One of my favourite times of the month is when I receive book mail and my subscription box mail. I love book mail because of the obvious MY BOOKS ARE FINALLY HERE reasons, but book box mail is extra special. I don’t know what the book is and I’m excited to see what other goodies I’m surprised with I just love discovering all the items.

Call me a hipster but I love reading books not many people have heard of but I also have a hard time choosing them for myself because I’m not sure I’ll like it (It’s very contradictory I know). That’s where this box comes into it. I can confidently say every book I’ve received in this box so far I’ve never heard and now love. I love these little gems I would never have read if it weren’t for this box. It’s so good finding a book box that perfectly suits my Sci-fi and Fantasy needs.

If you’d like to check out this box their website is: The Dragon’s Hoard


This months theme was: The Ties That Bind Us

What I received this month:


Image 23-09-2016 at 10.26 pm.jpg


The Magnet:

This Magnet is super cute and I slap it straight on the fridge, I’d love to collect a bunch of bookish magnets and decorate my fridge and white boards with it! Such  great idea

Quality: 10/10 Usage: 10/10





The Candle:

I GOT A NIGHT COURT CANDLE AND IT IS AMAZING! So unfortunately before I could snap a photo my dog decided to wave his big tail around and spilt the candle so there is wax on the lid 😦 BUT IT STILL MY FAVORITE CANDLE I OWN.

Quality: 10/10 Usage: 10/10

img_5744The Spoon:

Yes that’s right I said spoon. This spoon is cute and I adore puns, the more groan inducing the better is what I say, so when I saw my spoon said “Let’s Spoon” I was really happy!

Next time I’m having a bad day I’ll be making myself a huge bowl of ice cream and grabbing this spoon to lift my spirits.

Quality 7/10 (I gave this a 7 because the letters are stamped on and there a bit uneven and I also think they’d work better if they were on the handle)

Usage: 10/10 I mean it spoons and it’s has a pun on it, it has reached peak spoon usage.



The bookmark:

Signed book marks are always fun and I like them more than book plates because I can add them to my collection and display them in my mug of bookmarks.




The book: Strings By David Estes

This book is a gender swapped retelling of Pinocchio: Pia a sixteen year old lives with her Father in a facility where Mechanical strings control her existence. Pia must unravel the secrets of the company behind the facilities control.

< Click on the photo to see the goodreads synopsis.

This book sounds awesome, I love re tellings and I’ve never read a Pinocchio re-telling before so I can’t wait to dive into this.



Overall I give this months box a 8.5/10 and can’t wait for next months!

Also guys, myself and Kirstie from  Upside Down Books have started a book club on Goodreads for fellow Dragon’s Hoard Subscribers and also anyone who’s interested in lesser know Sci-fi and Fantasy books 🙂



Disclaimer: I am in no way sponsored by any of these stores or The Dragon’s Hoard – I’m just a fan of their work.







13 thoughts on “The Dragon’s Hoard SEPTEMBER UNBOXING

  1. This box seems so fun! I love discovering hidden gems. I get what you mean though it can be hard to find ones that are actually good quality so it’s great that this box is picking out some great ones! I really need to invest in a bookish candle. I love how unique the spoon is too! And a gender bent Pinocchio sounds amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. How cool does gender best Pinocchio sound right?! I can’t wait to read it, hopefully it’s as good as it sounds XD

      I love this box and end up using most of the things in it which is always great and what I want. The candle is amazing, I’ve bought a few bookish candles before but I think I’m going to buy from Burning pages from now on because this candle was so great 😀


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