2019 is basically over Yearly update

Hey everyone that’s still here and maybe some new people that find this little piece of internet I’ve used to talk about myself and my love for reading and stories in all forms for a few years (minus this one). 2019 has been a wild ride for me with some huge ups and big life … More 2019 is basically over Yearly update

January TBR

2019 is here and so brings a fresh reading start, or nearly. Last year got so busy: I changed jobs, moved houses, picked a new house which will begin construction in FEBRUARY, and somehow completely forgotten how to finish a book. New year, semi sorted out routine and the goal for January is to finish … More January TBR

Blog update!

Hello neglected blog I did miss you even if I have procrastinated and avoided writing for 3 months now D:   Quick update on my stress levels HIGH  Basically I swapped jobs and started retail again – dear jebus save me from people, luckily I have the sub reddit TalesfromRetail to keep me alive and … More Blog update!