. Ah, VC Andrews! I had a big obsession with her and read like all the series until they started to sound the same. Heaven is one of my faves. She actually died in the middle of writing that one and Andrew Niedermann had to pick it up. He ghostwrote the rest of her books. I hope you enjoy the reread!!

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    1. I think I’ve read them all too, it was when Melody and my sweet audrina or whichever it was started merging together in my mind I lost my obsession too (and moved on to Jackie Collins XD). I didn’t actually know the last books were ghost written! I knew the other books released were but thought she had finished Heaven!

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      1. Nope she died which is really sad. She did write Audrina at least and MOST of the Heaven books – they became so formulaic that it was like the ghost writer didn’t care anymore. I want to return to them but I’m a little upset he redid Flowers in the attic with a series called “Christopher’s Diary,” which was obviously a money-making ploy. I tried to read it and it was AWFUL.

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          1. Yeah it really put me off. Like he wants to erase her from existence. When she first died, there was a letter included inside the cover that explained they had hired someone. Now everyone knows who he is, and bc he never got famous on his own despite writing his own books…it’s like he wants to make VC Andrews ALL HIM. Ugh.

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    1. There are so many new books coming out so fast that the guilt can be so real! It’s the reason I didnt reread much last year but this year I’m excited to jump into books I know I’m going to love 😀


  3. This year, I hope, will be the first time I will be reading or actually finishing The Shining! And I am so excited! I started a few years ago but dropped it… I think it was not my cup of scary tea at the moment xD

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      1. Totally! I started at really old one a few years back ( even earlier than this one and I burned it xD) I have heard amazing things about the book! I think this one is like in the top 10 right?


  4. I don’t think I have ever reread a book (except the little kid books I read to my daughter, and then my granddaughters, such as Dr. Seuss, etc.). I read so many books, and try to support new authors, that I don’t have time to reread a book. I do like your choice of rereads, though. Happy reading to you!

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  5. I love rereading! I did it a lot last year and plan to continue 🙂 ‘To kill a mockingbird’ is definitely a book i’d love to read another time!

    And ‘the shining’ is in my top king list, such a great creepy novel with the best setting!!

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  6. To be honest the only reason i read new books is to find books i will reread in the future.. Rereading is such a wonderful experience.. Some i read because they teach me something new each time i read them.. Some i read for the fun of it and some i reread for the cringe… Yes, rereading is a wonderful thing.. My favorite book, which i reread at least once a yera is daddy long legs, it’s my absolute favorite and never fails to bring me to tears.
    I really enjoyed your post, i’m looking forward on some insight on your rereads of this year !!

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    1. I love your description of this! Yes I feel the same way. I’ve been unhauling a lot of books lately and the way I do it is by asking myself if I’d re-read the book and if not then away it goes!
      I’ve never heard if Daddy long legs but I’ll look it up since its a fave!


  7. How lovely that you’re going to annotate SoC for your friend ❤
    I need an IRL book friend. I got my two besties copies of Night Circus a year ago but they haven't picked them up. I did include my favourite quote inside the cover 🙂


    1. That is cute! I must start including my fave quotes of the books I gift I can’t believe I never thought of it before 😀 Also yes! I am a slack friend tho because she annotated and gave my book back ages ago!

      I adore the Night Circus it’s just such an amazing book and I love the visuals and descriptions, there’s so much you could annotate.


  8. 😛 I’ve planned on re-reading The Mortal Instruments this year, and spontaneously a friend and I are re-reading Illuminae and Gemina in February prepping for Obsidio in March! As of now that’s all I want to re-read, but I may end up also re-reading Lady Midnight/ Lord of Shadows o.o since the final book in that trilogy isn’t out until December (fml).

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    1. I might re-read Lady Midnight and LoS too but on audio! I’m excited for a close to the trilogy though there’s just so much to wrap up! I’ll be re-reading them about that time too, hopefully my pre-order arrives in time so I dont have to wait to long after finishing Gemina the ending was bad enough the first time round XD

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  9. I tend not to re-read books unless many many years have passed… With all the books I want to read and all the new releases, there is just not enough hours in the day! I will re-read favorites like Harry Potter, Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, etc. every 5 years or so, but other than that, I am not a huge re-reader.

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