January Wrap Up

January is over! To be honest I feel like January dragged out for so long but that may just be me getting back into the swing of work and being way to busy with all the things.

First up what did I read:

Not much… this is an okay thing though because like I said in my first post of the year 2018 and my impressive reading skills I won’t be focusing on reading a heap this year.

I read a total of 3 books – technically 4ish but one was a partial re-read so I won’t count it these were also all audios.



The first book I finished was The Radium Girls by Kate Moore.

This book is fantastic, eye-opening, painful, horrible, so well written. I highly recommend it and I know it’s my go to gift for all the birthdays coming up.

Full review will be up very soon.

5/5 Stars




Iron Gold by Pierce Brown

Eep this book! I have so many thoughts and the main one is: I can’t wait to re-read it and figure out my thoughts. I listened to the audio and I must say I did enjoy the narration but I know I’ll pick up so much more information reading the physical especially with the multiple narrators. It wasn’t exactly what I was expecting but I liked the old characters and how they were all portrayed and I’m super into some of the new characters. Pierce Brown is an amazing sci fi author and I love this world he’s created and coming back to it is pretty sick.

4/5 Stars

1617Night by Elie Weilsel

This book is tiny at just over 100 pages, 4 hours on audio but packed full of so much emotion. Anything holocaust related is bound to be saddening and horrifying and Night is certainly that. 

The outstanding thing about this book is how it shows how naive Elie and the people around him were about what was taking place, they knew Hitler was evil but didn’t realise the extent of what was taking place. One line that is said to Elie when he arrives at Auschwitz goes something like “It’s 1944 how did you not know this was happening” really hit me hard. 
5/5 Stars


Bookish & Life things I did

Well I wrote a book. To be more descriptive I co wrote a novella and I am now co recording an audio book turned podcast so everyone who’s interested can check it out free and right now! Myself and Sarah from Writtenwordworlds have released the first episode of Fall For You and my episode will be up this Tuesday. We’ve also released the transcripts on our blog so if you’d like to read instead you can 🙂

I went to the Penguin Teen Showcase and watched an early screening of Love, Simon. It was amazing, it made me fill up with happiness and I’m excited to watch it again and again once it’s in the wild.

I also officially sold my house I don’t know if I should happy scream or just lay on the floor like Tina from Bob’s Burgers… I may just do both and save myself from having to make any decisions.

I made most of the summer weather and took the doggos on all the adventures as well as went to the beach so many times. Australia is pretty awesome, I do recommend.

So that was my January! 3 books read, one house sold, too much paper work, and lots of pupper walks. I hope everyone is happy with how their year has kicked off and has an amazing February! 

What was your favourite read in January? Mine was definitely Radium Girls. 

15 thoughts on “January Wrap Up

  1. The Radium Girls sounds really interesting. I am adding that to my TBR and seeing if my library might have a copy available. If not, I definitely want to buy it and check it out.

    That’s really awesome that you wrote a novella and are recording it for a podcast! That’s pretty exciting. All of your dogs are so cute! Love the pictures.

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  2. Hello!
    Radium Girls is definitely on my list, and it seems nothing like what I’ve read recently, so I am very excited but also intimidated to read this book! However it is encouraging to hear that you’ve enjoyed this one!
    That is AWESOME that you went to see a screening of Love Simon!!! That is definitely on my list of movies to watch when it comes out 🙂 Congrats on writing a book, and it is so cool that you are recording an audiobook 🙂
    Wishing you all the best in February!

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    1. Heya 😀 I’m so so glad its on your list, the writting was really easy to get into because it’s told like the woman are narrating and we see there lives as well as the traumas they went through but it’s definitely not a light read in terms of the graphic description of what the woman went through </3
      I'm so pumped for everyone to see love, simon i'll be in line at the movies as soon as its out again it's just so good. Thank you!

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      1. That’s great to hear that the story is easy to get into. This makes a lot of difference when it comes to whether I feel motivated to finish reading a book 🙂 I don’t mind graphic descriptions. This is a book that I want to read very soon!

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  3. Yay for all the things, particularly, HOUSE! So happy for you, keep slaying life!! 😀 x
    My fave read for January was probably Morning Star, it was brilliant to be honest. And I’m hoping I’ll love Iron Gold like you did, I’m listening to it currently!
    I read Night in high school for required reading and I usually forget about old school books or lose interest, but Night is one that sticks out in my memory; it’s brutal and immensely sad, like you said it was.
    Congrats on getting through 4 books this month as well!! Love your doggo pics as always. 😀

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    1. HOUSE ARGH things are moving so fast it’s insane but life yay and scary XD
      Morning star is so good, the ending is just gah one of the bests ive read. Excited to see your thoughts on Iron Gold.
      Night is just one of those stories that sticks and I’m glad I could get Peter to hear it because he never read it in school like most people.
      Thank youuuuu! ❤

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    1. Next time your looking for a quick dark read Night is perfect, it’s just so raw and the author has done so much in his life and continued to talk about the holocaust and his story for his whole life which is pretty amazing. I hope you really enjoy it when you do pick it back up.

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  4. Hold the phone! You wrote a novella?! You are doing a pod cast?! Will it be an ongoing thing?!?!

    I cannot wait to read your review of The Radium Girls! I have it on audiobook, but haven’t had the itch to start it yet. I’ve heard really good things 🙂

    I JUST read Simon vs. and it was adorable. I am excited to see the film adaptation!

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    1. hahah! yes yes it is out in the wild now and we’re releasing a new ep each week.

      I listened to the audio and really enjoyed it so I hope you do to, the story is hard to hear at some points but its great.


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