The Summer I turned pretty triology – By Jenny Han




Belly’s never been the kind of girl that things happen to. Year after year, she’s spent her summers at the beach house with Conrad and Jeremiah. The boys never noticed Belly noticing them. And every summer she hoped it would be different. This time, it was. But the summer Belly turned pretty was the summer that changed everything. For better, and for worse.

The Summer I turned pretty is a good read, its fast and fun but there was nothing that wowed me.

I didn’t mind Belly, she was immature and silly but aren’t all 15 year olds? The main thing I loved in this book was everyone’s relationship with Susanah and Susanah herself.

Jere and Conrad were both nice but I liked Cam Cameron better, he felt real to me

All in all it was good but not great if you haven’t read anything by Jenny Han before pick up To all the boys I’ve loved before. It is miles above this one and an amazing read.

3.5 out of 5 stars****

8104232Belly thought her romance with Conrad was picture-perfect: She was all grown up and dating the boy of her dreams. But things with Conrad were never exactly as she had dreamed (obsessed) about. He keeps getting more distant and distracted, and Belly wishes she could walk away. But when Jeremiah calls her to tell her Conrad has seemingly gone missing, it takes her only seconds to start packing her things. Belly embarks on a journey to find him…no matter how much what she discovers will hurt her.

I liked this better then the first even though I’m rating it less then the first because the ending annoyed me.

I hate when authors put a cliff hanger or a hook into the ending when we don’t need one. I would of read the next book anyhow I didn’t need the little years later at the end to make me interested and I felt like not buying the next book on principle alone! But who are we kidding here I can’t just drop a story that hasn’t been tied into a neat little bow, I will obsess over it until I know what happens so I broke at bought the next book.

I didn’t see much change or character development in Belly’s character so if you hated Belly in the last book don’t think your going to like her in this. There is a lot less sticking her tongue out and storming away but there are a LOT more cringey parts where Belly completely puts her foot in her mouth. The girl needs a filter before she speaks.

3 out of 5 stars***


Belly has only ever been in love with two boys, both with the last name Fisher. And after being with Jeremiah for the last two years, she’s almost positive he is her soul mate. Almost. While Conrad has not gotten over the mistake of letting Belly go, Jeremiah has always known that Belly is the girl for him. So when Belly and Jeremiah decide to make things forever, Conrad realizes that it’s now or never—tell Belly he loves her, or lose her for good.
     Belly will have to confront her feelings for Jeremiah and Conrad and face the inevitable: She will have to break one of their hearts.

These books are a light quick read but there are nothing amazing about them. If you have other books in your shelf I’d recommend you go with them instead.

There were parts of this that made me laugh or smile and the ending was satisfying but I feel like I could of left these books alone and saved my money to read something else.

Over all the whole series is a 3 out of 5 stars ***


Have you read this story? Let me know your thoughts, I have a spoilery rantish review on Good reads you can check it out here.



7 thoughts on “The Summer I turned pretty triology – By Jenny Han

    1. Exactly my thoughts. I LOVED Jenny’s duology To all the boys I’ve loved before, so I picked these ones up hoping for the same and it’s good but nothing special.

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  1. I have to say I really disagree. Sure, if you compare Lara-Jean and Belly, it’s not hard to decide which one is more easy to identify with, but the summer books were like liquid gold for me when I was young. Bellys character might be difficult and she often acts too stubborn and childish, but all of the other characters like Susannah, Conrad Jeremiah and Steven are so interesting described, you have to love them. Everyone wants a woman like Susannah in their life’s and Jeremiah can’t be more charming, funny and charismatic. Sure, Conrad is kind of an asshole and he behaves really bad – more than once, but the love story behind all of this is so stunning an incredibly realistic written, you just have to love this books. Many parts of it were a bit dull and annoying ( one word : Taylor ) but that’s kind of the thing Jenny Han often does : she describes persons and places, situations and feelings as detailed as possible so you have a wide ranged description of everything ( and more ) that you need to know. You know every detail to understand the scene and to know their relevance. It’s a thing that often annoyed me, because I wanted to read more about the interesting persons that Taylor’s crush on somebody, but in the end, it made these short scenes between belly and Conrad for example more special, just because their are a rarity. You crave more of it and because you just get another uninteresting information about unimportant characters, these little scenes get much more relevance than you would give them if the book was full of it.

    To sum it up, I love the trilogy when I was 15-16 years old, i really liked reading it and I suppose I’ve read it more than 3 times haha. I never really likes conrads character and in the end I was really uncertain wether to like Jeremiah and belly of Conrad and Belly, but I the end it revealed that I always shipped Conrad and Belly. No matter how cute, caring and charming Jeremiah is, there was always something missing. He was like the best friend you can do anything with, but for true love ( which is Bellys biggest desire ) the dark, mysterious and untouchable, always distant Conrad was the right one. I loved how his shell cracked in the end and he revealed his true feelings. The letter from Susannah was heartbreaking to read if you one that Jeremiah has read those exact lines. It must have been like a love letter from his one mother about the love be web his brother an his bride. Those dramatic and bitter-sweet moments made these three books so special. Many people didn’t like these small scenes like the parts were Belly and cam Cameron first interacted, but there were so many interesting things you could learn about the brothers, especially about Conrad. I think it was worth it, because sometimes you can’t reveal the true character of a person while unsung direct dialogues and cliche situations, sometimes you need situations like this when othe people and their interaction with the main characters show so many important hints about their character. If you are looking for a great love story and interesting characters, I can highly recommend you these three books, especially for the summer.

    I would rate it with 4,5 of 5 stars because of the interesting character constellation and these extraordinary interesting little mien hrs that make these books so great.

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    1. I agree with you on Susannah she was such a wonderful side character and really brought something to the books I also loved some of the smaller characters and the setting 🙂

      I think I could have loved these at an earlier age 14-15ish but now I’m 22 I like contemporaries that are still fun and romancy but have a bit more mature main characters.

      But after all everyone loves books differently and this series just wasn’t for me. Its fantastic that you liked the books so much though I’ve seen heaps of great reviews on it 😀


      1. That’s true. I’ve commented on this just by my memories of the books and like 3-4 years ago when I’ve read them, it all seemed more interesting and I wasn’t quite as critical as I am now. I was just “shocked” or sad that those books, I’ve love for such a long time had such negative feedbacks. But if you compare it to Lara-Jean and Peter I totally agree that their story is definitively better and the protagonist is more sympathetic than belly ever was.

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