Book Review – Soulless by Jacinta Maree



4 OUT OF 5 STARS ****

I received this book as an ARC from Net galley in exchange for an honest review.

Soulless sucked me in from the first sentence! The writing is amazing, the characters all have there own distinct voices and back stories and the world building is fantastic.

Nadia is our main protagonist and she is exactly what I want in a main character; Tough, caring, loyal and a badass.

I really liked her, she cares for her sister and Family even if they throw it back in her face, she makes the tough decisions to survive.

“Immortality. What was once a magnificent dream has now become our grim reality. Man no longer fears death; he yearns for it.
In 2016, children began to have dreams of people they once were. Past friends, family, events… they could remember it all with accurate detail. By 2200, entire generations experienced the same, marking that year as the Return, and it was then we realised that reincarnation was more than a belief. Our souls could never leave this earth, and with every return, our minds began to crowd with memories that no longer belonged to us.
Every century that passed, the insanity deepened and drove humanity to the verge of extinction. Countless wars devastated society, leaving the planet and civilisation in ruins. The advancement humanity once made came to a halt as the will to better the world became the will just to survive it.”

There is a hint at a love story which I was loving, was being the operative word here but I’ll get to that soon.

Diesel is the ultimate anti-hero, angry, crazy, threatening but with a heart somewhere under the thick shell of his.

I loved his and Nadia’s banter and there fights, how when she’s nice to him gets really suspicious and cagy, I was waiting for the walls to fall and them to finally get together when it started to happen I was really disappointed, their kiss was a 10 out of 10 but what made me annoyed was Diesels character development after it.

I wasn’t happy when he became nice and funny and sweet all the sudden I liked his moodiness and how we had to work for his smiles, I liked him as the Villain/ Anti-hero and I hope we get that side of him back in book 2.

3.8 Stars rounded up to 4 because I loved this world and can’t wait to get back into it.

If this interest you the e-book is available here and the paper back copy is available here

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