Wayfarer by Alexandra Bracken


All Etta Spencer wanted was to make her violin debut when she was thrust into a treacherous world where the struggle for power could alter history. After losing the one thing that would have allowed her to protect the Timeline, and the one person worth fighting for, Etta awakens alone in an unknown place and time, exposed to the threat of the two groups who would rather see her dead than succeed. When help arrives, it comes from the last person Etta ever expected—Julian Ironwood, the Grand Master’s heir who has long been presumed dead, and whose dangerous alliance with a man from Etta’s past could put them both at risk.

Meanwhile, Nicholas and Sophia are racing through time in order to locate Etta and the missing astrolabe with Ironwood travelers hot on their trail. They cross paths with a mercenary-for-hire, a cheeky girl named Li Min who quickly develops a flirtation with Sophia. But as the three of them attempt to evade their pursuers, Nicholas soon realizes that one of his companions may have ulterior motives.

As Etta and Nicholas fight to make their way back to one another, from Imperial Russia to the Vatican catacombs, time is rapidly shifting and changing into something unrecognizable… and might just run out on both of them.

“When his hands were dry and chapped, he recalled the softness of her skin. When the world shivered at the approaching winter, he recalled the warmth of being beside her. When he felt the sneering judgment of the eyes around him, he recalled the invincibility she’d instilled in him with her belief.”

Hey spoilers if you haven’t read Passenger this is the second book begone with you, you can check out my review of Passenger here.

After Passenger got ALL the hype last year I couldn’t wait for Wayfarer, if you’re looking for a fast paced fantasy you are out of luck, this book like Passanger is a slow burn, with time and travel, an evil tyrant, and a darker force coming for the main characters the story is unfolded and revealed slowly with careful thought and precision so the reader gets to know every little bit that’s going on.

Wayfarer like Passanger is a story through time, we left off with Nic alone and Etta disappeared into thin air.

We start off with Etta dying in the desert and being taken by one of the families, she wakes and tries to escape but is rescued by Julien Ironwood, Nic’s brother and the man presumed dead because of Nics carelessness. They make an unlikely team but quickly join together in search of the Astrolobe before Cyrus Ironwood can take it and destroy timelines with his plan to go back and save his dead wife. I’ve seen the butterfly effect I know how that would work.tumblr_mz9tibuR4U1solxm8o1_.gif

We switch pov’s to Nic who is with Sophie trying to hunt down Rose, Etta’s mum and find out what the common year was that Etta is orphaned in as well as track down the Astrolobe. Jumping through time and countries they search for both while staying on the run from the Ironwoods who have a bounty on their heads. While searching they discover something deeply wrong about the story they were fed and learn that there are a lot worst things then a tyrant coming for the Astrolobe.

Basically a lot is happening.

I absolutely adore Nic, he is such a gentleman, he apologises while he’s yelling at people, he would probably stab you and say sorry while doing it. You can’t underestimate him, under all the politeness there’s a force and he’ll work at achieve his goals no matter what they are. I loved his determination, morals, and courage. He also makes an awesome friend.
Etta on the other hand I was a little disappointed in only because I didn’t enjoy her POV as much as Nics and wanted them to hurry up and find each other I WANT NIC AND ETTA TIME

Other than Etta being a bit annoying I really did enjoyed her character, she’s just a normal girl, she doesn’t turn into some magic ninja she’s a violinist not a kung fu master and it stayed that way. Etta is caring and loving and makes good decisions also she stands up for the little man and really brings out Juliens character and shows how he’s not just a spoilt pretty face.

4/5 stars

SPOILERS HERE Highlight to see 🙂
My most heart wrenching scene was when Sophie drinks the tea and Nic’s carrying her while running away from attackers and defending each other, Li Min (actual kung fu master) comes in to help and saves both of their arses.

The ending didn’t satisfy me which is the main reason I knock off a star, I could not wait for Nic to go to present time, I wanted him to use a phone and be a tourist and just generally super cute and I didn’t get any of it 😦 I was super happy that Etta’s dad was there because he is actually sweet and I like that Etta has a supportive parent.

I don’t like Rose and nothing redeemed her in my eyes, yeah okay we know that Etta told her to prepare her but did she tell her to be a cold bitch? No, she was just so unfeeling towards her kid and it annoyed me, I wanted an apology at least and all I got was oh she has no voice box and can’t speak, CAN SHE WRITE IT DOWN? *sigh* 

I’d recommend this to Fantasy lovers that don’t mind slow pacing and descriptive writing, also anyone who loves a Gentleman main character.

Have you read Wayfarer yet? Did you love or hate Passenger I know a lot of people didn’t like it as much as they had hoped but I’m so happy I loved it. 

Also can we petition to get more duologies because I love not having to wait a life time to finish a story (I’m looking at you Throne of Glass)

4/5 stars

Thank you Harper Collins for giving me a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

14 thoughts on “Wayfarer by Alexandra Bracken

  1. I loved Wayfarer, I agree with the ending however…I was a bit disappointed, I just felt like it should have been…more. I don’t know, I can’t really explain it. I love Nicholas, he really is such a gentleman and he has so much honour. You really don’t see that alot in male characters in books. I hated Rose so much, she really was just a bitch and I didn’t care for her whatsoever. I really loved seeing Nicholas and Sophie’s relationship grow though and I actually ended up liking her more. Awesome review! I’m glad you loved it too 🙂

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    1. I liked Sophie she’s such a tough nut and her relationship with Lin me was super cute *heart eyes at them having knife fights* Nic has to be one of my fave male characters in fantasy he’s charming and sweet and also not a giant”bad boy” which was refreshing.

      The ending was just anti climatic I was expecting something that would wow me and I got oh yeah that was good I guess. Rose is the biggest bitch I was kinda hoping she would just stay back in time and not bother anymore she never redeemed herself 😦

      I’m hoping we get a little novella of Nic and Sophie living with her dad and playing Music maybe even Sophie and Lin Me just generally kicking ass and Rose being either out of the picture or redeemed xD

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      1. I am really hoping that we see more of Sophie and Lin Me…I was a bit disappointed that we didn’t get to see a lot of them together 😦

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        1. SAME! I would love a little novella like another epilogue so we can see more of them, they had such great chemistry and barter plus Lin Me’s story really interested me but it wasn’t really explored.

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  2. I absolutely adored Nicolas in book one as well, he was so lovely and the character that really held the storyline together for me, especially during the quiet moments. I’m a massive fan of Alex Bracken and adored her Darkest Minds series so oping to catch up on the Wayfarer soon too Casey. Brilliant review! ❤

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    1. Nic is the shining star in this story as well and if he wasn’t in it as much this would have been such a different(and more boring) story. I actually wasn’t that into The Darkest Minds 🙈 its 4books right? I read the first 3 but haven’t decided if I want to continue with them


  3. I’ll be picking this one up eventually. The first was a bit slow paced for my taste so I keep putting off reading this one but I really enjoyed the story so I’ll have to see what happens next sooner or later.

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  4. Thanks for pointing out the first review of yours! I didn’t realize this was a sequel immediately. I haven’t read any of Bracken’s works, but they have been recommended to me, for sure. I am a musician and a lover of fantasy– so, this seems up my alley. Slow burn? Yes please!

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    1. Being a musician I think this could be right up your alley, there is a lot of musical description that I loved (even if it did go over my head) Etta plays the Violin and talks about a lot of famous musicians and since it’s a time travel story she even meets some which was really cool to read. The settings are my fave in the first because they go to so many different places in the world and in different times of history. I hope you pick it up and enjoy it 😀


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