Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard


This is my second read of Red Queen and boy did I love it! You can read the synopsis from Good reads here


Mare is a Red and in her world red’s are second class citizens to the talented and magic welding Silvers.
The difference is in there blood, Silvers have super hero abilities, manipulating water, controlling fire, mind control,manipulating plant growth, fastness,sneakiness the list goes on. Reds are normal humans and have been oppressed and turned into the Silvers slaves and army.

If you are a red with no job or apprenticeship you are automatically conscripted at 18 to fight a war you have no choice in and be lucky to make it a year. Mare is conscripted and looking for a way to save her Best friend from the same fate, while Mare is out she stumbles along a boy that takes pity and lands her in a cushy servants job were everything takes off from here!

I’m not going to say more then this I’m sure you’ve seen the hype or probably read the book!
I loved re-reading this and getting to see all the characters in a different light knowing where this is heading but also wanting to yell and warn them when something bad is going to happen!

Red queen probably has the best plot twist and ending! I was like-




I wasn’t team maven the first time around but I am now! I enjoy his thought process and evil plans way to much.

 5 out of 5 STARS *****


You can pick up your own copy from The book depository for $11.37 with free shipping world wide!

Did you see the plot twist coming? I didn’t the first time but again don’t know how I missed it!


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