Hi everyone! SO every month I get a subscription box and I went with The Dragon’s Hoard box again this month. The thing I really love about this box, is not only is it Australian, so shipping prices aren’t ridiculous, it’s a sci-fy and Fantasy box! My two favorite genres AND not only that but it features underrated books. I love finding hidden gems and this box has been full of them

The first box had the book All The Birds in the Sky by Charlie Jane Anders which I couldn’t get enough of. I can’t wait to read the new book because it sounds just as weird and wonderful:

*Click on the photos to go to the stores

August’s theme was “Be Your Best Self” and this is what was included in the box;


What I received:

lemon.jpgThe Lemon shaped notes – worth $2.40

This Lemon not pad thingy is so cool! I love it so much, I thought it was a sticky note book but turns out there not sticky. It’s doesn’t matter too much anyway because there’s no way I’m ripping these out and ruining the integrity of the Lemon. I’m thinking of collecting all these fruits from CalliCrafty because they are just super cool.

Quality: 10/10 usage: 10/10


The Book – worth $13

(Price taken from Book Depository on the 5/9)

The back of this book alone already has me ready to open it up right away: One day, in a moment of philosophical puckishness, the time-travelling goddess Pallas Athene decides to put Plato to the test and create the Just City. She locates the City on a Mediterranean island and populates it with over ten thousand children and a few hundred adults from all eras of history . . . along with some handy robots from the far human future.

Meanwhile, Apollo – stunned by the realization that there are things that human beings understand better than he does – has decided to become a mortal child, head to Athene’s City and see what all the fuss is about.

Then Socrates arrives, and starts asking troublesome questions.

Just what? I need to read this crazy sounding book of amazing asap and hope it lives up to my thoughts I love a good slower paced fantasy and can’t wait to get into this.

Quality 10/10 usage 10/10


bookmark.jpgThe Bookmark: $7

Custom made thick foil bookmark with gold sparkly bits! This bookmark is just to pretty and my photo can’t do its beauty justice.

This bookmark is by Behind the Pages and you can check out there others by clicking on the photo.

quality 10/10 usage 10/10

The Stickers: $5


We received a pack of 6 sticker and The Sticker Alley doesn’t actually sell this design as a sticker (that I could find) only as a magnetic bookmark so to get this prices I have taken the middle ground because their stickers seem to range between $3-$7. The problem I had with these sticker is some of the backgrounds are to light for the text making it to hard to read the quote.

Quality 3/10 Usage 5/10


tattoo.jpgThe Temporary Tattoos

We received 3 temporary Tattoos from Create Explore Read  and all I really have to say is who wears Temporary Tattoos anymore? These are going straight into my mug of random suff and we’ll see if there ever comes a time I think I could use them *spoilers* there won’t be. This aren’t actually sold on Create Explores Read’s site at least I could find them but I had a look on etsy for a product similar and these are around $5.

Quality 8/10 Usage: 1/10

We also received a voucher for Belle Regalia who make amazing looking necklaces and key chains. I will be using this soon

All the products come to a total to $32.40 value and I purchased this for $30+shipping.

Over all I give Augusts box a 8/10 and auto renewed for September!

I am actually going to be hosting my first new feature on my blog and I’m doing an interview with Joyce the creator of The Dragon’s Hoard box and were going to talk about what creating and running a book box is like so I hope you guys enjoy that!

If you’d like to check out The Dragons Hoard box yourself click on the unboxing photo. Also I am in no way sponsered by any of these stores or The Dragon’s Haord – just a fan of their work.

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