Strings By David Estes


My Synopsis:

All Pia can remember since she was little is that she’s lived in the compound with her father, building complicated robotics and projects. Oh, and that her life has been controlled by the strings attached to her body.

Pia has 15 strings attached to her, from her feet to her head. They can control her movements; Restricting or encouraging, playful or full of punishments. The strings can be kind or cruel depending on their mood and how Pia is acting.

Pia is nearly 16 when the compound comes under new management. The people who have controlled their lives for so long are finally allowing her to have a girl friend, meet a boy, have extended deadlines on projects, give her father some much needed rest. But the strings are getting more unpredictable everyday and Pia wants out. She wants control over her life, a say in what she does and to make her father smile once again. GET EM GIRL!

Along with her nano robot Fig she has to work out who to trust and as she gains her memories back figure out what really happened to her mum and why her and Pa have these strings in the first place.

Ah this book is amazing, I mean it’s a Gender swapped Pinocchio retelling? A tiny robot full of smartassary? A MC that I instantly like? YES YES YES



Strings is a Pinocchio retelling, it’s set in the future where technology is more advanced and Pia’s father is one of the best engineers in the world teaching Pia everything she needs to know. The whole book is set inside the compound so there isn’t much outside world building but the descriptions of the compound are beautiful and really this is a book about Pia and her growth and strength.

“Victory can be a single moment of brilliance, even if what comes after feels like defeat. Today I was victorious, if only for one brilliant moment”

Pia’s character is strong, smart, kind, caring, frustrated, and kickass. She wasn’t cockie or unbelievable, she was earnest with her actions and showed us exactly what type of person she was: An average girl who wants to take charge and save the people she loves.

This re telling is done SO well, it is pretty close to Pinocchio but also it’s entirely its own, the little throw backs to Pinocchio original story added a little extra and I loved it.


There is a loved interest in this but it’s not prominent and doesn’t take away from the story, there are also some really harrowing scenes that had my heart aching but they were mixed in so well with things that made me laugh I was reasonably ok.

Now who we really need to talk about is Fig! Fig plays the part of Jimmity Cricket and he’s a tiny little nano robot who can speak to Pia through a mic in her ear. He’s sassy, hilarious, and down right sappy. He is the best little side kick I’ve read in a while and I want one sooo much.

I really think I have a thing for robots, I mean every book I’ve read that has had a robot or AI I’ve absolutely loved.

4/5 Stars

Also I did a thing and made a little book Aesthetic (I’m not actually sure what these are called?) But I really like how it came out

strings Have you read this? What’s your favourite retelling? Or original Fairy tale! 

9 thoughts on “Strings By David Estes

  1. Your book aesthetic is perfect! I really enjoyed this read 🙂 I’ve only read 2 of my 5 TDH books and I really feel I’m missing out based on how good those were 😛 I’m timing my October read for the book club 🙂

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    1. Yay for reading the new book at the same time! I’ve read 3 books from TDH now and I really enjoyed them all (All The Birds in the Sky is my fave so far) This months book looks really good, can’t wait to start it XD


  2. So is this the steampunk version of Pinocchio? Either way this sounds so unique and creative!

    “This re telling is done SO well, it is pretty close to Pinocchio but also it’s entirely its own, the little throw backs to Pinocchio original story added a little extra and I loved it.”

    This balance is so hard to find in retellings! You have definitely made me very curious indeed. Great review!

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    1. Exactly, there are a few steampunk things in there but I’m not sure I’d classify it as steam punk properly 😀

      I went into this with rather low expectation because I’m harsh with retelling’s but it’s really well done and unique which I loved.

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