5 Reasons why this should be your first or next Stephen King read

10622.jpgCarrie By Stephen King

Carrie is my favourite King book and saying that is hard for me because Pet Semetary and The Shining are both magnificent pieces of art that scared the pants off me, BUT Carrie is the book I re-read over and over and over again so it officially wins the title as favourite.

I think I’ve read this book a bazillion times not even an overstatement if you knew me and I’m planning on reading it again soon so why not update my review and make you guys read it as well?



If you have never read a King book but would like to and let’s be honest if your a fan of Horror and Thrillers then you know he’s on your TBR 2d6e9c4dd0cc0f228a4332a1febff7f9ab6f5ea1_hq.gif

If you hate thrillers and horrors here a review on my fave romance for you please exit now 

Romancy post for the squeamish non horror loving people


I recommend starting with this. Why Casey you ask? I shall enlighten you with 5 reasons why! Go:

1. It is one of his shortest books, only 253 pages (let’s be real that’s usually one of his chapters) of pure awesomeness. Compare that to Under the Dome at a whopping 1070 pages and IT at 1300! (Seriously Carrie isn’t even a 5th of that book!) if you’re anything like me big books can be a bit intimidating to start and tend to gather dust for a while on my shelves, not Carrie though! Put it in your pocket and off you go




2. While King is one of my favourite Authors some of his books are really wordy and can be slow in certain places NOT Carrie though, this book is fast paced, beautifully written and a (classic) coming of age story (haha more on that soon)


3. It’s fantastically gory, if you’ve been here for any amount of time you should probably know the more gore and death there is in a horror story the more I’m going to love it. It is also heart stopping with feels. The things that are done to shape Carrie into what she is is hard to read but also a true look on just how horrible teenage bullies can be as well as how revenge and power can warp a person.

4. Now back to point 2 it truly is a coming of age story, so maybe I lied about the classic thing because this is anything but a “classic” coming of age story but it is a classic in my eyes. Think about Matilda gone wrong and you’ve basically got Carrie. Carrie is growing into her body, completely clueless, raised in a strictly religious single parent household, her mother has never educated her about her body or the changes she’s going through(except to shout scripture at her and hurl abuse around). Growing up isolated from others her age she can’t learn from her peers, shes on her own.

5. The final point is that Carrie isn’t only growing into her body she’s growing into her telepathic powers.tumblr_mo714ut8Yx1snnccgo1_400.gifThe bullies and her Mum’s pressure is starting to build up until something finally sets her over the edge. Want to know what? Well go read the book friends and you’ll know all!


So there it is, 5 reason why Carrie should be your first King book or your next King book if you’ve never read it before. Carrie is one of my favourite main characters and yes I know that’s a bit strange but I’m a bit of a strange person. I don’t know what you’d describe Carrie as Anti Hero/Villain/Misunderstood? What ever you’d call her I enjoyed her immensely and I hope you do to!

“They were still all beautiful and there was still enchantment and wonder, but she had crossed a line and now the fairy tale was green with corruption and evil.”


Is Carrie one of your favourites to? Is it on your TBR? Have you read Stephen King? Are you a Fan or a Foe? What is your favourite Horror/Thriller? Give me all the recommendations people and remember I don’t shy away from death and gore the only thing that does really get me is animal deaths in books 😦 *Cries all the tears*

Happy Halloween reads everyone, may your books be horrifying and filled with terror

24 thoughts on “5 Reasons why this should be your first or next Stephen King read

  1. I completely agree that Carrie is an excellent place to start with Stephen King! I read it for the first time this year and loved it, but I’ve been a fan of his stuff for years, so I have no idea why I never got around to it sooner.

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    1. Carrie isn’t “scary” per say but it is a little gory. If your ever going to venture into his horror books Carries a good place to start, if this ends up being to much then maybe the other one will be too XD

      Also I just got my self a second hand copy of Under The Dome because I liked it so much and WOW it’s so huge!

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  2. I’m reading it right now!! I can’t believe I’ve never read a King book before but so many of his works are on my TBR. The size of his other books is super intimidating though so I’m glad Carrie is a lot shorter in comparison haha. I really enjoyed both movies so I can’t wait to see what I think of the book!! Awesome post, Casey.

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    1. I loved both movies as well they were both really well done, of course the book is a little different but it’s one of my fave adaptations 😊 I hope you love the book, its so much more then a blood fest and I re read it so much in highschool


  3. Carrie is one of my favourite Stephen King books! (At least of those I’ve read so far. I have such a vivid memory of reading it in bed one day when I was home sick from school. I’ve seen the first film adaptation, but not the most recent (but I’m keen to).

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    1. The recent movie is pretty well done, I mean there are changes of course and the actress isn’t who I’d imagine Carrie to be but I still really enjoyed it and thats a lot coming from me because I’m really picky with book adaptations XD

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