I will not be afraid

Alternative name for this post: I will not be as socially anxious and stop myself from doing relatively easy things that my lizard brain seems to think are immensely scary and to go read a book at home instead.

An off topic, while kind of being on topic post.

This month I read Me Before You By Jojo Moyes (check out my review here if you like)

This book made me take stock of my life and want to achieve more things and have more adventurous adventures, BUT there is a problem… I have trouble actually doing things.

When I started this blog I told no one in my real life because I was afraid of what they would say, when I started running I’d do it alone at 6am so no one would know, EVEN though it is an awesome thing to start doing I wanted the option to quit without anyone knowing I was a quitter. I don’t start things for fear of failing them when really isn’t that the ultimate weird things to do I mean if you never start don’t you fail by default?

I realise this is a stupid way to do things so this Month I am not going to be afraid. I’m planning on doing some things that I have been to scared/self conscious to do and post a weekly update so I will not quit.


Some of the things I’m afraid to do that I am going to start doing.

1. Joining a kickboxing class.


I am extremely un coordinated but I have always wanted to try kickboxing and the gym near me has just started a class so I am going to go and do it. I am extremely anxious to do this by myself but I am going to go for it and do it anyway even if just typing this I am already coming up with excuses not to.





2.Explore all my cities bookstores and touristy attractions.200_s

Melbourne city has a lot of amazing bookstores that I don’t go to because again I’m a homebody BUT I am planning on finding some great new bookstores and hopefully some amazing humans in the process. I want to photograph my adventures and turn them into blog posts, if there is anything in Melbourne, Australia that you’ve always wanted to do/see let me know and I will go and  hopefully do it!




3. Do something that matters.

I’m leaving this open, I want to do something that matters, something that helps people or the environment or my friends or family, maybe even all of the above. I don’t know exactly what yet but I do know that I want to do something that matters. Suggestions are more then welcome.





4. Talk to real people more.

Now I’m not saying you guys aren’t real, although if you are a bunch of robots reading my posts and leaving lovely comments thank you for not being evil and going all terminator on me.

I love talking to everyone one of you guys on here and I love talking to all my followers on Instagram BUT I struggle at it in the real world. I want to engage more in real life even if it is scary as hell and makes me anxious.

giphy (1).gif

6. Start a writing course.

Books are my love, my passion and I want to be a writer, I want to touch people the way Authors have touched me and the first way I am going to start is by enrolling in a course.



7. Be happy.

Finally the main thing I will be doing this month is being Happy. I stop myself from achieving great things or even small things because I’m afraid and I will work on being happier and less afraid in all aspects of my life.




The first step of my month of not being afraid was actually posting this. I nearly didn’t, but I took a deep breath pressed publish and just did it. I want to live my life and love my life and being afraid isn’t going to get me there.

I will be documenting my adventures on snap chat and Instagram and maybe some blog posts.

I know to a lot of you all these things may be small and very easy to do but for me they will make a big difference and hopefully help me be more socially active and meet some new and awesome people.

Do any of you guys stop yourself from doing the things you want to do because of fear? 

If anyone wants to join in with me this month and conquer some of your own fears that are stopping you from living your life the way you want to please feel free to join me.

Put yourself out there and just go for it. Grab life with both hands and live it. Inspire people, make something and show it off un afraid of criticism, join a class that makes you uncomfortable, write a blog post that scares you to publish. Put yourself first and become your biggest cheerleader and the most important thing to do is be happy.


21 thoughts on “I will not be afraid

  1. I love this! For the most part, I am a very outgoing person. I don’t have any problems going up to new people and striking up a conversation, or going to an event solo. I guess for me, I ask myself “What is the worst that could go wrong?”… usually the answer to this question isn’t a big deal at all, so I go for it. HOWEVER, my husband is my polar opposite, so I’ve come to understand that these things don’t come easily to everyone. I wish you luck, and will be following your progress!

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    1. You are my goal 🙂 I’m trying to get myself into thinking “Whats the worst that can happen” it’s a great outlook to have and hopefully it can come more naturally with time and work 🙂 Thank you for the luck! Hopefully I won’t need too much of it XD

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  2. What great goals! I totally understand being afraid to start things as I have performance anxiety and GAD! In fact, starting things is one of my biggest fears! So it’s really great to see others with anxiety, such as you, taking charge and facing their fears. While I’m positive you’ll succeed don’t forget to not get down on yourself if you don’t. It’s okay to take things one at a time and still totally fail (something that is brutally hard for me, myself, to remember). Be gentle and kind with yourself, breathe in, and take the leap! I have faith in your wings ❤

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    1. Thank you so much! Glad to know there are others out there like me.

      Thank you for the reminder that it’s okay to fail, I tend to be a bit harsh on myself as well, but it’s for 4 weeks so hopefully I can push past my fears and experience some new things in my life and if I do fail I’ll just try again and again 🙂

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    1. Thank you XD
      It’s sad how little I’ve seen of my city, I will be taking lots of bookish pics and cheesy yet awesome touristy pics so I can’t wait to share them with you 🙂


  3. Aw, I absolutely love this post! I have really bad anxiety so I definitely understand how it feels to be too afraid to do things. I’m not quite at the stage to put myself out there yet, but I love hearing about people who are. It’s super inspiring and makes me believe that I can get there one day, too.

    These are all fantastic goals and it’s so good that you’re going to push past your fears and give it a go. That’s like one thing I really need to be easier on myself with. My doctor always tells me that even thinking about trying something new is a huge step so you should definitely be super proud of yourself for taking this initiative!

    Sending you all the positive vibes ♥

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    1. Thank you so much! I feel great just planning what I’m going to do and getting excited about it 🙂
      You will get there one day and you’ll be amazing, your already amazing so you’ll be amazing-er (was that to many amazings? haha)
      Thank you so much for the good vibes sending them right back at you!


  4. I can’t do certain things due to anxiety. I wanted to order Chinese food a month ago, but wanted to order ahead of time & just go pick it up? I sat there, starving, for over an hour with the phone in my lap, restaurants number on the screen, but couldn’t press send. Sometimes the smallest things can be the hardest. I totally get it. Luckily my hubby saved me & let me listen in so next time I might not be so paralyzed by fear to order food when I’m hungry.

    It takes steps to get better. Every accomplishment matters, no matter how small. Do you, hun. You got this. *high fives*

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    1. God this is so relatable! Sometimes I’ll be at home while my partner is at work and instead of just going to the shops to get food I’ll wait for like 5 hours and then go out with him. I don’t do this all the time, just some days depending on my mood.

      Thank you 🙂
      I have already started doing some things, I went to the gym and signed up for the classes, told the lovely PT that I had anxiety (which was so much harder then I thought it was going to be)
      I’m enjoying it and I’m really proud that I actually did it! 🙂

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      1. Some days definitely are better than others. The past couple days I’ve been able to order food myself here in Japan, but the first time we came I avoided it like the plague. Hubby would ask if I wanted him to order something for me & I’d just walk away XD It’s so hard sometimes.

        I’m so glad you’re able to do it and that you’re liking it! Now the hardest part is behind you! ♡♡ You’re welcome

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    1. I’ve started your book! I’m really enjoying it 😊 I put it aside so I could read some new releases but I’ll be picking it up again in a few days! I’m really glad you pushed through your fears and published so we could all enjoy it ☺️

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      1. O that is great. I’m so glad you are still reading it and don’t hate it! That’s all I can ask :). Keep going as I am desperate for an Aussie opinion!

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  5. I get you so much. I am very awkward and reserved, and talking to people in real life makes me anxious. I even can’t ask the cashier for an extra bag because of fear. And I just recently started my blog but I only have just shared it with my closest friends because I know they won’t judge me (I haven’t shared it with my parents yet because I’m afraid of being judged). I feel so proud and happy for you for your goals! I think that the number 7 in your list is very important, we all deserve to be happy! I wish you well and may you accomplish everything that you strive for. 💙💙💙

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    1. I’m happy you’ve started a blog with your friend! It took me a few months to tell my Mum about it but I haven’t showed it to her and she doesn’t know how to work the computer :’) haha so I’ll show her in my own time, I don’t know what she’ll say when she reads my writting hopefully it won’t be to bad!
      Number 7 is definitely my favorite and probably the hardest on the list. I try to do something for myself or find something that makes me happy everyday but someday’s its hard.
      Your comment just made my day so thank you so much 😀
      I’m going to check out your blog now XD!

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      1. I feel like it made this blogging thing feel real when I told my friends about it. I’m still finding the right time to tell my family. Your mom will surely love it, don’t worry! 💙

        Yes, most days being happy (for me) is so hard but I think that looking for happiness in simple and little things makes it easier. You’re very welcome! Oh, thank you haha 😊💙

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