My Favourite Fantasy books of 2016

Why yes I will be doing a post for all the categories because I read a lot and I like to yell online about these books because they are precious babies that need love and attention for always..

Okay let’s do this Fantasy *drum roll*

TOP 3 FANTASY READS OF THE YEAR (also these aren’t books released this year these are books I read this year) 


Third place is Nevernight by Jay Kristoff

Okay okay this book is going to be love or hate, if you can’t get into the writing I understand why it wouldn’t be for you but I’m so happy it was for me because sassy not-cat side kicks made of shadows and badass female character is everything. Epic world building, killings, gore, AND epic sex scenes. I mean the first chapter came around and I was like what is happening here AND THEN WHEN YOU REALISE ITS A SPLIT PERSPECTIVE OF SEX AND KILLING, *shock all round* I was blown away with the amazing writing and can’t get enough of this amazing world.

Hurry up with the next book please!

A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J massACOMAF

This book blew me away, I mean it’s not YA that’s for sure so that shocked me a little but I wasn’t that in love with ACOTAR but I stayed up late needing to read more about Rhys and how this is all going to play out.

I’m really struggling putting this in second place because I can’t decide if I like Nevernight more because again I suck at decisions but I’m just going to go with ACOMAF because Rhys really that is all.



Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo Welcome Crooked Kingdom to first place you amazing plot twisty, snarky, hilarious, heart breaking book.

All these characters, the plot I mean guys there’s a heist, intricate heist’s and planning to get one over corporate fat cats that think they are better than street kids. Theres amazing representation and fantastic relationships. Everything that I could ever ask for in a book is here, it’s here READ IT NOW IF YOU HAVEN’T ITS SO AMAZING (oh you should probably read Six of Crows first it’s equally as blow your mind)




These are my TOP THREE fave Fantasy reads of the year I read a lot of fantasy so special mentions to A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab and Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin ah such amazing books! 

What has been your fave fantasies of the year? Seriously if you can’t choose just throw out a few books because if you haven’t heard I am on a self destructive path and plan on exploding my 2017 to be read list so come help me blow it up, why not? *laughs nervously* 

24 thoughts on “My Favourite Fantasy books of 2016

  1. I am very curious about Nevernight because I love The Illuminae Files by the same author. I read the beginning of the book and I was like, what the fuck is happening. Is she having sex with him and killing him at the same time haha. I stopped listening after that but I might try to read it again, should I pick it up again?

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    1. Definitely pick it up again and read upto the first 100 pages, the first couple of chapters are SO confusing because it mixes her memories with present time although once I realised what was happening I thought it was so clever 😀 It’s very high fantasy so the writing can be a little heavy in places but it does smooths out a lot towards the middle once you get use to the world and new language they use 🙂 Hopefully you end up enjoying it, Illuminae is one of my fave series too I can’t wait for the third book next year!


  2. I HAVEN’T READ CROOKED KINGDOM YET. QUICK CASEY, FETCH ME MY TIME TURNER. I’m running out of time to read it and that’s really panicking me. I might have to take it to America with me – it’s the only. I must also learn to read faster, dangit. ALSO: RHYS ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ *dies*

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    1. I’ve been lacking in replying to comments so I hope you’ve finished SoC by now! Have you? Did you like it? CAN WE YELL ABOUT THE CAST YET XD Inej and Nina are two of my fave characters I’ve ever read 😀


        1. Have you read Crooked Kingdom yet?! Jesper I loved Jesper more in that one and him and Nina have some of my fave banter XD Camping was good we had to leave a bit earlier then planned because a huge storm came but we just went up to a friends farm for the rest of the time 🙂 I didn’t not want to be in a tent in the wind and rain XD

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    1. I have read The Raven Cycle and I liked it but It wasn’t my fave at all. The characters are all awesome but there was something about the writing that just bugged at me. Ronan and Blue are both little precious darlings but I just couldn’t love the series as much as everyone else seemed to 😦

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    1. YAAASSSSS I actually really liked ACOTAR the first time I read it but now I’m just pfffft ACOMAF is so much better yay for Rhysand and I can’t wait for the next book 😝 I hope you like Nervernight the writing and world building can take a little to get into but I loved it!


    1. Both are on my TBR 🙂 Red Rising is exactly what I love to read so I don’t know why I’ve put off buying it for so long! I listened to Lev Grosman speak about the magicians at MWF so I can’t wait to read that world as well 🙂 Thanks for the recs!


      1. If you’re going to read The Magicians, you should read at least the first two books before starting the show as the first couple of episodes jump around between the two books’ timelines, but other than that, enjoy!

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