Books I’ve found thanks to bloggers: PART 1

So I was thinking back on a lot of my past reads including how I’ve been finding the books I’ve read and a lot are obviously from other bloggers. Being in this community and hearing everyone yell about books all the time is bound to add to anyones TBR.

These are some of the ones I read and loved all thanks to other bloggers. I seriously don’t know what would have happened if I didn’t have these books in my life, so thank you all! I know myself that reviews aren’t the most popular posts and probably take up the most brain power to write so this is just a little appreciation post because these people’s reviews really did influence me in picking up the book.


Lauren from the amazing Wonderless Reviews


A great human who I appreciate greatly for getting me to read Illuminae. Before Illuminae I wasn’t even a sci-fi reader I thought it just wasn’t really for me and stuck with the more Fantasy side of things. Then this girl came along yelling about how amazing and I saw the beauty of the hardcover and new I had to try it. Man the first 10 pages I was HOOKED I was in LOVE and it’s all Laurens fault.

If you still haven’t read illuminae you’re in luck because the third and final book is out so you won’t have to cry for a whole year like the rest of us. Lauren also made me binge watch all of Rhett and Links Good Mythical Morning so there’s that.



Bec over at Bec’s Books

gk.pngBec might actually be the number one person I steal book recs from. Not only is she a great human but her reviews are some of the best there are, with concise thoughts and interesting points pointed to. Not only did she get me to read Assassins Apprentice, but I now own nearly all Robin Hobbs books now… dude that’s a 14 book commitment which is really saying something about her level of recommendations. I also have Sanderson on my TBR thanks to her and WHY MUST ALL THE AUTHORS HAVE LIKE A 100 BOOKS OUT.

Books I’ve loved thanks to beckle that I really wouldn’t have picked up otherwise:

  • Spellslinger & Shadowblack
  • The Girl with all the Gifts
  • Frostblood (my last read and what inspired me to write this post, thanks for the content bec xD )
  • ALL THE Robin Hobb
  • the Long Way to a Small angry planet (this was a joint effort with Readatmidnight)


Untitled.pngMollie from Mollie the reader

Now Mollie is where I grab my contemporary recs from as well as the awesome Medoran Chronicles.

The ones I’ve loved thanks to her are, Stargazing by Jenny McLachlan, geekerella and Girl in pieces by Kathleen Glasglow… which I have not finished but I WAS ENJOYING IT! And of course the Medoran chronicles, always the medoran chroncicles XD.



The fantastic Kelly over at Kelly Diva Booknerd

Untlitled.pngALL. OF. THE. LOVE. OZ. YA.

All of it, seriously nearly all of my love oz ya reads are thanks to her not only recommending me books, but unhauling me books that I’ve come to love. I would have kept putting off the awesomeness of Melissa Keil if it wasn’t for her. I think I adored Life in Outer Space even more than she did xD

Also I did already have plans to read This Mortal Coil so while I didn’t first hear about this from Kelly I finally decided to pick it up because of her review.


Angel at Angel Reads


Every Breath by Ellie Marney.

Is that all I need to say. Angel gave me faith that there was a YA mystery that I could completely fall in love with and fall I did.

At the launch of the LoveOZya anthology I was speaking about how much I loved Ellie Marneys short story and she let me know that there was already a whole trilogy with these characters!! AND it was set in Melbourne! And its  Sherlock retelling! And it’s amazing! I downloaded it on the train I was that keen to read it and I finished the trilogy in something ridiculous like 3 or 4 days.


Emma at Bookish Fix

Untitled5.pngNow Emma and me have a special relationship that involves hauling books to each others houses and basically forcing the other to read them, it’s the best thing ever, I highly recommend everyone finds themselves an Emma.

I’ll read whatever she puts into my hands even if it doesn’t sound like something I’d usually pick up. One of my all time favourite Contemporaries Words In Deep Blue by Cath Crowley was actually lent to me from Em who isn’t a big contemporary reader, so I knew it had to be something special and oh it was. Thinking about it just makes me want to re-read it again already.


I have so many more people I can add to this list, like Dani from The Chronicles of Danielle for convincing my Vampire Academy wasn’t cringy and I should pick it up, you were so right! Kirstie from Upside Down books for buddy reading all the obscure SFF books with me. I’ll be back eventually with a part 2.

Extra: Some of my first ever YA reads and buys came from watching booktube but that’s a whole different post.

I’d love to know if you have any faves that you found from other bloggers? Or if you’ve read any of the books I’ve mentioned here! 

5 thoughts on “Books I’ve found thanks to bloggers: PART 1

  1. YESSSSSS VAMPIRE ACADEMY!!!!!!! So happy you read it and loved it! And I must agree I do enjoy Bec’s recommendations also, though I am much too intimidated to read Hobb!
    Such a great post! I may steal it in the future hehe 🙂


  2. Temporarily breaking my hiatus just to say that I LOVE YOU ♥ It honestly makes me so happy that you love this book and that I was able to help bring it into your life because it’s the whole reason I started reading again. I am DYING to read Obsido omgggg also hahaha yes GOOD MYTHICAL MORNING!!! I need to read the Every series and finish the Vampire Academy series!!!

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