February Wrap Up

Wrap it up, wrap, wrap, wrap it up. In February I read 8 books and I’m not even mad about it. Again most of these were audio books because I’m obsessed and have so many to listen too.

28962906.jpgStalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco (audio)

The goddamn best voice actress I’ve ever read, can there be an award show for book audiobook narrators because I would like her to win them all. Also THIS BOOK! I’m obsessed. The plot is fantastic, the mystery and retelling of Jack the Ripper crimes gruesome and horrible, the characters are some of my favourite with real emotions and tension. Creating a feminist historical fiction YA mystery?! AND DOING IT SO AMAZINGLY WELL?! Straight to my favourite list.

5/5 Stars

33784373.jpgHunting prince Dracula by Kerri Maniscalco (audio)

This one just kept on suprising me and I was so into the world, into Audreys life, into her solving the murders going on while suffering and grieving. The ending made me yell in excitement for the next book. Only when I went to download it and saw the preorder button I was all the saddness. I don’t know why I thought it was already out but I HAVE A MIGHTY NEED FOR MORE. Audrey and Thomas ❤

5/5 Stars

Goodbye perfect coverGoodbye Perfect by Sara Barnard

My meh book of the month. I did like the main characters development with her family members but the actual plot did not do it for me.

3/5 Stars


35072280This Mortal Coil by Emily Suvada

THE TECHNOLOGY IS COOL. The main character and love interest was flat and just full of tropes I’ve read a million times before. I did really enjoy the world and the moral dilemma of downloading tech and how the virus work. The villain was fantastic and I am excited for the next book to hopefully go above and beyond this one, pushing beyond what This Mortal Coil delivered. While a unique takes on Zombies and gene hacking the plot points didnt wow me.




The Ask and the Answer by Patrick Ness (audio & physical)


4/5 stars



36657882.jpgMonsters of Men by Patrick Ness


I’m still thinking about this book and man it made me cry even if I look back on it now and think that was actually predictable why the hell did I cry the writing is just that good and could be picked apart and so many themes pulled out. It just wowed me to the core. Series review will be coming soon!

5/5 Stars

23836855Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff (audio)


5/5 Stars





Gemina by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff (audio)

MY LOVELIER LOVE – If you don’t know I love these books to bits and I’m ready for the final book to destroy me, bring. it. on. Obsidio. ALSO please let me be killed off in this one, pretty please with murder on top.



SO that’s Feb done.

So many double books! I can’t remember the last time I read 3 book series in the one month and I highly recommend it. I love binging an authors work and being able to just keep going with the series until I have no more to go, whether that be because of a great ending (ness) a re-read (Kaufman and Kristoff) or starting an amazing new series and screaming because the next isn’t out till September sometime (Maniscalco I’m looking at you).

As for hauls go I didn’t buy any books but I did receive the Chaos Walking Trilogy from the publisher and borrowed all of these audiobooks!

The only book I didn’t love this month was Goodbye perfect and seeing how it was still a 3 star read, that’s a pretty good month. I adored re-reading Iluminae on audio, the visuals can’t be topped for me but damn the voice actors are a super close if not equal best. I finally heard the lollipop song in Gemina, I can read easy.

IM LATE BUT please tell me what you all read and loved in Feb! Also come yell with me that obsidio is out SO SOON! I HAVE BEEN WAITING 500 YEARS AND I AM READY.



17 thoughts on “February Wrap Up

    1. You are a smart one for putting it off tbh! Now you’ll have the next one to jump straight into and not have to wait 😀 I had such fun last month just reading whatever I wanted and taking my time with it.

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    1. I was so surprised with how dark it is, i was speeding through the whole things like goddamn what is even happening. OBSIDIO man i’m like 2 days away from having it in my hands, im so glad I’m getting it on a friday so I can just lock myself away for the weekend and binge read the whole thing.

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    1. I actually looked up the narrator so I could listen to more books that are read by her thats how much I loved it, she does voice changes amazingly and I was slight puzzled at first that it was all one narrator XD

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  1. Well look at you and all those audiobooks!! I discovered audiobooks back in 2016 and probably read 40+ audiobooks a year now. Love them!

    I’m very interested in Stalking Jack the Ripper now that you hold the audiobook narrator to such high esteem! It doesn’t really sound like my cup of tea, but a good narration has a way of sucking me into any book.

    You know I have yet to read Illuminae lol One of these days… Which version did you prefer? The print form or the audiobook? I know the print form has all kinds of interesting formatting included…

    Happy reading in March!

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    1. Audio books have saved my reading life tbh they’re so good when your to busy to sit and read but can spare the brain attention to listen!

      I dont really love YA mysteries but the audio narrator is fantastic and the story really sucked me in although I see a lot of people having a hit or miss reaction in reviews, hopefully your on the hit side with me when you check it out XD

      AMANDA YOU CANT MAKE ME CHOOSE THAT XD Nah I would say the physical because the drawing by marie Lu are too good not to physically see, and they did hire a rocket designer to bring the space ship blue prints to life so they’re worth seeing. The audios have snippets of music and such good production value tho, which ever you do go with will have pretty unique formatting so both is good XD

      Happy March to you too!


  2. I didn’t realise how much you loved Stalking Jack the Ripper & HPD as audios?! I read the physicals but AHHH now I want to listen to them as well!! I loved them so much too, I am SO PUMPED FOR BOOK THREE! Fab wrap up. 😀 Reading series back-to-back is so fulfilling. AGREED.

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    1. DUDE I THOUGHT YOU LISTENED YOU NEED TO LISTEN! the narrator is the absolute best, she does Thomas voice so well i thought it was another actor for a split second. Plus her accents in Hunting Prince Dracula were A++

      I want the physicals for the covers coz they are beautiful, i’m so excited for the third book 😀

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