2018 and my impressive reading skills


Happy new year everyone! I have taken an unexpected break in the blogging and uh reading area of my life so I’m keen to announce I have read basically nothing this year so far. Welp.

The title of this post is obviously sarcastic but I seriously feel alright about catching up on netflix and bingeing YouTube this whole holiday period. I have also been doing heaps of fun summer things like beach days, camping, and taking the dogs to all the parks to sniff all the sniffs.

I did finish Radium Girls by Kate Moore which is a non fiction about the woman who worked with Radium in the 1900’s and it’s horrifically sad and made me cringe with imagined pain though out. The suffering these woman went through makes me want to cry and shake everyone invloved in this corrupt company. It’s an amazing book even though it’s a hard read/listen and I highly recommend knowing/hearing these women’s stories.

Now what else can I say about my impressive reading skills… I set my goodreads goal to 100 this year and technically I’m on track or atleast Goodreads tells me I am sooooo there’s that.

Really this year I’ll be focusing on myself and my writing a lot, including blogging and creating some new and interesting content asides from book reviews. I’m not going to worry about new releases this year either, except for some end of series books, OBSIDEO I AM EXCITED. To be honest this year is going to be a chill year if I take a week or two to read a book I will and I’ll also be re-reading all the things.

I re-read maybe 4 books last year and i wish I took more time to re-read more because I do love it. Look out for a post with all the books I plan to re-read this year and *hopefully* updates on them and whether they stand up to rereading or I lose the hype I felt about them.

I can’t wait to be more active on here again, to visit all your guys posts and see what you’ll be creating this year and I am super excited to share some new things with everyone in this epic community.

Happy new year guys hope you’ve had a great first week and have been doing all the things you enjoy ❤

16 thoughts on “2018 and my impressive reading skills

  1. I hope you get to re-read some of your favourites this year 🙂 I never used to do it a lot, but last year it finally got me and I managed to re-read about 11 books I think. Was lots of fun and prevented me from getting reading slumps! Whenever I didn’t feel like anything new, or reading at all, I picked up a book I knew I would love and got into it again 😀


    1. Annnnd i am 5 days late in responding XD thanks for welcoming me back though! I think im truly back now as the holidays are over! I hope you love your re-reads its awesome revisiting a book you love and finding all the little cues you missed the first time.

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  2. I want to re-read all the things too! Like you, I’m not worrying too much about new releases (except for a select few, aka OBSIDIO!). So far I have yet to re-read anything as I’ve had a few ARC copies I had to finish (and eventually review), but I’ve also fallen deep into the hole known as Netflix haha.

    Good luck with all your reading this year Casey! I look forward to the list of books you hope to re-read this year.

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    1. be prepared for a list that contains my whole shelf XD Nah I have a few that I just need to re-read already and I’m super excited for them because who doesn’t love a for sure 5 star read XD
      I hope you re-read all the good things and cant wait to see what books you love this year 😀

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      1. 😆 that’s basically what I said! I remembered Obsidio comes out in like March and thought “well shit now I want to reread Illuminae and Gemina 🙈”. On top of wanting to reread The Mortal Instruments?! It’s the year of the reread I guess!

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  3. ahhhh i’m attempting to do this too ??? like my life this year is gonna be pretty hectic and i don’t want to put extra pressure on myself to read or anything and i’d really love to re-read too but ofc whether any of this actually happens is another story hahahaha I CAN NOT WAIT TO GET MY HANDS ON OBSIDIO !!!!!!! good luck with all your plans this year casey ♥♥

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    1. I hope your year starts climbing towards the better but when do we ever get that *sad laughter* no but really reading less for me is going to help so much and i hope it helps you too ❤ ❤ Chill 2018 for all! also omg Obsidio i am excite, it's out for my birthday so even better XD aaand i need to keep reminding myself i already pre-ordered it last year so yay present from my past self. Good luck with yours to Laur ❤


  4. No worries girl! I was MIA the last few months of 2017 too. It happens. It sounds like you are doing well in your personal life, so books & blogging have taken a back seat for a while, and that’s perfectly OK! While I’d love to see you more around here, I understand you are going with the flow this year.

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    1. Thanks Amanda! I’ll still be around just not as much as last year most likely. Planning on putting more effort into other aspects of my life but there will still be reviews and lists coming from me! Also I cant not check in with all you guys on here ❤


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