10 things book buying addicts do.

I thought I’d do something different this week as I don’t have many books to review because I have been reading the 1 book for a whole week! Seriously this is a long time for me.

10 things I do as a book buying addict

1. Constantly adding new books onto my wish list on Amazon/book depository etc and buying them slowly to make a dint in them.

I currently have 43 books in my wishlist (not including individual books of box sets)

2. Owning multiple copies of books that I love (e-books, audiobooks, hardcover, paperback and special addition)

I have all my favorites either in Paperback & Hardcover OR ebook and Hardcover!

They’re so pretty I can’t resist their charm!

3. Leave my wallet at home when going to the bookstore


This doesn’t mean I don’t buy anything, just that I take some cash so I can’t buy too many things!
4. Grab 5+ books and then slowly break up with them as I get closer to the register and realise I’m only allowing myself to buy 3

I don’t really need the special edition of this, I already have the paperback and hardcover at home.

5. When people ask why I have so many books when they see my bookshelves


To read? why do you have so many movies? Do people realise how strange this question is?
6. The ultimate question: Why don’t you just borrow them from the library?


I do borrow books from the library but owning the book is different, I get to find a spot for it on my shelves and look at it whenever I want.

*sidenote Why don’t you just rent movies? No you may want to watch them again and again and I may want to read it again and again.

7. Own books I have no plans to read

Don’t lie we’ve all bought books just because they were cheap and sounded okay but we’re probably never going to get around to them. Who knows one day I may read them….


8. Making the hardest decision of your life: 

The whole series, always the whole series *maniacal laughter*

9. When someone asks what my favorite books are, the reaction is generally something like this:

Prepare your self for an onslaught of recommendations!

10. Never realizing how many books you own until you get a new bookshelf or move houses!

I still haven’t build my new bookshelves! But they are coming and I can’t wait.

I’m well and truly an addict and I don’t see myself seeking help anytime soon! Have a fantastic weekend my bibliophile and book addict friends!


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36 thoughts on “10 things book buying addicts do.

  1. Finally! I know I’m no longer the only person in the world with book buying problems! 😀 I always buy random books that sound great or see people read and I always get distracted by other books and I put them off. I am also a hoarding squirrel, I get books that I don’t even like but I feel obliged to. Plus, I can’t seem to part with any of my paperback/hardcover books, even if I didn’t really like them, I could never bring myself to sell them. Now I know I’m not the only person in the world who has these problems. Great post! ;D

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    1. I’m the same with books I don’t like, I mean I didn’t like 50 shades of grey but they are proudly displayed (behind my other, more better books haha) As well if I have a second book of a trilogy but hated the first and have no plans to ever finish the series I will still keep it, and sometimes(if the covers are really pretty) have the urge to buy the final book in the series just so I can have a complete series even if I really disliked it… it’s weird, I know this but I still have these strange desires to own it haha!

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  2. Moving with books is just…omg so awful. And we’re gonna be doing that in a few months. Omg XD

    I found the solution for myself to number 7!! I downloaded the ebooks of ones that sounded good but I had no intention of reading SOON, & then gave their physical copies away to friends & my mum. It was kind of exhilarating, not gonna lie!!

    This post is fantastic & oh so true. I gotta start not taking my wallet when I KNOW a bookstore is in my future. I can not be trusted.


    1. I always put to many books into the boxes and nearly die trying to lift them! Who new books were so heavy! haha Have fun and remember more the 30 books to a books is probably to many!

      Thank you! and yes not taking your wallet and only cash is a great way to save yourself from buying way to many books and stick to a budget!

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  3. I always struggle with the decision to buy the whole series or one book at a time 😦 I still tend to buy the whole series first, because I almost always read every book I buy. In the end if I don’t like the series I will donate/ resell it 😛

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    1. I end up buy the second book on ebooks if I really liked the story and then buying the physical copy later, I should probably just buy the whole thing at once instead of multiple copies 😮

      I need to start donating books but I just can’t part with any, even if I disliked it!

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        1. Nawws now I feel bad for my books I disliked! I’ll have to donate them to the library or local school soon so they can get the love they deserve 😊

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          1. 😁 just think, a book you donate may give someone else a passion for books they wouldn’t otherwise have if it wasn’t for you!

            And, think of the space you’ll open up on your shelves once you unhaul a few 😇 NEW BOOK SPACE!

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  4. Oh my goodness, I see myself in every one of these haha. Especially when it comes to purchasing the entire series or not. I am always, ALWAYS having that debate with myself!

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    1. Sometimes I regret buying a whole series and force myself to read them. When I don’t buy them all and really want the next book I have no patients, I end up buying the eBooks and physical copies, so most of the time I buy the whole series at once (depending on it’s reviews).

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      1. Usually if the reviews are REALLY good, I end up purchasing the entire series. Or if it is by a particular author that I love. If it is a series that I haven’t heard a lot of, I end up purchasing the first book only 🙂

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