For the love of books

Welcome all that read this and thank you for stopping by to hear my ramblings 🙂


Appreciation post for the love of books and the book community itself! You go guys you are all so awesome 🙂

Books are my passion, hobby and choice of entertainment and I’m not afraid to say so, I used to be embarrassed to admit this. If I could say one thing to my younger self it would be tell everyone how much you love books it’s not strange and defiantly not something to be made fun of! Shame on the people telling you your strange to read so much they are the strange ones and don’t get to have as many adventures as you!

Any how I usally go through a few stages to reading a book so I thought I’d share these.

My book stages are as follows:

  • Find a new book- usually from goodreads, booktube, blog posts, bookstagram, recommendations or the good ol’fasion way the bookstore.
  • Get said book- Either online, e-book or the infamous bookstore. Most of the time it is online. I then anxiously check my emails for shipment notification and run to my door and wait for the amazing boxes of paper joy to arrive.
  • image
    Paper joy ^
  • Look at the book, take photos of the book, make my partner listen to the synopsis (whether he likes it or not) and finally read the book!
  • Make some coffee or tea, move into a new position every 5 minutes, think about making a yoga video of book poses, cry, laugh, smile and occasionally hit a book. I’m sorry but if Authors didn’t want me to smack their books then they wouldn’t create infuriating characters or horrible endings!
  • image
  • Finish the book and read all the spoilery goodness of other people thoughts and feelings.
  • Find a new book and start again!



I joined the book community last year and have loved it ever since. It fills me with such a sense of happiness to connect with people far and wide that have the same passion as me, majority of my friends dis-like to read (I know what your thinking, why have you not banished them to un-told lands yet) well they’re pretty cool in other ways so I overlook their flaws and take them as they are.

In saying that if we ever get stuck on a desert island I will force them to read, I mean what else do they have to do? escape? pffft bring on the unlimited reading time! Muhahaha

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