Glass Sword By Victoria Aveyard

This contains spoilers of RED QUEEN so please don’t read on if you haven’t finished the first book.
Glass Sword was a disappointment and had a bad case of Middle book syndrome and joins the ranks of the many dystopian second books.IMG_2269


In this book Mare has just finished escaping the bowl of bones and her and Cal’s execution, she has found out her Brother Shade is alive. We burst into action start of at a great pace! Fight scenes, fire, electricity shooting people down and general badassary which made me amazingly happy. I was so excited that the book could only get better from here!

Then we got to the middle of the book and we sloooowed right down.
Mare went from complete Bad-ass into whiny love sick puppy. I felt like just yelling at her!


I do get it, she has issues, but seriously all her inner dialog was killing me! Can we stop talking about warm eyes and body heat and move onto the task of finding the other Reds with powers! Arghhh

The ending of the book does pick up again but Mares character stays whiny and mopey (albeit she has more reason towards the end but still)

All in all this was very meh and I don’t know if I’ll be reading the third book. If I do I hope this picks up again and Maven helps improve the story!

I have a spoilery rant on my good reads if you’d like to check it out you can here


My feels told by the Emmas:

Start of the book


giphy (1).gif

Middle of the book:


meh_emma_stone (1).gif




2.5 out of 5 stars ***

note the paperback is of epic size and wont match the paperback of Red queen height wise if you own the same copy as me- see example >


I would of purchased the hardcover if I new the height would be so dramatically different ah well just my bookshelf ocd playing up.



Did you guys love it? Or did it miss the mark for you to? If I read the last book I hope we can return to the 5 star epicness of Red queen and just pretend this never happened.

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