Eleanor & Park – By Rainbow Rowell

It was wonderful and horrible and everything in-between and above.

 An absolute onslaught of feelings and thoughts about this lovely book.

Eleanor and Park surprised me, having read Fangirl and Carry on I knew I was in for a great book and this just solidified my love for Rainbow Rowell as an Author. She isn’t afraid to tell it like it is and take control of her story.

E&P is about teenage beginnings and ends, falling in love and what love looks like, what Divorce, multi cultural relationships and abusive relationships look like and how they can affect those around them, how overcoming those awkward teenage days can be hard but rewarding.

5 out of 5 stars!*****

Eleanor isn’t your typical quirky character, shes real, she has real thoughts, real problems and real feelings. I really related to her and she is one of my favorite female characters now.

Park is his own unique person as well and shows even though his like is better then Eleanor it still comes with the same problems and self conscious thoughts.

I see that there is lots of different feelings on the ending but I loved it, it shocked me it made me feel mad, sad, hopeful and happy.

My feels on the ending:



and again


and then



the ending killed me but i think it also raised the book up, Rainbow had the balls to go there and it worked *slow clap*

I have a spoilery review on goodreads >check it out here if you like and let me know what you thought of the ending 🙂

I highly recommend this book and commend Rainbow on yet another 5 star book and on the ending.

Have a great day guys! It’s officially Autumn and my birthday month! Can’t wait to share with you my book hauls this month! My post mans going to be sick of seeing my house!



If you interested in reading this you can pick up a copy from the Book depository here for $13.98

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