Every Word by Ellie Marney (book two)

22445517Rachel is still getting used to the idea of Mycroft being her boyfriend when he disappears to London with Professor Walsh. They’re investigating the carjacking death of the rare books conservator, which appears to be linked to the theft of a Shakespeare First Folio from the Bodleian Library. Worried about similarities between the conservator’s accident and the death of Mycroft’s own parents, Rachel follows Mycroft to London … and straight into a whole storm of trouble.


I just adore these books?! I’ve always been really iffy with YA mystery because well.. I had a couple bad reads and decided to stick with adult mystery BUT THIS SERIES HAS CHANGED MY MIND XD I fyou haven’t read these books check out my review of the first book Every Breath and go read it before reading this post!

WARNING: Spoilers for book one

Watts and Mycroft are off to a rocky start, parantals strictly making them stay in the public eye and out of trouble but trouble seems to find these two. Watts is studying for her final exams and Mycroft is working as a pathology assistant and learning more and more about forensics.

When a carjacking happens in London and Shakespeare first folio is stolen from the Bodleian library Mycroft is invited to go as assistant to Walsh.

Going back to London to help with a crime identical to his parents death Mycroft starts to break down and loose grip on himself, Watts worried for his well-being basically says stuff it and catches the next flight out.

The read you’ll have to read and find out because MYSTERY AND SHERLOCK RETELLING


Things I adored (all the things)
– Aussies in London
– Was actually a lot darker then I expected and I loved that (view spoiler)
– Mycroft and Watts are my new OTP I love them a lot
– Family is such a huge theme in this book and I love it
– I just love all
– I love the love
– The baddies were fantastically bad

Okay that’s enough from me, if you’ve read the first book I don’t think you’ll need much convincing to read on the story speaks for itself.


I don’t usually review second books on here to often but I really want to shout at everyone about how much I’m loving this series so here you go!

Have your read this? Are you a fan of Sherlock?

I’ve actually never watch or read anything Sherlock but I have the complete works sitting at home and I plan on devouring it thanks to this series.



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