Review of January’s reads

January was filled with so many good books! Here are all of my books I read for this month and some quick thoughts on each 🙂




Read the synopsis here:

2 Stars **

Sound great right? Trolls and Magic super cool and it would of been if I could somehow find a way to like our protagonist Bryn. Bryn is strong has moved her way up the ranks and faced adversity from being a female as well as from a different tribe. Bryn had all these great set ups but didn’t pull them off.

We start off in the past where she fights her enemy Konstantin and saves her dad’s life, I’m here thinking yay a strong female that is going to be a badass.

We then move on to present time and she finds Konstantin, has the chance to kill him and what does she do?? see’s something in his eyes and pauses… yeah okay, his eyes looked like remorse so maybe I’ll stop and re live my girl hood crush instead of getting revenge like I have been saying I will for the last chapter. She’s a crappy friend and not a very nice daughter, snarky, rude and self pitying.

The ending was so infuriating it reminded me of 50 shades of grey ending on a cliffhanger just to get readers to buy the next installment.


Ice Kissed – The Kanin Chronicles #2

Read the synopsis here:

3 stars***

Better than the first but in no way great.


Crystal kingdom The kanin Chronicles #3

Read the synopsis here:

1 Star *

DNF at 90%

90% that’s a fairway through you say, why didn’t you just read on the last 50 pages?

I’ll tell you why, I got up to page 350 nearly done- epic war/ fight scene playing out and I couldn’t bring myself to read!

I dis-like Bryn, I could of liked Ridley but for the main love interest there’s not much to him, he has no substance and for a villain Konstantin and Mina just weren’t that evil or if they were we didn’t hear much about it. It just frustrated me that there was so much potential with a crappy delivery, I’m am not ashamed for DNF this it deserved it!


Shatter me

Read the synopsis here:

5 stars*****

I loved the writing the crossed out words, the descriptions, the story.


Unravel me

Read the synopsis here

5 Stars *****

That ending! Well done *slow clap* I have ignite me on order and it will be at my doorstep in a few days but did I wait? NO purchased Ignite me as an ebook just so I could continue reading right away!

This book just did things to me, great things and is in my favorite pile!


Ignite me

Read the synopsis here

5 Stars *****

This is everything I want from a last book in a trilogy, hey other trilogy’s take note, this is how you end a story!

Juliette has come out and taken control, she’s AH-MAZ-ING my love for this girl is through the roof! No more cross outs, no more triple words, she’s in control and owning it.

The ending! My heart! So good. This book just raised the entire series as a 5 all over in my eyes.



Read the synopsis here:

5 stars *****

I am not usually a fan of historical fiction, I find it quite dull and more of me learning then being immersed in a fictional story. Diana has however made a book that is the perfect balance of the two. I didn’t even know I was learning as I was so completely immersed in the Highlanders world, which is all I ask for.

beautiful scenes, to horrible thrashings, to rape, to epic love, to witch hunting, to battles, to escape plans, to sex scenes, and a marriage falling apart/never happening.

  1. Now for the best moment Jamie *sigh* my new fictional boyfriend move over
  2. Warner (Shatter me series)
  3. step aside Rowen (Throne of glass series)
  4. STEP BACK Jace (TMI series)
  5. The only fictional boy I can’t replace is William Herondale so Jamie is now in a tie with him.

Bring on more next month when I read the second installment Dragonfly in Amber



Read the synopsis here:

5 Stars *****

Truthwitch is the story of two kick-ass female best friends thread sisters.

Iseult is a thread witch able to see the threads of a person connecting them to the world as well as their emotions and feelings towards others. Safi is a Truthwitch able to know if a person’s intentions are truthful and also if they are telling the truth. Together they have the best friendship and are so kick-ass!

Review here


The 5th wave

Read the synopsis here:

5 stars *****

I’m so glad the movie came out so it could give me the push I needed to get this off my TBR

I loved love The 5th wave. It has all the things that make a book good.

Interesting characters, full backstories and distinct voices in there own POV’s. Amazing world building; from page 1 I was imagining the world: spaceships, drones, military camps, dead bodies, stinking cities on fire, car wreckages, aliens and the silence of the world without us.


Carry on

Read the synopsis here

4 stars ****

So enjoyable and had me giggling at all the spell names. I loved Fan girl but wasn’t to interested in the Simon Snow scenes in it, in saying that this story stands on its own, it is just quirky and funny and a great read.


The martian

Read the synopsis here

4 stars ****

I was really impressed by The Martian, I admit I had my doubts about a book that was placed in basically 1 setting the whole time but this read like a dream even the sciencey stuff was interesting. I loved Watney. There are so many little quirks and moments that made me laugh as well as moments that had me yelling at Mars for being such a dick.

STOP trying to kill Watney Mars! Very good book



Read the synopsis here

5 stars *****

Passenger is a treasure hunt through time! Etta is a 17 year old girl from present time who is on the verge of becoming a professional violinist when she is transported through time to 1776! She learns about the world of Travelers and is now on a ship where she meets Nicholas.

Nichlolas is from the 1900’s and a pirate legal pirate! He has been tasked with transporting the girls to New York. Nicholas is so sweet, nice and protective, his and Etta’s relationship is so natural and I loved there scenes together..


November 9

Read the synopsis here

5 stars *****

I was just meant to read the first chapter before bed and stayed up till 4am left with a finished book and so many feels! !

See my full review here

2 thoughts on “Review of January’s reads

  1. A couple of things – I’m so grateful and humbled that you took time to look through my posts last night! Thank you. I’m new to this world and trying to make myself write everyday. I appreciate the encouragement of your visit.
    Secondly – this post is so excellent! It just gave me a few new titles to persue! And outlander has been on my list for a few years and it keeps getting shifted back. You have encouraged me to look at it again! Yay! 🐉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww Thankyou! Outlander is magic it’s slow the first 100 pages but really picks up once you get into the feel and language! Also the TV series is fantastic 💜


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