TBR Take Down TBR

If there was ever a challenge for me it is this, THIS HAS IS PERFECT RIGHT NOW. The TBR challenge involves reading 5 books from your TBR and banishing them into the read pile.

The Take down is taking place between Feb 6th to 12th and you can follow along with the hashtag #TBRtakedown

Now for the 5 categories:

TBR shelf for over a year

12600138.jpgReady Player One by Ernest Cline

I picked this book up so long ago and it’s just been collecting dust on my TBR shelf even though it sounds right up my alley. I haven’t read a Dystopian is ages so I’m excited to see how I’ll like it and it’s a stand alone so yay!. As much as I love series they can get a bit tiring after a while.



Most recent book haul

32334268Valentine by Jodi McAlister

Valentine for valentine’s day of course! Seriously this books about creepy beautiful Faeries and a person being thrown together with a guy she hates and having to save them? YES I love the love to hate trope so I am so down to see what happens with this.

First book in a series


Daughter of Smoke and Bones by Laini Taylor

With all this talk of Laini Taylor and Strange the Dreamer coming out I know it’s time I finally started this series, I know a lot of people absolutely love it and it sounds like something I will adore. I just may not read this first incase I do get addicted and scrap the rest of my TBR to finish the series.




Catch up on a series


20983366Wayfarer by Alexandra Bracken

I love love loved Passenger so I cannot wait to finish this duology off by reading Wayfarer. Also fair warning to anyone that’s heard the hype over Passenger it is very slow-paced! I like the slow pacing and description  but I know a lot of people who went into it with very different expectations and were disappointed by it. Any way yay to duologies and making me feel accomplished because I can finish a fantasy series without having to wait 7 years I’m looking at you Throne of Glass series. 


A book out of your comfort zone:

28052598.jpgBlack by Fleur Ferris

I read really widely so not much is out of my comfort zone but I do tend to steer away from mystery/thriller young adult because I like my thriller dark and gritty with a healthy dose of murder and love on the side and YA tends to ruin all those things with love triangle and non gruesome deaths BUT I have been told by some reliable sources that Black is incredible and after meeting and listening to the Author speak I’m really excited to read this.



So this is my TBR for the TBR takedown and I have already started Wayfarer! Lets do this.


How big is your physical TBR? Like seriously guys I want ridiculous numbers so I can feel better about all my inread books pretty please xD 


26 thoughts on “TBR Take Down TBR

    1. I’m excited to read Valentine even though I wouldn’t have picked it up if it wasn’t for the showcase, I haven’t read a fae love to hate story in SO LONG and I’m excited to see if I’ll like it, I think I will after listening to Jodi speak about it 🙂 I’m going to Black with no expectations and hopefully I’ll love it I’ve been burned in the past with thriller YA xD

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      1. Ooh, can I ask what burned you? And I’m the same, I wouldn’t have picked it up if it wasn’t for the showcase! Jodi is really awesome and I’m looking forward to reading her book!!

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        1. The one that really comes to mind is The Assassins game/ The killing game it sounded so good and was just tame and silly, I don’t know I just want thriller to be gritty and find YA tones it down to much for me, also any thriller that swaps out swear words with frick ugh your going to have someone murdering people but can’t say fuck? Where is the logic Dx

          The Showcase was so good! I’m sacred to read my super proof because I know I’m going to want most of the sample books asap XD

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          1. I started the superproof and was a bit bored, so I put it down. But I’ll peruse it shorly, at the terror of my TBR hehe! I hate it when swear words are censored. The most swearing I’ve ever heard was in high school, it just made sense, so why do those words have to be substituted out for frick, like you said? GAH. It rustles my rhubarbs.

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            1. babahahaha sorry I need a gif for Rustles mt rhubarbs xD EXACTLY! I think characters should either swear or just not, I read the sample for Zenith (Sasha Alsberg’s book) and they said fike ALL THE TIME the only books I’ve liked the censoring is Illuminae because I can still say the actual word in my mind its not replaced.

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    1. I’m basically tackling my TBR right now so the read a thon was perfect for me xD Yay another person who loves Ready player One, I think I’ll be picking it up after Wayfarer 😀


  1. Ah this is such a great idea! I don’t really have time to do any readathons but this is a fun thing to do regardless! I still need to read ready player one as well, and I need to read the smoke and bone series. I read everything in e-book version but last time I checked I had about 300 downloaded that I haven’t read…SHAME.

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    1. Yes! It’s a quick little way to get through some books you’ve been putting off XD

      300! No seriously thats why I don’t let myself but ebooks unless I’m planning on reading them then and there because I would go nuts and do the same XD


  2. My TBR pile is in it’s 30s; does that make you feel better? I’m getting ready to move house so I packed my TBR separately to ensure I *only* pick up new books from that box. Hopefully that helps me whittle it down 😛

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    1. 30’s! I wish mine was in my 30’s I think I’m at the 60ish mark? I made myself a shelf but I haven’t counted since the start of the year and I’ve added a few XD Making a box or shelf is the best to make sure it what you pick up next, before I did I would just forget about books I had owned for a while but now there in my face like her read me xD


  3. I didn’t know this challenge was a thing but it would definitely help cut down my TBR! Especially the catch up on a series and on the shelf for over a year parts haha. I wish I had time to participate properly (damn uni, stealing all my life).

    I hope you enjoy all these!


  4. OMG I should do this too – I am so behind on both my TBR and my Reading Challenge. Do you ever get into a reading mood where you keep starting new books and you’re not finishing any? I just have so many fabulous books I want to read and despite my better judgment I keep starting others. Should I just sit my butt in the chair and finish the ones I started? Nope. Me to me: just pick up that next one and read a few chapters. Urh I’m so frustrating sometimes! So, I’ve decided that after I read my book club books (Caraval and Emma) I a tackling that long list of books I have half read.

    But I did just buy Wayfarer the other day and I’ve promised myself I can’t read it until I finished the others haha. I adored Passenger even though it was a slower read and I am so pumped for the return of the characters I’ve fallen hard for!

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    1. Do it! I decided just to go for it last minute because I need to read my TBR books 🙂
      I was feeling the same way! I picked up a heap of books and ended up putting them down 40% in because I just wasn’t feelining them but now I’m reading Wayfarer and I have to remind myself to pick it up but once I’m reading it I’m really liking it even though the pacing is slow like passenger 🙂

      It’s so fustrating getting into those reading moods, like it’s not a slump because we want to read but also no book captures our real interest even though we can’t wait to read it? Does that even make sense xD

      I still need to read Caraval but from what I’ve heard everyones loving it so I’m excited to see what the talks about as I don’t really know what the books about I’m going to go into it blind 🙂

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      1. No I totally get you, it’s the weirdest thing and I have been guilty of doing the past month and now I’m thinking enough enough hahaha. I can’t wait to hear what you think of Wayfarer, I just hope I enjoy it as much as Passenger and that all of my ships survive the carnage!
        I don’t know much about Caraval either but so many people are saying that it’s the best way to go into it. I even bought The Night Circus because it’s been on my TBR for ages and so many people say that Caraval has Night Circus vibes so I’ll read them around the same time. I can’t wait! If you want we could even do a buddy-read!

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        1. I’m past the half way mark in Wayfarer and really liking it, the pacing is slow like passanger but I like the flow of the story plus Nic is a little precious muffin that I just want to keep XD
          I LOVE ADORE ETC The Night Circus it’s one of my all time faves so I’m reluctant to look at Caraval in the same light before I pick it up in case it disappoints me but if it is anything like it I know I’ll love it 😀 I’ll be reading it around the 20th so if you haven’t read it yet I’d love to buddy read!

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          1. YES! I’ll save it for then 🙂 Are you going to the YA Room Caraval Meet Up on the 26th?
            In terms of Nic though I swoon every time her opens his precious mouth (#sighs). I am always into the dashing/swashbuckling gentlemen! I seriously wish I was born into a different time sometimes. But i guess the plumbing situations would suck and it was hard to be a woman back then so maybe not, hahaha

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            1. Oh gosh the plumbing situations would be a nightmare, I’d just want a hot shower XD

              I’ll be there! I missed last months so I’m going to make sure I make it this time, can’t wait to meet you in real life 😀


    1. haha now that makes me feel better XD I’m thinking about putting together some variations of this read a long myself after I see how I go with this one 🙂
      Its fun to look at your TBR and pick a few different genres of oldest book etc.. hope you can get on top of your TBR as well

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    1. I started my 4th book today but I haven’t stuck to my planned TBR that’s my problem with read a thons as soon as I make a list of books to read I suddenly don’t want to read any of them DX


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