John Green, Vlog brothers, and all the books

Hi Guys,

Sorry for the lack of posts, I’m reading Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabeldon, I don’t want to say it’s dragging because I like it….. but it’s pretty slow going


Now to get to the title and what this post is about. I recently found Vlog Brothers, I know, have I been living under a rock you ask? Believe me I am catching up on John and Hank Green awesomeness (I’m only up to videos from 2013, give me time people!)

Inspired by loving John and Hanks antics I’m going to re-read all of Johns books, I’m planning to do them in this order;

1st- I haven’t read TFIOS in a LONG time so this long overdue for a re-read



2nd-Because I’ll need something quirky to cure me of my TFIOS feels
3rd-I haven’t read this one and I must so 3rd seems like a great spot!
4th-In case Will Grayson, Will Grayson doesn’t do it for me Margo WiLl tAke Me on an ADventUre.
5th-They say you save the best for last! Looking for Alaska is my favorite John Green book.

That’s my new plans! Once I’ve finished all my “I NEED TO READ THIS RIGHT NOW” books I will start on this awesome John Green fest! Most likely towards the end of May, I’ll also be watching TFIOS and Paper Towns.

If you’d like to buddy read or watch any of these with me let me know and we can discuss it when we’ve finished!


Do you guys watch Vlogbrothers? If like me, you were uninformed of this awesomeness that is John & Hank Green’s Vlog I’ll leave you with this:

Annnnd this:



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6 thoughts on “John Green, Vlog brothers, and all the books

    1. God I just love them so much, DFTBA! I’ve spent more time watching you tube this week then I have reading! I’ve only read these books the once so I can’t wait to re-read them 🙂

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    1. I hope so as well, I’ve put it off because I read David Levithan’s Every day and didn’t like it, BUT I shouldn’t let one book turn me off a joint novel. I’m looking forward to this one and hope I love it, you are right about the underrated part, I don’t see this book mentioned much.


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