Mini Reviews: Sci Fi

So many books to review… so little time XD More mini reviews to come but for now here are my recent sci-fi books that I didn’t hate and I didn’t loooove so they’ve made it into a joint review post.

I don’t think I have any debut sci fi releases on my radar for this year?! If anyone has any recs let me know in the comments because my true love Illuminae and Sleeping Giants are finishing and I need to fill the gap with something.

35072280This Mortal Coil by Emily Suvada 

3/5 stars

I did really enjoy the unique concepts, the virus, the mutations, the hacking, the gene splicing. My nerd was going crazy for all the awesome tech and evil things science can do.

I wish I’d read this before everyone started yelling about the plot twist coz it just didn’t get me that worked up… I really liked it but my head was spinning off.

Things I liked 
The tech, the upgrades, the explanations of the panels, the immunity, the wrath, the POEM PIGEONS, the corrupt government, the corrupt rebels, all the corruption. The pure evil that comes with too much brain and desire to change a people without consent. You know when U2 just downloaded their album on everyone’s iphone without consent!? How annoyed were we all… imagine that but WHOLE HELL YOU CAN INSTALL AN APP ON MY ARM SHITTTTTTTT.

Things I didn’t love
The romance – Gimme bestfriends over romance everyday
The protection protocol – booooyyyy let the girl shot things every once in a while
The twists being hyped… they were good don;t get me wrong but the hype was meh

I’m down to continue with the next book because I do like the characters and all the tech in the world, it’s so well done and just interesting to wrap my brain around.

33152795Invictus by Ryan Graudin

4/5 stars

Such adventure, much hype. I read and enjoyed Wolf by Wolf, it was unique and fast paced just like Invictus, except invictus just missed the mark that I look for in a sci fi book with a crew. Great world, great plot, fantastic timey wimey explanations in a universe that I understood but… the cast. The cast could have been my favourite ever, bring on the new rival to the Six of Crows gang and all that. But it was lacking in that banter I look for and all the characters just fell short and it was so sad coz I liked them I really did they just need to be a tiny pinch more.
12667419Leviathan Wakes by James S.A. Corey 

2.5/5 Stars

I kept at this books for about 3 months… so while I LOVED the opening, the audio just didn’t do it for me. Thinking back on it, the characters and plot were so well done BUT SO LONG WINDED.

I’m excited to watch the adaptation The Expanse, I didn’t actually realise that was even related to this book until I finished. I loved the monster creation and the merge of earthers and belters, the slang, the different gestures born from not living in gravity, the hand gestures instead of facial acknowledgements like nodding. I LOVED all of that, I seriously think I could have loved this book if I’d read the physical and I may give the series another go and pick up the next in physical instead of audio so I’ll hopefully enjoy it more.


SO there are 3 review for 3 sci-fi books that I didn’t hate but none had me yelling for more. Have you read these? What did you think?

Are they on your TBR or did you not add them for some of the reasons I mentions? (I’m looking at you hype). Lets talk all the things 

8 thoughts on “Mini Reviews: Sci Fi

  1. Ooh I like the look of Invictus!! I will definitely have to keep an eye out for it. I think LIFEL1K3 is sci-fi isn’t it?? I just got a copy of it and it looks really good, I’ve also heard people say good things. I love sci-fi, I just don’t seem to read it as much as I’d like to!! Great reviews!!!

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  2. Funny enough, I just finished a sci-fi book, Warcross by Marie Lu, that I think you’d enjoy. It isn’t the best book I’ve ever read, but I thought it was very unique concept & world!

    I’m happy to see that you enjoyed Sleeping Giants so much, as I just bought the eBook version when it went on sale this month 🙂

    I’m sorry to hear the characters in Invictus came up short. Did you listen to the audiobook or read it? The audiobook version is available through my library’s digital database and I’ve had my eye on it.

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    1. oooh i have Warcross at home! I’ll move it up the list, I think I’ll enjoy it too but I was a bit put off by the hype to start it last year 😀

      Yay that you have sleeping giants but also you need to listen to it, the audio is one of the best I’ve heard XD

      I read the physical, i’d be interested to see what you think of the audio though, maybe the narrator will add in some extra personality to the characters.


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