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It’s Friday I’ve been awake for more the 3 hours and I haven’t had a coffee? What is this sorcery! I know there must be something wrong with me. I am seriously cramming down for NaNo this weekend so I thought to ease myself into a weekend of writing I’d do a really great tag that Beth of Reading Everynight and Lauren of Wonderless Reviews tagged me in. Thank you guys, and go check out theres posts because they are fantastic as always!

The Rules

  • Credit the original creator, Read Diverse Books.
  • The Diverse Books Tag is a bit like a scavenger hunt. I will task you to find a book that fits a specific criteria and you will have to show us a book you have read or want to read.
  • If you can’t think of a book that fits the specific category, then I encourage you to go look for one. A quick Google search will provide you with many books that will fit the bill. (Also, Goodreads lists are your friends.) Find one you are genuinely interested in reading and move on to the next category.

Click on the book to go to a magic place! (and by magic I mean it’s goodreads page but seriously if goodreads isn’t magic then I don’t know what is)

Find a book starring a lesbian character.

10276368.jpgSing You Home by Jodi Picoult is one of my favourites by her. Zoe after having a miscarriage has separated with her husband max and found love with her friend Vanessa. Together they are married and decide to have a baby. Max has been abusing alcohol and taken to religion and believes Zoes new lifestyle is wrong. Jodi has a unique style of writing fairly from all points of view no matter how small minded or biased they are. This book tackles the issues surrounding IVF and infertility, parenthood, religious beliefs, gay rights, and the loss of a child.

Find a book with a Muslim protagonist.

1785188525324111I read a book in high school that I loved but I can’t remember the name or find it anywhere on the internet so for my answer I have Chosen And I Darken, Mehmed isn’t the main character but Lada does spend most of the book in a predominate Muslim country and her brother converts faiths.

I also have I Am Malala on audiobook and I’ll be listening to it this month, I can’t wait to read Malala’s story, she is inspirational and an amazing human from all I’ve read about her online.

Find a book set in Latin America.

93286952I have not actually read a book set in Latin America, I’ve read a fair few books with Latin American’s as the main character but none set in their countries 😦 What I do have though is some books on my TBR:

The House of Spirits sounds fantastic and LOOK at that cover, it’s amazing. Also I’ve heard A LOT about Like Water for Chocolate but never actually picked it up, so that needs 320to change!


Also I just stumbled across One Hundred Years of Solitude and it’s about a mythical town telling the history of a family

Love and lust, war and revolution, riches and poverty, youth and senility — the variety of life, the endlessness of death, the search for peace and truth — these universal themes dominate the novel.”


Find a book about a person with a disability.


Torey Hayden works with children with Autism and rights about her own experinces, I have really liked her books and how honest they are.


Honest and heartfelt Shtum is fiction but the Author had to have someone close to him with Autism because the emotions, the breakdowns, the good feelings and the bad are all spot on.


Fractured is the true story of Ruth who has multiple personality disorder. It talks a lot about how she manages and what she went through in life. It is eye opening to what the human brain can do to allow you to survive through great trauma.


Abused from a young age this is Sophies story of her mental illness, depression, self harming. Her struggle in a mental hospital where she meets other like her as well as anorexia patients and tries to overcome her past.


Made you Up has a MC with schizophernie and has been on my TBR for way to long


I had a few problems with Finding Audret but found the descriptions of mental health to be well educated. This book is a about a girl with agoraphobia to anxious to leave her home.

In all honesty I could answer this question with so many books but I’ll stop here and save that for another post!


Find a science-fiction or fantasy book with a POC protagonist.


Inej and Jesper are both POC and I love them so much, this whole cast is diverse and sassy and too good to only be in two books I NEED MORE *flails*20983362

Also Passenger has a POC as the love interest but I feel like I need to include him because I liked him as much, if not more then the actual Protagonist

Find a book set in (or about) any country in Africa.


I have had River God sitting on my shelves since the start of the year, I picked this up at a garage sale with a box of other random books that were $10 for the lot. This book sounds interesting being a mix of fantasy and historical fiction. I have also never read a fiction book set in Egypt so I’m hoping for some fantastic imagery in this one.

Find a book set in South Asia (Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, etc.).

These books are both on my TBR and sound amazing, A Time to Dance is written in verse and I don’t read many books written in verse so I’m hoping it will be as beautiful as it sounds. The God of Small Things reviews make me want to pick this up right away, I love descriptive writing and amazing imagery as well as a great story line and from the reviews I’ve read it seems like this has that in buckets. Have you read these? What did you think?


Find a book written by an Indigenous or Native author.

150723 Rabbit Proof Fence is basically the “Go to” book or movie most people including me think of when they are asked to choose something by  an indigenous author, which for me is an Aboriginal Author. Rabbit Proof fence is an amazing story, telling how 3 girls were separated from their family and cross the middle of Australia to make it back to there home. When the white settlers came black and mixed raced indigenous Australians were taken to settlements and forced to confirm to white ways. No longer aloud to speak their own language, forced to abandon their aboriginal heritage, and being forced to learn how to be white. These 3 sisters risk the punishments and go out into the harsh Australian bush to make there way back home.


Find a book with a biracial protagonist.

17204095.jpgTo all the boys I’ve loved before is one of my favourites and Lara Jeans family is so cute and sweet and everything I want from a contemporary. Yay to no orphan children wondering around by themselves. Lara’s dad is sweet and embraces there Korean heritage, wanting his children to know where they come from and their culture. Another one that pops to mind is Eleanor and Park, Park faces a lot of back handed racism from his peers but I really liked his family even if they were shocked at the girl he bought home.

Find a book starring a transgender character or about transgender issues.


The Art of being Normal and If I was Your Girl26156987 are both on my To Be Read list and after hearing nothing but good things about these two books I can’t wait to read them. The only other book that I’ve read that can kind of come close to being about Transgender issues is Everyday, Everyday by David Leviathan and I really disliked that book, not because of the issues and the idea that’s what made me read it but the love story and the plot was bland on bland and I hated the main character A, A is supposed to be gender-less but I read him as a white male and couldn’t picture A any other way.


So that was my take on The Diverse Book Tag! I’m tagging all these amazing humans and anyone else reading this.



It’s good to step out of your comfort zone and read something different, I know doing this tag I struggled with some books to pick and had to many for some other questions I also never realised how often I read books set in the US and Aus, other then books set in fantasy made up worlds I don’t read many from other countries and I WANT to! Yes give me all the new scenery so I can travel around the world from my living room. 





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39 thoughts on “The Diverse Books Tag

  1. Great recs, I saved some! 100 years of solitude and The House of Spirits are very similar in terms of how they’re written (it’s clear that Allende was a fan of Gabo haha) and theyre both family sagas with rmagic realism. Ive always wanted to read Like Water for chocolate 😀

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    1. Exactly MY thoughts, its also great to read something different some ya’s can just merge together after a while specially the contemporaries 😅 so it’ll be good to break them up. Can’t wait t see your post 💕

      Liked by 1 person

    1. That is fantastic! Thinking back to my schools reads I probably could have included some of them but it’s so long ago I can barely remember what there about properly. I hope you enjoy the tag can’t wait to see your answers 😁

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  2. Great answers for this tag Casey, also I am completely in awe of how quickly you posted it as well. I am so behind on my tags it’s terrible so I really need to start posting more so I can catch up!
    I really enjoyed And I Darken and completely forgot that I could have used it for that question. I spent a while trying to find a book featuring a Muslim character I just overlooked Radu, and his journey discovering his new faith was actually a really interesting part of that book!
    Also Passenger and Crooked Kingdom are two of my favourite reads from this year so it’s great to see them on your post as well! Crooked Kingdom definitely has an amazingly diverse cast of characters 😀

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    1. Haha I may have put off some month old tags for this one because I really wanted to do it 😂 I was scrolling through my goodreads and nearly over looked And I Darken as well but like you said Radu’s journey and the Harems are such a central part of the book plus Lada’s resistance to Radus change in faith.

      CK was one of my fave read I love all the characters so much and they are such a diverse crew but are written so well and realistic. I can’t even pick my fave character but the fan art for Wylan and Jesper is so great 😍

      im excited to get my hands on Wayfairer and see what happens as it’s only a duology as well 😁

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      1. I’ve had to do that lately as well. I plan on getting around to them all but it is taking me a while! Yes it definitely is, for some reason I just didn’t think of And I Darken at all, I don’t even remember seeing it on any of the Goodreads lists I was looking at either. But either way I’m happy with the book I picked for that question so all’s well!
        Same here, and yep I’ve seen tons of fan art for all the characters but I love the art for Jesper and Wylan so much. I can’t really pick my favourite character either so I may just say all of them!
        Oh I can’t wait for Wayfarer. I’ve had to order it from the US so it’s going to take a while to get to me but I know it will be worth the wait! 😀

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    1. READ SIX OF CROWS LAUREN READ IT! you know how you shouted at me to read Illuminae NOW Im shouting back at you 😂😂 Seriously Crooked Kingdom and Gemina are equal in my heart. I can’t wait to read If I Was Your Girl it’s in my Wishlist for my next book buy 😊💕


  3. Thanks for the tag! I’ve wanted to do this tag since seeing it around the blogosphere. It has really motivated me evaluate my reading and see the gaps. I have vowed to read at least one book every month written by or that includes characters that differ from me. I am currently reading The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead.

    Can’t wait to do this tag 😊

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    1. I just look up The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead and added it to my tbr it sounds great! I’ll keep an eye out for your review. I hope you enjoy the tag! It was great to look through my reads and see what areas I’m lacking in and add some books I wouldn’t have read with out this tag 🙂

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    1. Isn’t he tho! I love his blog 🙂

      Well done! also you are mean, how am I expected to be able to pic a fave! No okay so my fave fiction book on this list is Six of Crows/ Crooked Kingdom and my fave non fiction is Scarred By Sophie Andrews 🙂

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  4. I didn’t know there was POC in The Six of Crows series. Now I’m really interested in reading it! Whoa, you named so many books for people with disabilities, so great.

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    1. Two of the mains are POC and the book also has heavy themes on human trafficking and LGBT romance 🙂 Leigh actually donated a portion of sales (either tour sales or pre-orders I’m not 100%) to a charity for girls that have been sexually exploited or trafficked. It’s also a super kickass book so I hope you love it 🙂

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      1. Whoa, that’s a good mix of real issues and diversity. Thanks so much! I’m really excited to give it a go – the money going toward the charity is wonderful. Thanks for the information!

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  5. Great answers! I love And I Darken and I think Radu’s conversion to Muslim is one of the most beautiful thing ever ❤ and yes to Made You Up and To All the Boys I've Loved Before, they're both awesome. Crooked Kingdom is hands down my favorite book of 2016 the whole casts are just so so diverse I loved! ❤

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    1. CK is my fave as well I mean I could stress out trying to compare it to my love for Gemina but the diversity, in depth characters, and the problems they go through mixed with the whole plot and all the twists is just amazing!

      I can’t wait to read Made you up and for the third All the boys ive loved before to be out already! I need more Lara Jean in my life XD

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