Books Series I Haven’t Finished

…Once upon a time I would finish all the books right away, it was a mystical time, full of warm reading spots and coffee but as I started reading more incomplete series it just got to hard to keep up, plots were forgotten and I started yelling to anyone who could hear WAS THIS CHARACTER ALWAYS HERE? What is going on in the world and who is this love interest?! Now and then I think about re-reading, then I come to my senses, take a nap and read a new release instead (repeat) The End.

Past Casey isn’t impressed with these bad habits so here’s a guilt filled post of book series I have yet to finish.

The Falling Kingdoms series by Morgan Rhodes

I have read the first 4! that’s right 4 whole books in this series and then nadda, no pre-ordering the next, no even real thought of it when I’ve gone book shopping and now the conclusion is out this year?! To be honest I didn’t love the first book but by the forth I was really enjoying the story. I will finish this series it’s just on the backburner…



31116030.jpgBlood for Blood by Ryan Graudin 

THIS DUOLOGY ENDED on one of my fave reveals and you know what I did, I sat on it. I put it off and now I’m screaming that I want Ryan’s latest book all the while pretending like I don’t still need to read this. I’m making a pact that I can’t buy Ryan’s newest book Invictus until I’ve finished this. You know what I should do that with The Starbound series as well.

Starbound series by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner

*nervous laughter* I am a lot in love with Amie’s writing and I have the second book at home so there really is no excuse for why I haven’t read it except I. Am. A. Distracted. Person. If I don’t binge read a series there is a huge chance the next book my be put aside for new releases and this is what happened here.



27161189.jpgThe Lorien Legacies Series by Pittacus Lore

Can you tell me who does this. Who reads 6 books, 6 spin-off novellas, AND rereads them all to only not read the last book. Me. That’s correct answer is me. Why? I JUST DON’T KNOW *sobs* I have one more book, I read 3000+ pages twice only to not read the final 450 pages.

It’s not like I can even say I don’t have the book, I do, It’s sitting on my shelf judging me and my poor decisions.

 The Fifth Wave by Rick Yancy 

I am not as guilty about this series. I absolutely loved the first book but the second and third just hold no appeal to me now, and after seeing there is a fourth unnecessary books?! I’m just confused really. Turns out there is no 4th book *celebrates* still…If you’re someone who actually loved this as a series let me know! I haven’t seen any reviews that prove this book is amazing as a trilogy.



30312891.jpgLord Of Shadows by Cassandra Clare

WHO GAVE THEM PERMISSION TO PUBLISH THE LAST BOOK IN 2019! I DEMAND ANSWERS. That may as well be 10 years from now in book years. I bought Lord of Shadows and was ready to stop, drop, and reread Lady Midnight UNTIL I found out about all the sobbing people yelling about the ending and having to wait 2 years for the conclusion. HA I am not here for that, I am sorry sobbing friends but I will chance dodging spoilers to save myself from that wait.

I have a few more books I could have included but they’re more series I don’t think I’m going to continue with and that’s a whole different post right there. Are you guilty for the series you have unfinished?

What book series do you have sitting unfinished on your shelves? Any unfinished series we can cry over together?


29 thoughts on “Books Series I Haven’t Finished

    1. I have been informed there is in fact no 4th 5th wave books *celebrates* I have no idea where I heard there was another one now XD
      Seriously I cannot find anyone that likes books 2 or 3 I’m kinda tempted to read it just to see why its so bad but then I look to my shelves and see all the good series I need to finish XD

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      1. XP I read the second book and oh my god.. it was brutal. The gang basically spend the entire (ENTIRE) book in one spot, and then they add a weird (honestly confusing) plot twist near the end.

        It’s not worth it, they probably could have made it a duology and cut out 300 pages of boring content.

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  1. I relate to this post on so many levels. I am terrible at finishing series lmao

    If it helps The Starbound trilogy, Blood for Blood, The Fifth Wave and Falling Kingdoms are all on my TBR and I haven’t even read the FIRST book in any of these series. 😂

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      I’m doing project 5 this year to try catch up on my owned TBR and I have so many books I need to read, I have been starting a lot more this year tho like DOSAB and Assassins Apprentice but yeah… there are a lot of book series I need to start *cough* Game of Thrones *cough*


  2. Ugh I have the same problems. I couldn’t even read the third book in the fifth wave because I forgot everything and I hated the second book. Why even add a another book? A trilogy would be enough!
    What?! The next book after lord of shadows isn’t coming out next year?? But whyyyy? I’ll forget everything by that time. And I was so excited for reading the lord of shadows too :/

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    1. I have been feed false info and there is no 4th book so yay I guess… I’ve been told how bad the 2 & 3rd is and I just don’t wanna do it to myself but I also want to finish the trilogy.

      Publication is 2019, I think it’s coz her new series is coming out next year so there will still be CC to read it just wont be this trilogy, still that wait is so hard! BUT from everything I’ve herd LoS is amazing so maybe a re-read will just have to be done to refresh our minds XD

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      1. Oh ok. That makes more sense 😪
        Yeaaah it’s gonna be hard.. I wish you luck in finishing the trilogy though ;).
        Yeah probably but my memory won’t last that long is the problem. I still look forward to read LoS though. So not too much harm is done by the wait.

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  3. I have Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments sitting on my shelf. The whole series bar the last book is there. I have read book 1…and I look at the rest, and then pick up an easier read instead. I didn’t love book 1, but I always finish a series anyway (it’s a compulsion).

    I am making my way through series atm, but if I don’t read them in a binge, they sit there for a long time. Staring.

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    1. The whole series is huggee I don’t not blame you for putting it off! I enjoyed TMI when I read it but I was a lot younger, I tried re-reading and nope I couldn’t do it anymore. All her stories are woven together too which I love but makes it hard for people who want to start her work now that she has so many published.

      I use to be able to binge read series and Authors so well now I’ve started putting them off I’m so behind. The staring is the worst, damn judgmental books xD

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  4. Wait, there is a fourth book in The 5th Wave series?! I had NO idea until just now. I have read the two first books and I enjoyed the first one, but wasn’t as captivated with the second one, so I haven’t continued on…for now. I don’t know if I ever will, I heard that the conclusion (well, the 3rd book) was a bit disappointing :/

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    1. THERE IS NO FORTH! I have been subject to rumors ooops I had to google it when everyone was like is there a fourth and turns out I was lied to by the interwebs (who would have guessed xD)
      I’ve heard there super disappointing after book one too which is sad coz I did really like Cassies character and the invasion.

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    1. Yep she’s doing the other new series I’m pretty sure so there will still be new CC books just not the third book of this one. I forgot nearly everything about Falling Kingdoms but I don’t have the motivation to re-read like I remember some of the main things but yeah… who knows when I’m actually going to finish it DX

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  5. There are so many book series that I have yet to finish. I’m mostly ashamed of the ones that are currently sitting on my shelf. I still need to finish the Starbound series. I bought the final book when it first came out, but haven’t gotten to it. I did not like the second 5th Wave book, so haven’t picked up the final one. I don’t know if I ever will as I loved the first book but that second one kind of ruined things for me.

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  6. I’m SO terrible at finishing series these days! I also haven’t finished the Starbound series, though I really loved the first book. The other series I’m desperate to finish are Animorphs and the Gemma Doyle trilogy. I have all the books in the latter but I can’t find the rest of Animorphs anymore!

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