The Dragon’s Hoard – JUNE UNBOXING

Hi Guys,

So this post is pretty late since I received this box last month but hey better late than never! I subscribed to The Dragon’s Hoard box which is a brand new Australian based subscription box offering Fantasy and Sci-fy books and extra bookish goodies. Here’s what their first box contained and what I thought of everything!

If you’d like to check out this box their website is: thedragonshoard

Press on the photo to go to the products store


What I received:


The Button  – worth $1.50

The Dragon button is cute and I’ve put it on my bookshelf because I don’t really know what to do with it, I’m not a button person and I don’t have any backpacks to add it to but I like the design.

Quality: 9/10 Usage: 2/10


25372801.jpgThe book – worth $13.35

(Price taken from bookdepository on the 14/7)

All The Birds in the Sky was a book I hadn’t heard of before but the cover and synopsis sounded amazing! I just finished it and it was so good! A mix of science and magic, beautiful writing and all together weird characters that stole my heart. If The Dragon Hoard keeps choosing hidden gems like this I can see myself becoming addicted.

Check it out on Goodreads

I rated this book 4/5 stars and will be posting a review soon!

Quality: 10/10 Usage: 10/10




The bookmark $8.00

“Books are the only things you buy that make you Richer”

I really like this bookmark, I thought it would annoy me being wood and kind of thick but it doesn’t make my book look bulky, I wouldn’t have minded if it was a bit thinner.

This book mark is by @Lillytales and you can check out her other amazing products by clicking the photo(I need the Jon Snow bookmark!)

Quality: 9/10 Usage: 9/10


The Magnetic book mark is: $2.50

I like this bookmark, its cute and looks really pretty on my pages 🙂 I don’t use magnetic bookmarks that much but this one is great and doesn’t leave any marks or risk tearing any of my pages.

This is from KaysBees Designs, I can’t see anymore of this particular bookmark in stock but she does have some other really cute ones.

Quality: 9/10 Usage: 6/10

The Postcard Prints: $1.99 each, $4 for the two

 These Postcards are from Create Read Explore

I really like them,the design and colors are super pretty and matched the book perfectly. It’s on a thick cardboard and look perfect on my bookshelf.


I also received a really great hand written letter from the creator Joyce and a handwritten and signed letter from the Author of All the Birds in the Sky.

All the products ended up tallying $29.35 and the box cost me $30+Shipping.


As an overall review I’d give Dragon Hoard a 7/10. I will be buying more boxes from them and I can’t wait to see how the books and products grow and change once they become even more established. 



7 thoughts on “The Dragon’s Hoard – JUNE UNBOXING

  1. *squeals loudly* YAYY and new Australian sub box!! I’m literally going to have no money left if I keep trying them out but ahhh they’re so much fun. Obviously, I’m going to have to check this one out..

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    1. How good is it that we are finally getting more sub boxes in Australia! This one is based in Perth but they come really fast and the owner is really nice I hope you enjoy it if you get a box! ☺️☺️☺️

      Liked by 1 person

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