Not finishing a book ISN’T HORRIBLE

Not finishing books is looked at in a lot of different ways. I used to be the type that would NEVER not finish a book because I’d feel guilty that I’d paid for something and not read it and that it may have gotten better and I will never know.

When I first started writing reviews on Goodreads and WordPress I felt like I HAD to finish the book otherwise I wouldn’t be able to review it properly. After numerous books that I’ve slogged through just to give a bad review I realized that I’d much rather DNF and not review a book so I can read a good book and share that with you guys instead. Not finishing books isn’t as bad as you think, if you don’t like a book stop reading it and feel happy that you have a new book that is wonderful rather than slump inducing book of non sense.


Types of DNF books

Refusing to DNF a book

Okay, so I use to be someone who would continue to read a book that I was not liking one bit just to keep giving it a chance, especially if it’s a hyped book. I would slog through this horrible book and only read that and that only for a solid 2 weeks and then get in a huge book slump that ruins my whole reading month. ALL so I can say I finished the gosh darn book.

I finally decided I had way to many books and to little time to put up with that crap because in the end I’m not going to eat a meal I don’t like just because I paid for it so why don’t I just move on and pick up that delicious piece of chocolate fudge cake instead!


Read the first book in a series only

I tend to buy box sets and like to hope that they’ll get better if the first wasn’t that good. Now I review and read reviews so much a lot of me continuing a series is based on you what guys thought of it. Did others who didn’t like the first book end up loving the second? Should I see if it gets better or move on?

If the second doesn’t have good reviews then I won’t pick it back up but some series are an exception. Take the Shatter Me series by Teherah Mafi. I for one really liked the first book but I know a lot of people couldn’t stand how much of a dependent character Juliette was BUT the character growth in this series is phenomenal and I’ve convinced many people to just give the second book a try and it’s ended up being one of their favorite series.


150 pages..

The golden rule! I give the book 150 pages of my time to really impress me. I wish I was in this category more often… I do this with books that I know are going to be hard to get into. Take Outlander for example, the writing took me sometime to get into and I’m so HAPPY that I did or I would not know the glory of Jamie Fraser who is the ultimate book boyfriend if anyone is wondering. BUT there are some books that I just can’t pick up, I’ll read the first few pages and the book turns into a Thors hammer that I cannot lift, no mater how many people tell me I have to give it a little bit.

I know a lot of people love The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo but I JUST CANT GET PAST THE FIRST FEW CHAPTERS! The words start slipping out of my head and I end up re-reading the same sentence over and over again.The words start slipping out of my head and I end up re-reading the same sentence over and over again.


Throwing the book 

Only certain books will elicit the Throw across the room, most books get a firm closing and dirty look or I rage at the pages in hope the character will hear me, pull their shit together and BE THE MAIN CHARACTER I WANT TO SEE… I’m looking at you Rebel Belle *whispers* I’m looking at you.



What do you think of not finishing books? Are you the take no shit and move on type or the lets hope it gets better type?

What books have you DNF? or wish you’d DNF? I’d love to hear some un-popular opinions. I for one wish I had DNF’d these babies sorry to anyone that loved these books I just couldn’t get into them:



31 thoughts on “Not finishing a book ISN’T HORRIBLE

  1. I really really try not to dnf books, and I think I’ve only done it like twice. I always try to get halfway through before deciding to give up and once I’m halfway I can’t bring myself to not finish it since I’m already halfway there.

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    1. I used to be like this but after reading so many books that I could have lived without I’ve gotten more picky 😊
      I once gave up with like 50 pages to go 😅 the story just was bugging me so much I just couldn’t go on! Maybe one day I’ll go back a read the last 50 pages but not anytime soon.

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  2. Even if you’re a blogger or a booktuber, I feel like at the end of the day, reading is still our hobby, and if you’re not enjoying something, why should you keep reading? I don’t DNF books very often because I just seem to be pretty good at picking up books I like enough to finish.

    One of my tricks is if I don’t finish a book, I’ll let some time pass by and try the audibook. I DNFed Divergent the first time I tried, but now I’m listening to the audiobook, and I’m glad I did because I’m really enjoying it!

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    1. Oh thats a great idea! I think I might have to give it a go ☺️
      I agree, if I read to many books I’m not enjoying it just makes me not want to pick anything up so I’d rather dnf or put the book away for another time and move on to a book I can enjoy 😁

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      1. It’s worked out pretty well for me so far. I finally finished Mockingjay that way, and I’m finally reading (and enjoying) Divergent. But I’m totally with you. I’d rather be using the time to read a book I’m actually enjoying than spend it reading a book I’m not enjoying just to say I finished it.

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        1. I only recently starting listening to Audiobooks and I’ve been mostly doing re-reads on them but I’m going to start doing this now. I’m currently reading The Haters and not enjoying it that much so I’m going to try the Audiobook tonight 😀

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  3. This was so interesting to read! I’ve never DNF-ed any book. I didn’t even know it was thing until I joined goodreads and started blogging. For me, just the idea of abandoning a book sounds so wrong. I read the entire book to see if it has any saving grace. In a way, I enjoy boring books just so I can think of something creative for their reviews.

    (I realize as I am typing this that I’m an incredibly weird person.🙈)

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    1. haha! I was like this as well but these days I will DNF a book without feeling guilty anymore. I used to feel bad about it because I felt it was a waste of my money but now I just move on to a newer book. It helps with me with my TBR as well 🙂
      You’re far from weird! I’m sure most people read the whole book rather than DNF it.

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  4. I very rarely DNF books. I try my hardest not to. Mostly because DNFs lead me to slumps AND I have a strict policy of not reviewing or rating a book I didn’t complete. Some books really are a struggle, like Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard. It was a big mess. I tried to DNF and when I did I quit reading for two weeks. It was awful. So, I trudged through it, wrote a scathing review, and moved on.

    So, I suppose it depends on the reader, really.

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    1. It totally depends on the reader I will get into a slump if I finish to many bad books but if I dnf I can just move on to something new that I enjoy 😀
      Glass Sword was such a struggle! I was yelling at Mare to get her crap together most of the book, I’ll have to check out your review XD

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      1. I suppose I can get that way sometimes too. I try to read things fun light things in between things I think might be hard to read. 😀

        My review is rough, just a fair warning. I rewrote it three times to tone down the rants. I could only do so much. 😛

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  5. I’m totally with you on Rebel Belle and Iron Trials. I’ve just realized (and accepted) that I really don’t like anything by Holly Black. Also…… nobody has time to read books they can’t stand.

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    1. Ughh I couldn’t stand the MC in rebel Belle I bought the second book in the series at the same time because I seen so many great reviews and now I have no plans to ever pick it up. I haven’t read anything else by Holly Black and I was a bit shocked Iron Trials was so boring coming from Cassie Clare because I love her Shadowhunter series.

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      1. Totally agree! I tried something else by HB but it was a DNF. She’s on my blacklist, same with James Dashner and Gayle Foreman. (And I’m perfectly okay with it).

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        1. I’ve never read anything by Gayle Forman but I’ve heard so many good things about her! I plan on reading something by her soon, hopefully its not a DNF for me but you never know I think I’ll read a sample first now 😀

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  6. I just tried reading You by Caroline Kepnes and couldn’t make it past the first two chapters! Just not a fan of the writing style. My favourite is 3rd POV and last year I started 1st. It really took me a while to get into it, I’d prefer to be imagining the characters, rather than being that characters. So I still have difficulties with it. Maybe I’ll try it again after a few months, who knows, maybe I’ll be able to get in it!

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    1. I loved the second POV in You, I thought it made the book really different and creepy but I’ve seen a lot of people say they didn’t like it and couldn’t commit to the story because of the POV so your not alone 🙂
      I read all types of POV’s but third person has to be my favorite as well. I really love SOME books in first POV but it depends on the characters mindset and how much there thoughts annoy me XD

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      1. In a world of 7 Billion + I’ve never once believed I’m the only one, lol. I’ve noticed 1st is a common find in crime though.

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  7. I have no problem with DNF-ing a book. Life is too short to read lousy books. I buy a lot of my books second hand and can return them for credit, though, so that helps, because I know I’m not spending a ton of money on something I dislike.

    Books I’ve DNF-ed have included: City of Bones, the first Rebus book by Ian Rankin, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Parkinson’s history book, and Keeping Faith by Jodi Picoult. And that’s just since the new year.

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    1. YES! I’ve tried reading The Girl with the dragons tattoo and just can’t!
      I need to find a good second hand bookstore that does trades or credit I have a few books that I’d love to swap for something different 🙂

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  8. YES ! I used to be that way too, I hated DNFing books, it just didn’t seem right. But now that I blog and know of so many books that I want to read, I just can’t waste time on a book I’m not even enjoying.
    One book I DNF is Onyx, book 2 from the Lux series, I already didn’t like the first one but people told me it got better but it didn’t for me. Just no 😂 One I wish I DNF is Rebel of the Sands which I just finished like a week ago and ranted about on my blog 😂😂

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    1. Your rebel in the Sands review was awesome! I have the book but it’s far down on my TBR list after what I’ve heard about it 🙂
      I liked the Lux series but haven’t finished it I lost interest after the 3rd book, I’ll finish it eventually but I feel like it could have been less books XD

      I feel the exact same way, there’s no point in continuing with a story if it’s just bad all round I might as well pick something new up or re-read a book I know I’ll enjoy.

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