Reasons I will never understand people who hate reading…

Reasons I will never understand people who don’t like reading. Now I’m not talking about people who just don’t read that much or they don’t read because they’ve never found a book they like. I’m talking about the people who HATE reading, who will put down reading, who will tease you about reading, who will ask annoyingly stupid questions about reading.

I’m sure we’ve all had these people talk to us before, the timeless “But why would you want to read a book?” or the always good “Why would you own so many books? I hate reading” Well that’s fantastic you hate reading but I like it and I’d prefer if you didn’t belittle my hobbies.


Okay so this post is going to be rant sorry in advance!

They ask stupid questions.

How many times must I explain that when I read I can imagine a scene that is better than any high def screen in the universe? I’m sucked into the book and immersed in the imagery. tumblr_miyewcd7M71s5tlmxo1_400.gif

When they ask you: But how do you know the characters good-looking there not real.

  1. They are as real as your characters in a movie. 2. They are freaking gorgeous in my mind and If I can find Fan art of that character I will show you that everyone is imagining the same thing when they read the book!
Photo credit to Charlie Bowater and her art is amazing! You can check out her Society6 store here 

They ask what you’re reading and then proceed to talk over you to tell you how much they dislike reading.

Why, why? Did you want to discuss why you hate reading to me, who you can clearly see is reading and enjoying it!? What am I supposed to say to you? Would you like me to try to convince you to like reading by reading a specific book?

To be honest once upon a time I would tell the person they just haven’t found the right book and recommend something to them but these days I’m a lot more anti-social and would rather be reading my book than discussing why you hate them. I’ve played this game before and oh, would you look at that, I don’t care.giphy (1)

When they belittle others for reading.

I have a friend who doesn’t read that often and the one time, one time she picked up a book her brother in-law proceeded to laugh at her and ask her why she would read a book for that much, that she stopped reading it. You have no right to laugh at someone for wanting to try something new.


Stop being an Asshole!

They ask for a book to borrow so they can feel like they’re being nice.

When people look at my shelves, make comments all about how they hate reading and then ask if I could recommend something for them? I have been suckered in the past and recommended books. For them to then ask to BORROW IT! Sure why not? and then I’ll never see the book again and you’ll never read it anyway. No, go borrow it from the library not my shelves.

When you’ve lent them a book

So you’ve done the unthinkable and lent a book hater a book that they promise they’re going to read but haven’t started in over a month? Now here comes the awkward “Hey can I have that book back?” and the inevitable response “But I haven’t read it yet” How long must I wait until it’s not rude to say well your never going to read it and I want it back? I’m not good at confrontation *sad face* Never lend books to non readers


When I lend out a book

When they ask you what your books about..

When I explain what my book is about especially if it’s a fantasy and they ask why I would want to read something like that BECAUSE I LIKE MY CHARACTERS 400 YEARS OLD SNARKY AND IMMORTAL AND THEY HAVE TO DEFEAT SOME WITCHES AS WELL AS DEMONS OTHER WISE THE WORLD WILL EXPLODE. I’m sorry but how can I not read this is the real question.

I have to say a lot of my real life friends are book haters and we’ve learnt to get past that and continue to be friends so there is some hope left! Even if us readers have to put up with such silly questions we also get to explore worlds book haters couldn’t even imagine so it’s all worth it in the end.


Have you had a book hater in your time? I hope you’ve all come to the same realization that arguing with them is a waste of perfectly good reading time and never let anyone discourage you from doing something you love 🙂 Happy reading you amazing people!

20 thoughts on “Reasons I will never understand people who hate reading…

  1. Book haters are so real! I once posted on facebook that I was excited about spending a weekend indoors because I had some good books with me and someone decided to comment and let me know how sad that is and ask why I don’t have a social life or real friends lol yeah turns out being a reader means you don’t have real friends 🙂 Loved this post and I agree with you. Its wrong for people to belittle our hobby 🙂

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    1. OH GOD I never new my friends weren’t real you must thank this book hater for giving us this shocking realization! haha. Seriously people amaze me with how thick they can be when it comes to reading, that weekend sounds perfect to me! I just hate that there are so many people that hate on reading and make it seem like a “lame” thing to do I use to just tell people I didn’t have a main hobby because everytime I’d say reading they’d look at me like that’s not a good enough thing to spend time doing, now I don’t mind they can think I’m boring all they want, I know how wonderful the book community is and what there missing out on 🙂

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  2. Wonderful post!

    I so don’t understand people who find it necessary to hate on people who read. Like if you don’t read or don’t like reading then okay, but why be mean to people who do? I don’t know why reading is associated with being “sad and lonely”. Sometimes I wonder if some people are like that because there’s also a notion that reading = intelligence. So people who don’t read feel attacked and reflect their insecurities back because if they can associate it with negativity they don’t feel as insulted? Which of course does not excuse the behaviour. I’m just very interested in the psychology of all it, haha.

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    1. Such a good point! I know my boyfriend just can’t read he’s tried before and he’s just not able to get into a story and imagine it so he doesn’t like to read but he understands what reading means to others and doesn’t put them down, but I agree with the ‘defensiveness’ of some people but there’s still no reason to act like a douch canoe haha 😂
      I think it can come down to how they were taught as well. I had some wonderful English teachers and my mum loved to read but if my teachers were mean I may have become disinterested in reading as well 😊


  3. I’ve definitely had experience with book haters doing all of these things. One of my pet peeves is when they ask you what your book is about and then you try to tell them in as much detail possible to make it sound amazing and convince them to read it, but all they say in response is “Oh.” :/ Anyways, great post!

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    1. YES! I feel like asking are you asking to be polite? Because having me rattle on for you to be bored and me to waste my breath when we could talk about something that interests us both will be a better conversation! I hate when I’m halfway through giving them a description and you see them zone out! Do I continue? Do I just stop and start talking about something else? It’s awkward haha
      Thanks Holly! 😁

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  4. Haha this is absolutely on point! Especially the point about lending books to people who take too long to read it. I’ve had that happen so many times! I let my friend borrow a book and it’s been 2 years .. every single time I mention it: “but I haven’t read it yet.” WHEN WILL YOU?

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    1. I know! I’ve had a book lent out for 2 months now and I’m already getting ready to demand it back in the nicest way possible 🙈 2 YEARS! oh gosh there never going to read the book😅 your better off trying to sneak it away, they probably won’t notice it’s gone hahaha! 😁

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  5. Uh I dislike these specimen muchly so. BUT HOLD UP – that fan art of Feyre and Rhys is beautiful 😍😍😍😍 I am heading to the artists Society6 store right now. *throws potatoes at book haters, storms off*

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    1. Hahah! That is hilarious 😂 Fear us Harry Potter lovers or we shall unleash our witchcraft powers on you mere muggles 😂😂 I wouldn’t be able to look at someone without laughing ever again if they said that to me! This comment just made my day! ☺️


    1. NOOOO! Just go over there and steal it back they probably won’t even notice XD Or you could ask them for it but I prefer the stealing it back to avoid the inevitable but I haven’t read it yet convo bahaha!
      I got a book back I lent out 5 months ago and my friend didn’t bother reading it but she did have time to colour in the bookmark, I was just like you could have read instead of colored you obviously had some spare time *sigh* Non readers are confusing 🙂

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  6. Non-reader here. I actually do none of the things you mention. I don’t make fun of or insult people that like to read including my friends. In fact, I have no idea if my friends even read! Your entire narrative reads like fiction, to be honest. Perhaps I’m not a typical non-reader because I never even bring the subject of reading up, ever! If you ever tried to lend me one of your books (you’d have to initiate it because I’d never actually ask you for a book) I would tell you up front to keep the book because I wouldn’t read it. The only books I do have are nutrition and science type books that I keep as reference material for when I may actually need them. I’d rather go for a walk than read a book. For me, that’s a much better and healthier use of my time. For you, it’s reading. See? We’re both happy! ;o)


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