The insane insanity of the fact that there are 300+ of you

Hi Guys, Hi, Hello, G’day, Ooroo, Howarya, Howdy, Bonjore, Hey….
So I would just like to share a secrete with you guys. THERE ARE over 300 OF YOU NOW AND THAT IS THE MOST INSANE INSANITY IN THE SANE WORLD.
Okay I just needed to get that out, if you’re not ready for incoherent Casey (yes I know I am rarely coherent but today’s going to be no different guys)
To celebrate all of you fantastic humans following me I would firstly like to thank Wifi for making this possible…No I just joking, seriously I was going to do a whole Q&A but then my brain kinda went but what if no one has any questions so instead I’m taking the conceited road and sharing with you some facts about me.
If you would like a Q&A post let me know if there are any questions you’d like me to answer (blogging, bookish,lifewise, random) and if there enough I’ll do one of those too.
  • I only started reading YA this time last year!

8-Behaviours_zpssxfnhhky.gifI’ve basically caught up on every series though so that counts for something right?

  • I read the Harry Potter series for the first time last year *gasps* I know I was a strange child that refused to read what everyone else was reading.7-fascinating-harry-potter-easter-eggs-that-will-make-you-gasp-469210.gif
  • When my Partner annoys me while I’m reading I start reading aloud (A technique I learnt from my Dad that has served me well to this day)


  • I hated Maths in Highschool so I would just read a novel during class. My teacher didn’t care all too much to be honest she was just glad I wasn’t disrupting the class.



  •  I started a BookTube last month but haven’t done any promo for it because I’m an awkward potato on camera and I’m not sure what my plans are for it.


  •  I’m a serial reader; I will read a book back to back if I loved it a lot(most of the time I won’t put it on goodreads so it doesn’t count as my challenge)


  • I read a lot, probably more than I actually should but hey who needs sleep right? *sips coffee*coffee_time_futurama.gif
  • I hate Tea and I’m not a cat person, I mean aren’t these the staples of being a reader? I’ve never found a tea for me and while I like Cats, I prefer to own dogs.



  • I’m a smart ass and have a deadpan humor I laugh at my own jokes which are basically all Dad jokes


635729580302245934-1568177425_bad joke.gif

  • I’m not that big on Children, Most of my friends are pregnant and getting engaged and I’m just here still crying because all my Favorite Authors keep killing my precious babies



I love to blog and I can’t believe it took me this long to find something other than reading as a hobby I actually enjoy!

So not only have you followed me but now you’ve read these incredibly random facts so you are double insane and awesome. Thank you everyone and anyone who reads my rambles you seriously make my life happier!


29 thoughts on “The insane insanity of the fact that there are 300+ of you

  1. hehe awesome random facts. I liked the one on Maths especially although in my case I had to hide my novel under the desk as I read it.I can relate on the friends getting married/kids bit. Congratulations on getting 300 followers!

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    1. Thank you Diana! Haha Maths was such a struggle for me but I got a lot of reading done during it so that was a plus XD My teacher didn’t really care, after while she was resigned to the fact that atleast I was doing something educational 😀 hahaha


  2. Congratulation on 300!! It sounds like you’ve come a long way in a short time, which is awesome 😀 I don’t like either tea or cat either!

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  3. CONGRATS! 🙂 I love rereading books, but I’ve never read the same book immediately back to back before. Usually I have to give it a year or at least several months before I return to the same book. I have a feeling it’s bound to happen one of these days, though!

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    1. Thank you Holly! I know I think it’s only me that does that XD Most books I re-read the same way as you but some of my favorites I JUST know if I start something else I’ll just get into a slump so I just re-read it again to avoid it! (or at least that’s my excuse XD)

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  4. Congrats on over 300 followers! That’s a huge accomplishment!!!

    I would love to subscribe to your booktube channel! You should post a link 😊

    I am also not a cat person… But they LOVE me. Anytime I go to someone’s house that has a cat, the cat always flocks to me. I’m convinced they sense the fact that I’m allergic to them, which solidifies my theory that cats are all assholes 😂

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    1. Thank you Amanda! Ah no I’m not sure what I want to do with my Booktube channel I’m a bit nervous about it to be honest XD Maybe one day I’ll do some more self promo! Oh god that’s hilarious they so sense your allergic to them, seriously cats are planning world domination I wouldn’t be surprised at all if this was the case XD

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  5. Congratulations on reaching 300, Casey! I’m totally guilty with staying up so late to read as well – I actually have made a bad habit out of that and basically roll out of bed at least 15 minutes late every day now. It’s SO HARD to be disciplined with sleep when there’s something urgent happening in a book. D:

    I like tea, but I’m also a dog person! I don’t find cats that cute at all, usually, and every time someone (my office is full of cat people) shows me a pic there’s almost a button in my head that I have to inwardly press so I will react with the “oooooh and aahhhh”s people seem to expect. /awkwardturtle


    1. Haha! Luckily I always make it to work on time but my appearance has suffered from late mornings XD
      Oh God yes, I feel you on the awkward turtle picture moments, I’ve stopped showing people pics of my dogs unless they ask because of how many people show me cats and babies and I have to ooh and ahh XD
      I’m trying to try more teas to find one that I like but all I’ve found are those rose teas and what not that are more sugar water than tea!
      Thank you Reg!


      1. MINE TOO. Whenever I start a new job I’ll come really early and like, made up and stuff, and now that it’s been a while I totally do the whole bun and glasses thing. No more contacts! /lazy

        Do you drink like the more conventional teas like black tea, green tea, etc.? Those are very mildly flavoured, haha. Coincidentally I actually just bought myself some rose tea with a ~hint of vanilla~. 😀

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        1. Nope I can’t handle Green Tea or Black Tea, I don’t know maybe I just have to drink more of it to get used to the flavour? haha
          Sorry this reply is so late! I completely missed the notification 😦


  6. Woo! Congrats girl! I particularly loved this point: “I’m not that big on Children, Most of my friends are pregnant and getting engaged and I’m just here still crying because all my Favorite Authors keep killing my precious babies”, amen, sister, amen.

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