November TBR

Okay so this month is going to be crazy and by crazy I mean CRAZY seriously. We may have to pack our whole house up and move, I am doing NaNoWriMO and aiming for 45k words all up spread through different writing projects (WIP,Blog, Editing) and I want to read and the review copies I have… hmm stack that on a full time job and family events it’s going to be a wild ride my friends.

SINCE were over achieving this month here’s my hopeful to be read list:

34225450If there’s no tomorrow by Jennifer L. Armentrout 

I’m 30% into this and it’s meh so lets hope we get some drama and fun stuff happening asap


Sleeping beauties by Stephen and Owen King

I’m 40% done with this, it’s super heavy and making me feel down at times which shows how well it’s reflecting how horrible society can be but yah I’m reading in chunks so it doesn’t depress me to much.

30251972Strange weather by Joe Hill

I’ve finished 1 short out of the 4! Time to get the other 3 read and reviewed, I can’t wait for this book to be released I think people are going to love it if I can base my opinion off the first book.


1162022On the jelicoe road by Meline Marchetta 

I’m currently listening to this on audio and I’m 60% through, loving the aussie narrator.

The start of me and you by Emery Lord36272552

I have faith Emery will drag me out of this 3 star contemporary slump, seriously where have all the original contemporaries gone.

32667458The last Namsara by Kristen Ciccarelli 

DRAGONS, sparkly cover and it’s rather short for a fantasy, I’m here for that.

28220918Updraft by Fran Wilde

The Squabbling Dragons book of the month, City of living bone in the clouds our main is going for her wing license and the government forcing her to join them in the most dangerous training… sounds fun.


Artemis by Andy Weir

I loved the Martian, I love sci fi, gimme girls on the moon stealing all the things.



28421168Renegades by Marrisa Meyer

SUPERHEROS, I can’t remember the last proper superhero book I’ve read and I love superhero stories and TV/Movies.



Dividing Eden by Joelle Charbonneau

I have a netgalley and a physical copy, another short fantasy that sounds like I’ll enjoy it.

32491708Now I rise by Kierstan White 

I really liked And I Darken, more Lada, more stabbing, Thanks.



One dark throne by Kendare Blake

I was meh all through the first book until *that* ending, excited and hopeful it will keep the same pace as the ending.



27071490Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi

Been on my tbr waaay to long, really excited to read this book as I’ve heard so many good things about it.




33517568Weave a circle round by Kari Maaren

This book has a gorgeous cover and the story sounds mysterious and fun, I mean a house starts disobeying laws of physics and there is time travel? Yes I am hear for all of that.



25695640.jpgWords on bathroom walls by Julia Walton

A contemporary focused on a heavier theme of schizophrenia, contemporaries with a more important or heavier side are some of my favourites.



28209634Autonomous by Annalee Newitz

SPACE PIRATES. really thats all I have to say… also artificial intelligence, I’m going to be happy with this one.



So um ahh that is 16 books this month which is A LOT but I am already halfway through 4 of them and I don’t think any of these top over 500 pages so I should be able to smash them out maybe… look I said it was going to be ridiculous but maybe I’ll just not sleep this month, so much time is taken by sleep.


SO.. what are you reading? Have you read any of these? Are you excited for any of these? Lets talk about how quickly I’m going to get overwhelmed this month and probably call up in a ball binge watching netflix and eating chocolate. 

14 thoughts on “November TBR

  1. LMAO! You’re insane.. on top of all the other things happening you’re aiming to read so many books. One of which (Sleeping Beauties) is frickin’ huge.. I’d be dead just having to pack up my entire house to move.

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    1. GAH LISS I NEED A DOUBLE! I may not have to move but I think I will so… streessss. I wanna be super motivated, finish the year off with a bang have a stress free December hopefully cross all the things for me xD

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  2. SO MANY BOOKS OMGGG BUT YOU GOT THIS!! I really cannot wait to read Artemis! Just like you, I loved The Martian, therefore I really look forward to it. I also want to read Renegades, I mean it’s Marissa Meyer, can’t really go wrong with her lol. Happy reading!

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    1. Yes! I didnt read Heartless coz i dont think I would have loved it but I’m so pumped for Renegades it sounds like something I’m going to love xD Fingers crossed artemis has the same humor the martian delivered I need some laughs!
      Thank you Gretchen ❤ ❤

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  3. Renegades is on my to read list as well for this month! Hopefully it’s just as good as the Lunar Chronicles series. 🙂 Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous choices! ❤

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  4. Now I Rise! I loved book one too but that one is brutal, I loved all the extra stabbiness. The Start of Me and You is one that I think I’m going to read next actually. I’m a big fan of Emery Lord and have enjoyed her other two releases. I think this it’s her first book though and they’ve just rereleased it with a new cover. There’s no clickies for me to go to Goodreads to add books. You know I’m lazy Casey and need things done for me. Brilliant choices! I’m forced to go look them up myself now ❤

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    1. I didnt add clickies to this post I know I am a lazy bum, I just wanted it up xD
      I started Now I rise and I’m already enjoying it I really liked And I Darken too! Lada is definitely a complicated character and I don’t really no to much about the original history so yay learning.
      I really enjoy Emery’s writing too! They are great fluffs that will leave you with a smile.


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