I got 99 problems and books are all of them

So I may have lied about the whole 99 problems. So what! maybe I don’t have 99 problems but I have a few and book ARE all of them.

Shall we start at the top?

1.Where have all the bookstores gone!

Belle Loves Bookstores.gif

I just want to be like Belle and swing along the shelves. The closest bookstore to me is 30 min drive away now and it’s tiny!

2. Changing the book cover mid series.


Sure I didn’t want them to match on my shelf anyway *crazed yelling* WHY WOULD I HAVE WANTED THAT *storms away.

3. Different sized first editions.

Seriously? I understand if silly me orders online and doesn’t look at the dimensions but when its the only books available?! REALLY? Really? Not cool publishers, not cool.

4. Being absolutely gorgeous and too pretty not to go home with me



5.Being absolutely horrible looking but Australia’s next top model on the inside


If I had seen this in the bookstore I wouldn’t pick it up and this is probably the best cover in the series!

I have bought I am number 4 and the Lux series as e books due to the covers and I’m hoping for a cover change so I can have a physical copy.



I feel like I need a magnifying glass to read all the itty bitty writing on its tiny bible pages!

7. E books being incorrectly formatted and  ARC’s that are in PDF format.

They are so hard to read without paragraphs. Reading a double spaced story is on one hand great because hey your a beta reader and that’s amazing but I find it really hard to get into the story and love the formatted version so much more!


Books you’re so beautiful but I can literally feel my wallet tighten with freight as I enter book stores


9.Not enough shelves

I have books in boxes, stacked up along the wall and the dreaded…. DOUBLE STACK


10.Or not enough room for more shelves

This hasn’t happened to me just yet and I pray it never does!

11. Spine cracking


This photo genuinely hurts me. Can’t we just develop a spine that doesn’t crack the first time around. No matter how careful I am some of my paperbacks look like I’ve bent them to oblivion.

12. Not being waterproof

Did you ever have those children books that are plastic and water proof? How fun are they? Why can’t we have like an adult version so I can read when it rains or in the bath without the fear of damaging my beautiful pages. Also tear proof would be good!

13. New releases coming out at the same time.

Thank you publishers for giving me these amazing delights finally, but how am supposed to choose which one to start fist and what I have to re-read when they all come out at the same time! It’s torture.

I received these beauties at the same time. I choose to read ACOMAF and I’m only now starting The Raven King because of my near book slump caused by that hangover.

14. Having too many series to get through and wanting to read stand alone’s instead

It’s not that I don’t want to read them, I do, I really really do its just that it takes so much commitment when I could pick up a fluffy contemporary instead.

I currently own Miss Peregrine’s peculiar children, The Daughter of smoke and bones, Ruby Red Trilogy the list goes on… I will get to these soon though I hope

15. To many books to read.

The amount of books I want to read are just never going to happen. I wish I was immortal so I could have the time to soak up all the stories I can. Even if I quit my job today I wouldn’t get halfway through the books that I want to read in my lifetime and this upsets me greatly.


Well that was 15 of my first world book related problems! What bookish pet peves/problems do you have?



38 thoughts on “I got 99 problems and books are all of them

  1. Oh my god badly formatted ARCs are the worst!!! So many times I’ve had to download the weird PDFs for Aldiko because I literally can’t read them on kindle because the formatting is so awkward.

    I’m a person who loves cracking books spines, I’m the worst but I just love well worn books

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    1. Tell me about it! The non existent chapter markers, tiny text, and god forbid its Multiple POV and the chapters aren’t separated properly!

      NO! I crack a lot of mine but I try to be careful. I usually replace my favorites if they get really damaged and then read the damaged copies until they fall apart while the new ones are looking perfect on my shelf XD

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  2. OMG THIS POST IS SO RELATABLE. I feel you with the bookstores, the local bookstore in my place is also 30 mins away from my house and it doesn’t even have most of the books that I’m looking for. I literally have to travel to a mall an hour away just to visit a decent bookstore there. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL.

    I have a bad habit of judging a book by its cover, and it always shocks me whenever there’s an amazing story underneath the not so pretty cover.

    OH GOD THAT SAD PICTURE OF A PAPERBACK. Seriously though, with today’s techonology it annoys me that they still haven’t developed any way to make spines of paperbacks unbreakable. 😂😂😂

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    1. That’s the EXACT same as me! My not so local bookstore is a discount store so it’s great for bargains but they don’t stock new releases or hyped books 😦 The larger store that has absolutely everything is an hour away and pretty pricey.
      I try to go and buy books from a bookstore as much as possible to support them, but sometimes there to far and expensive to make the trip worth it, especially when I can get the same book 1/2 price from Book depository.

      Yes at the bad covers, some many great book series I’ve read have had horrendous covers. Most of my DNF come from books with amazing covers because I haven’t read the reviews and bought it on a whim because of its beauty.

      How hard is it for someone to develop a glue or some sort of protection? Where are the inventors when you need them XD

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      1. I haven’t tried Book Depository yet but I’ve heard a lot of advantages with it especially the free shipping prize!
        Ugh, I have the same bad habit of picking up books on a whim because of its covers.
        Haha. CALLING ALL GREAT INVENTORS OUT THERE, may you please help us poor book readers from this suffering!

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  3. Oh my god, YES! This post is so relatable. 😂😂

    I only have a Target and one local bookstore in my town (otherwise i have to drive six hours to get to Perth 😂) and it’s really tiny and suuuuper expensive. And SHELVES. I need another bookshelf SO BADLY. My books are in double stacked piles currently. And oh my god the badly formatted ARCs. Like I know I shouldn’t complain too much because we’re getting them for free, but sometimes they are impossible to read. I had to download Adiko on my Kindle to be able to read some of them.

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    1. I would not be able to survive in your town! Only a Target and local bookstore :O I’m going to stop complaining about my “problems” now! Hahaha Seriously though I wouldn’t survive being 6 hours away from the city (I don’t even think you can get 6 hours from Melbourne without crossing a border)

      I need to download Adiko. I don’t know why I haven’t done it before now!
      It’s great we are giving arcs but the formatting effects my reading and I end up not enjoying the story as much as I cant get into it like I usually do.


      1. Haha, I can barely survive either 😅 It’s why I’m so thankful for my Kindle and online bookstores.

        It’s super helpful when it comes to the PDF files! And haha, yes definitely. Like especially sometimes when the words and lines have been broken and distorted. Also, sometimes the graphic novels I’ve received have been such low quality :/

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        1. I don’t read graphic novels I know I should but I haven’t taken the plunge yet! My boyfriend loves them but doesn’t own any so I think I’m going to buy some and share them with him. I couldn’t imagine a badly formatted or low quality graphic it I think would ruin it for me completely!


  4. This is so spot-on! Especially #15. Just soooo many books and too little time.

    I also hate seeing my favs turned into movies because 99% of the time movies just never do them justice. The exception perhaps being Memoirs of a Geisha

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    1. I like when my fav books are turned into Movies I don’t know why since they always slaughter the books but I have fun comparing and critiquing them XD

      I always end up hating the movie and ranting about it for at-least 30 mins after! Like the 5th wave *cringes* but I can’t wait for Me Before You to come out the trailer and cast look awesome! oh and Fantastic beasts and where to find them but JK is just perfect in any format. I’m hoping this lives up to my expectations and the other movies 🙂

      I’ve never seen Memoirs of a Geisha, I have the book somewhere and have been putting the movie off for way to long because I want to read it first. Glad to hear the movie does it justice 🙂

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        1. I felt they ruined Cassie’s character. She was no longer a fearless and ass kicking MC 😦 she was just another teenage girl that falls in love *sigh*.
          Also they didn’t make Evan awkward or creepy which I loved in the book. I’d still suggest watching it if you get the chance. My friend who hadn’t read the book liked it, but to me they changed the characters personality a bit to much.

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          1. Dang! Her being such a strong character was a huge part of the plot. And i love Chloe Grace Moretz. Bummer to hear about the changes that they made to the movie 😦
            I just checked out the sequel from the library. Do you know if it’s a good follow-up?

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            1. Thats exactly what I thought! Plus they cute out the log named Howard (I loved that scene it was so funny!)

              I have it at home but I haven’t read it yet! I was waiting for The Last Star to come out and now it’s out so I should be finishing the series soon. I hope you enjoy the sequel! You’ll probably get around to it faster then me XD

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    1. In Aus bookstores rarely stock Hardcovers so I have to buy mine all online anyway 😓☺️ I wish Aus had more hardcover editions there either really expensive here of ridiculously hard to track down! When I was looking for Lady Midnight the bookstore told me they only got in 20 hardcover copies and they were all gone right away so I just ordered it online for like 1/2 the price it would have been.

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            1. I have 3 copies of ACOTAR ebook, paper back and hard cover 😂 I’m planning to go though all my books soon and donate or swap a lot of my doubles and DNF’s

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  5. I totally feel you girl! It’so trueee! And we don’t even have bookshops here, I mean we do but all these fantasy or dystopia books are not available, so my only hope is Amazon! And yeah different sizes of books, so not cool and especially when they change the covers all of a sudden in the middle! Money *sighs* isn’t it a universal problem for most of us.. Nonetheless loved this post!

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    1. No bookshops 😩 I must stop complaining about mine being to far away! It seems mostly the larger chains stock YA and fantasy which is my main genre so I buy most of my books online from the book depository.
      I’m glad you liked the post! ❤️☺️

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