The Reading Quest – Wrap Up

ITS BEEN A MONTH (and a bit coz I need to be a little late, I have an image to maintain) A MONTH since I started the reading quest hosted by the absolutely most amazing and wonderful people Aentee @ readatmidnight and CW @ ReadThinkPonder these two amazing humans created this readathon, took so much time out of their month to keep up with the hashtag and answer so many questions, if you haven’t checked them out do so 😀

Now I had a super ambitious TBR and I saw all the omg good luck comments but have faith! I have little life and spend too much time on trains so I completed ALL the quests I set out to do. I may have swapped some books around but, alas I finished 12 books for the reading quest:

Untitled design.png


12667419First book in a series: Leviathan Wakes 579pgs

I’m not sure if I’m going to continue this series and if I do I’ll be reading the physical as the audio just didn’t do it for me. I really liked the concept and world building but the characters failed to grab me. 3/5 Stars

33385229.jpgA Book with a verb in the title: They Both Die at the End 384pgs

A random entry! Alex the lovely human sent me the audio for free and I really loved it, the narrators are fantastic. The hype was a bit to high for me but I’ll definitely be picking up Adam Silveras other books 4/5

18966806A book with a weapon on the cover: Morning Star 524pgs

Morning Star was the final book in the Red Rising trilogy and I really enjoyed it, the whole series is action packs and in space, and the characters are deep and complicated 4/5 Stars


12812550A Book with a red cover: Days of Blood and Starlight 517pgs

Laini Taylors writing and would building never fails to impress me, I loved how gritty this book was and wasn’t expecting it to get as dark as it did. Karau and Zuze are my favourite friendship and I adore them a lot. 4/5 Stars

6931356A book that has a movie adaptation: The Duff 300pgs

I was happily surprise with this book, while it did have a lot of annoying tropes like girl hate and slut shaming it was a genuine read with great sex positiveness in a teen. It’s also completely different then the movie which I actually liked, both movie and book draw on the overall same theme but use different methods to get there. 3/5 Stars


11381895Book with a one word title: ‘IT’ 578 pages

Such a small name for a very large book! This is actually 1400 pages but I read a lot of it during the Tome Topple and finished in the overlapping time of the two readathons. I loved it, I also really enjoyed the movie and can’t wait for part 2. 5/5 stars

34696801A book that contains magic: Godsgrave 440pgs

What to even say about this kickass book! I was lucky enough to receive an early review copy and dropped everything to read this beauty. One of my most anticipated reads this year and it did not disappoint

5/5 stars.

33843449.jpgA book based on mythology: Beautiful Venom 25pgs

This is a smol cheat. It was the last day of the readathon and I needed a mythology book ticked off, luckily Cindy Pon’s story is a retelling of Medusa and fit perfect!


18966819A book set in a different world: Golden Son 430pgs

This trilogy is just all the epic. The second book had so much emotion and such a great pace. I loved all the characters and seeing

First book in a series: Leviathan Wakes (0 pgs double)

*see above*

Side Quests

  • This shattered world 400pgs
  • Between two thorns 384pgs
  • Dreams of gods & monsters 613pgs

I read some pretty epic books for this challenge, my favourites being Godsgrave by Jay Kristoff and IT by Stephen King. I’m also patting myself on the back for finishing off 2 series and reading 5 books with 500+pages!

Beautiful Venom was my get out of jail free card, I did have American Gods slotted there but fast forward to the last day and me not having started it… yeah, I wasn’t even going to attempt 500+ pages in one day so I swapped it out for Cindy Pon’s short story featuring a Medusa retelling.

ALRIGHT lets just be clear on something, you know that lady meme with all the math symbols around her looking thoroughly confused? Yah well that’s me 100% of the time when faced with numbers BUT I have the awesome Tash from Thoughts by Tash that not only made my character card, she calculated my points for me, Tash if this was a book you’d be in my acknowledgments ❤

  • 230 EXP points
  • Level 4.6
  • 547.5 HP

I had so much fun reading with everyone this month and seeing all the reviews and tweets, I saw a few people complete the whole board which is EPIC. I loved all the people having fun participating no matter what their reading goal was ❤

So did you join in with The Reading Quest, let me know if your wrap up post is up so I can check it out! What was your favourite book of the whole thing?


11 thoughts on “The Reading Quest – Wrap Up

  1. YOU SLAYED THIS, WOOHOOOOO!!! Except the math part but hey we’re not all perfect. XD
    I liked how you snuck Cindy Pon’s story into the mythology slot, I wondered what you’d do for that in the end!! Hopefully you can get to (and enjoy) American Gods soon. 🙂
    My fave read for #TheReadingQuest was probably The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue. Such a great book!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gentlemens guide is so amazing! You need to listen to the audio sample just to hear Monty’s narrator its so on point I love it xD
      This whole quest was NUTS now i’m just spending 5 days on a 300 book coz I can bahahaha.
      I might do the American Gods audio AND physical just to motivate me that much more.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You maaaay need the motivation. I don’t know. I may have listened to an extended anniversary edition which is why I thought everything dragged? I may have enjoyed the book more. I hope you like American Gods though!!!


    1. hahah I think challenge like these make you look at your books a bit harder then usual xD I’m glad it did otherwise I probably would have put it off for a book that fit more and not finished the trilogy. It’s such a good trilogy!

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  2. Great job, it looks like you read some really great books here and you enjoyed pretty much all of them! I’m really impressed you got through IT as well during a readathon, I find myself very intimidated by the size of it. Maybe next Tome Topple I’ll have a go!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s so BIG! I didn’t get through the whole thing during this readathon coz I started it earlier but I read it pretty quickly anyway XD The writing is fantastic so that helps but my copy is so banged up because I carried it everywhere and it’s to heavy not to crack the spine a little but I dont mind 😀
      I loved so many of these, I think I picked well so I wouldn’t slump and quit midway xD

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ve decided that you actually have magical reading abilities. Look at all those books! I can’t believe how many of them were over 500! *nervously shuffles picture books behind self*. I would have loved to have joined in with this one, but it’s probably a good thing I didn’t because good lord I read like a dead snail this month. Months like these remind me why I picked my handle XD XD

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