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The lovely amazing awesome Sam from River Moose Reads  tagged me in this a fair while ago and I have been so slack at doing Tag posts even though I love them! So here I am playing catch up.. only 50+ more to go xD If you’re not following her you should be she is actually kickass at staying up to date with tag posts unlike *cough* *mumble* myself.


  1. Thank the creators: Namitha @ TeenMemoir and Jasmine @ HowUsefulItIs
  2. Answer the questions.
  3. Add pictures! (If you want to)
  4. Tag (about) 5 people.


A+ on the test: A book or character that makes you smile?

So many! Quick List

  • Monty and Percy from Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue
  • Kady from Illuminae my kickass tech queen
  • Nick from Gemina THOSE DIMPLES, much baddass, V cute
  • Zuze from A Daughter of Smoke and Bone, seriously this girl, I would like to kidnap her just to have her as a bestie. She is too amazing and makes me smile constantly
  • Lila from A Darker Shade of Magic – Smartass, Badass, would kick my ass and I’d write her a thank you note for it, smiling all the while
  • Locke Lamora from Gentlemans bastards. This kid, my god, he’s got a big mouth and no real fighting skills, give me all the smart ass answers, quick wit escapades, and occasionally getting punched for his words.

okay it wasn’t that quick of a list, I’ll stop but I could go on forever!

25786523Sports Team: A fictional family that you would like to be a part of?

It’s between the Six of Crows gang, I don’t care that they’re not related they are family and I’d like to have waffles with Nina and Jesper. I also love the crew in A Long Way to a Small Angry Planet, they are family of the best kind and thinking about them all makes me want to cry a little I just love them so much. Tbh I do have a lot of “actual” families I like too but rag tag make shift friend families are my fave ❤
Class President: A book that tries to make a difference?

A few:

32613366The Hate You Give by Angie Thomas: Based and inspired by The Black Lives Matter movement, themes of racism, family, stereotypes, and police brutality.

Take Three Girls by cath Crowley, Simmonne Howell, and Fiona Wood: Apologies that this book isn’t out yet but it deals with online bullying, misogyny, feminism, and female friendships. There is also28245707 a fat rep, country poor rep, and a bi sexual main character.

Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde: Autism rep, Interracial w/w relationship, feminism, Chinese/Aussie main character, fat rep, all things fandom, all things feeling, I was in tears through most of this book because its so amazing.


High School Sweetheart: A Book character you have a crush on?

I feel like I’ve grown out of crushes but I love Lila Bard (ADSOM), Mia Corvere (Nevernight), Rhys ( in acomaf), Jamie Frasure (Outlander).
Prom Night: A book with a beautiful cover?

So many pretties! I’m just going to leave this here:


Spring Break: A book you can always turn to if you need an escape?

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, my favorite book of all time, it’s always guaranteed to impress me over and over even if I have read it more times then I can count.

865293School Lunch: A book character(s) you want to have lunch with?

Give me all the characters. Okay for this I’m going to go with the whole crew from Gentlemans Bastards but mainily because Locke:

“What kind of knife is this?” Locke held a rounded buttering utensil up for Chains’ inspection. “It’s all wrong. You couldn’t kill anyone with this.” 


Halloween Party: A character you would like to be for one day?

I’d love to cosplay as Lila Bard, Give me a pirate hat and a kickass pair of boots. I’m ready.

School Bully: A villain you don’t want to go to school with?


Graduation: A book with a bittersweet conclusion?



Has this tag just been the same answers over and over… well maybe. Look I just love my faves a lot and A Conjuring of Light was so bittersweet but I’d do it all over again because it was perfect.



I’m finally catching up on my tagged posts so I have no idea who’s done this one and who hasn’t but if you haven’t I tag you xD If you have let me know so I can check out your answers! 

11 thoughts on “High School Book Tag

    1. The best characters!! I don’t know how we’re all going to survive Obsideo xD I’m so scared and excited for it, I cant wait to see what Amie and Jay manage to pull off 🙂


  1. Does this mean I’m tagged too? XD
    The Pennywise answer made me laugh sO MUCH CASEY OMG!!
    And oh man, I am going to love Locke when I read about him, I just know it. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love Lila Bard too!! Great picture of your bookshelf! so many pretty books! It’s hard to choose one. I still have to read Illuminae and it’s sequels. Thanks for doing the tag and I hope you had fun coming up with answers! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Illuminae is such a great read! I hope you adore it and the squeals don’t kill you to much XD Lil is such a badass I dont know how anyone could not love her, and thank you! I had an awesome time picking answers ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Hahaha– ain’t nothing wrong with the same books over and over! That just shows how much you’ve connected to these characters and these books! I’ve read almost all of these, but there are a few stragglers for me– I haven’t read any of the Locke Lamora books (I want the series to be done first! There are far too many things for me to forget between books!) nor Queens of Geek. Strange the Dreamer is on my TBR– I hope to get to it soon!

    YES. I want to have waffles with Jasper and Nina and all them. Waffles forever.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think it’s going to be a while till the series is finished DX I’ll be reading the third book soon and fingers crossed that there isn’t a huge cliffhanger and it can work as a trilogy!
      All the waffles all the time should be mandatory xD

      Liked by 1 person

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