Things that will make me instantly buy a book – Top Ten Tuesday

Another Top Ten Tuesday! Two weeks in a row, this is some sort of personal best XD I’m hoping I can keep doing this feature because it’s a heap of fun and I love seeing everyone elses answers. This is a feature created and run by The Broke and the Bookish.

This weeks topic is: Top Ten Things That Will Make Me Instantly Want To Read A Book

There are so many different things that will make me read a book! Basically is it a book? Okay gimme XD No but seriously if you want me to read your fave here’s what you should do:



If I see a fellow blogger friend shouting about a book for long enough you better believe I’m going to pick it up, I’ve found some of my fave loves this way *cough* Lauren *cough* Illuminae



Being Lent a book

Okay so this is really just a thing with me and my friend, we will always have some of our latest faves with us when we meet up and swap them so we can talk about them together next time and review them. I love reading something I know she’s loved and I love giving her books I’ve loved to see her reaction. Of course sometimes we miss the mark and don’t love the same book but most of the time it’s pretty spot on.




I have a few people I will always take a rec from and I just love them so much because they get my sense of reading so well, Amanda at Cover 2 Cover Mom can always get me interested in a book by saying the mc’s a little bit of a psychopath XD There are so many more of you that I just sit and nod along to your reviews because they’re just everything I thought as well.



You tell me this is a YA sci fi with space battle you bet I’m there. Also anything that has a unique world, epic fantasy, heist’s, WATCH ME RUN TO THE STORE (or more likely quickly order it online and eagerly wait for the mail man). Basically if it was things I know I enjoy in a story/ is a genre I love I’ll give it a go.


Pretty Covers


I am a sucker for pretty covers, I have improved from the past me who wouldn’t even read the back before buying! 0.0 Now I try and find pretty covers that also sound like stories I’d enjoy.

My last cover buy was Defy The Stars and this was because 1. Its Space, 2. Its Pretty (did I mention that), and 3. There was a deal where you got This Shattered World by Amie Kaufman free and I needed that anyways XD

Diversity/important issues

If a book contains a diverse character, disabled rep, ASD rep, PoC own voices, LGBTQA, a Fat main, Mental Health etc… I’m all in.

Seriously I want to read more about characters that differ from me and also more characters that reflect me and make me see myself, friends and family in them. Also if a book tackles an important issue I want to learn more about it take The Hate U Give as an example I’m not American so we don’t really hear much about Police brutality and racism I mean we do of course I have the internet but gun laws and out Police system are so different it’s a whole different learning curve.

Elevator Pitches/ small synopsis’ 

I don’t really tend to read full synopsis because I love going into a book blind, just like I don’t really like watching movie trailers it gives away some of the best bits! But 6 word summaries? They are the best. Tell me you wouldn’t read this:


Lies of Locke Lamora: Snark, Bastard Thieves, Heists, fantasy.

Illuminae: Sci Fi, Kick ass smart girls, space explosions, snarky smart mouth teens. 

Like just gimme a few details that’s all I need here have some money. Done, Sold, bought.

The Author

I mean if I loved the Authors previous works I’m going to buy their newest. Some of my Autobuy Authors are:

V.E Schwab, Laini Taylor, Jay Kristoff, Amie Kaufman, Jodi Picoult, Leigh Bardugo, Becky Albertali… I’m going to stop here because I could go on for ever.


If a book is Oz Ya, if there is a launch in Melbourne even if it’s a debut Author I’ll be there most of the time, I love supporting local authors and getting books signed is super cool! Also it’s awesome to see Australia being represented and having slang that I understand/use daily.

I didn’t quite get to 10 but I’m pretty sure these are the main reasons that would make me pick up a book.

What makes you pick up a book? Do you like reading synopsis’ or prefer to go in blind? 

28 thoughts on “Things that will make me instantly buy a book – Top Ten Tuesday

  1. Totally agree with #LoveOzYA. It’s like triple the chance I will pick something up because it’s by an Aussie author haha. Agree with the covers as well. If it’s a good cover it’s going to get my attention right away haha. Thanks for the post.

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    1. It’s awesome to read aussie authors AND actually have the chance to meet them and tell them how much you loved them. I get such a huge amount of happiness seeing aus get republished in US as well like yay now you can love this too (hopefully xD)


  2. Let me see: the buzz from friends that I know have similar tastes in books; my go to author (automatic buy even without reading the blurb); the mood I’m in (sometimes I want YA, sometimes Fantasy; sometimes Alph; sometimes dark, sometimes an ugly cry…); the cover (guilty :-)))); the blurb (if it promises something new). Not really the launch tour etc. and of course the reviews (but it’s paired with the buzz from my friends). Thanks for this interesting post!!!

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    1. I love just auto buying authors its like hey I love you now surprise me with your talent I don’t even need to know what it’s about 😀
      Reviews and Buzz is sucha huge factor! I mean the more I hear about a book the more my interest just increases till I have to join in and see what everyones excited about 😀

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    1. I haven’t read any of her other books 0.0 I’ve seen the buzz over the firebird series and the amazing covers all over instagram but I just never picked it up for some reason!

      This just came out April so it’s not surprising you hadn’t heard of it XD

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      1. Ohh I see, haha. The Firebird series was an okay read for me, I mean the plot was interesting, but there were some things lacking with the book.

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  3. OOOH, AWESOME POST! I didn’t feature LoveOzYA or Diversity in my Top10 post. Whoops. I’m glad you covered them, so good & important!!! And yes I always love going to launches too, hehe.

    PS: Yes gimme all the taglines, I will fall for your snarky sci-fi/fantasy character every single time.

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    1. Bec have you read Lies of Locke lamora? I think you’d love it, fantasy, stealing, smart asses its got it all (the only thing is a lack of ladies but its still good). Oz ya and Diversity have only really made me intently buy a book in the last 2 years or so before that it was just all the other reasons but some of my faves have been picked up because of those reasons 🙂

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      1. I do own Lies of Locke Lamora! I think my boyfriend read it and said it only picked up in the final third, which is why I’ve put it off… Definitely will read it though, just no idea when!

        And yes, same. I’ll pick up anything, of course, but now I actively seek out diverse books and will pick up a book purely if it’s rec’d as diverse! 😀

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  4. The words Aussie author and country town are like booknerd crack for me. I love small town Australia. Another is a friend’s to lovers romance or a kick ass heroine in a male dominated environment or era. I’m such a cover tart too Casey, some are just too damn pretty to hurt their feelings.

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    1. I just finished A Shadows Breath and it was just everything I love, ozya, small melbourne town, fantastic writing, fast plot, no real big romance but it dealt with so many themes like love and death of and the cover is to die for xD

      Yes to a kickass lady in a male era its what made me read And I Darken give me all the historical fiction genderswapped XD


  5. “Amanda at Cover 2 Cover Mom can always get me interested in a book by saying the mc’s a little bit of a psychopath”

    Bahahaha happy to be of assistance 🙂

    “If a book contains a diverse character, disabled rep, ASD rep, PoC own voices, LGBTQA, a Fat main, Mental Health etc… I’m all in.
    Seriously I want to read more about characters that differ from me and also more characters that reflect me and make me see myself, friends and family in them. Also if a book tackles an important issue I want to learn more about it…”

    Yes!!!! I am devouring all the diverse books I can get my hands on and I’m still hungry for more.

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    1. I think especially because I read so many books when there continue to be the same old characters it just all mushes into one and with diverse books I’ve found that doesn’t happen and I love it so much 🙂 Hehe I always love your recs and reading your reviews!

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  6. Can I just give you a gazillion high fives just for mentioning The Lies of Locke Lamora in here? That book is EVERYTHING!!! ❤ Absolutely ADORED it. I had a feeling I was going to love it the moment I picked it up, and once I completed it, I couldn't let go of that book! 😀 😀 I also have to admit that bloggers are one of the biggest reasons why I personally pick up a book nowadays. Man, does everyone out here know how to different a good book from a bad one!!! 😛 Awesome list, Casey! 🙂

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    1. I read Locke Lamora at the start of the month and it’s all I can think about, I just love the snark and Locke. As a character he’s such a cocky bastard and gets beat up all the time coz of it XD but I can’t get enough the ending of that book where he mentioned Jean (im trying to be unspecific so it can’t be read as a spoiler so hopefully you know what I’m talking about) SO CLEVER I wanted to hug him I loved that scene so much XD

      I’m starting Red Seas soon and can’t wait to continue the series 🙂

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      1. Oh my god, yes!!!! I know what you’re talking about!! I got Red Seas by my side and can’t wait to start it too!! I have so many books I want to dive into ASAP, I have such a hard time deciding the priority nowadays. I think I’m going to try and read it somewhere in the coming months and be up to date in the series so I can get my hands on the 4th book releasing in September!! :O Gosh, I’m happy to hear you loved it! 😀

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        1. I had to restrain myself yesterday at the bookstore not to buy the third, I’m trying to read 1 a month so I can spread it out. If I have them all I know I’ll be tempted to binge read it and probably get nothing else read or reviewed XD

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  7. I might have mentioned Illuminae once or twice 😉 Hahahah. No seriously, I’m glad my over zealousness and inability to b quiet about that book made you want to pick it up 😀 I’m even more happy that you loved it!! Also huge yeses to Diverse books and Oz YA!!

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    1. Diverse ozya has to be my fave especially because I can fangirl with the Authors some of the time XD and yay to your shouting seriously what would my life be without you! (boring and sad that’s what) although seriously I am counting down the days to obsideo and I can’t believe we have to wait till next year 😦


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