My FavouriteThriller/Horror books of 2016

*sings* I wish you a merry Christmas, I wish you a Merry Christmas, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year *sings*

You know I’m actually a good singer on here, I mean it could have something to do with the whole YOU CAN’T ACTUALLY HEAR ME but we won’t read too much into that fact, I AM A GREAT SINGER. No in all reality I can’t sing a tune to save my ass but we’re off topic.

Okay so if you’ve seen my other posts you’ll know I am indecisive and I decided to do my top 3 faves of the year in ALL THE GENRES. This list isn’t going to be so hard on my heart because I didn’t read to many good horrors/thrillers which is sad and will be rectified in the new year because I love gore, mystery, and all the evil monsters.

TOP 3 HORROR/THRILLER READS OF THE YEAR (also these aren’t books released this year these are books I read this year) 

153025In Third Place is Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill

This book is everything you want in a Horror and it really surprised me. I know I’m not the only one who meets unlikable characters that we are supposed to be rooting for and disliking them SO much I end up hoping there murdered everything I turn a page (at least I hope I’m not alone in this) Starting this I really disliked both the MC’s but as we went on my hope for their death dwindled until I was nearing the last few chapters perched on the edge of my chair making small squeaking noises every time they had a close call.

The character Growth, damn the plot growth its intense and awesome.


5578911Second Place is In The Woods by Tana French

If your like me and love a good Detective novel then meet Tana French. I’m a big fan of Detective Novels that all intertwine with side characters getting their own story and after Karen Rose I was looking for a new great Author and I found it in Tana French and this book. I love the relationship between the Detective in this story, the mystery, the surprisingly paranormal aspect that I was not expecting. A great thriller/mystery.



And in the most prized and prime position: You by Caroline Kepnes

Who seen this coming from a week ago? I AM OBSESSED (one could say almost stalker like) with this book.

You is told in second person and focuses on Joe our main character who owns a book store, loves to read, and stalks a girl named Beck that just happened to wonder into his store. I just.. I love Joe. I know I shouldn’t, he’s seriously messed up and I wouldn’t want to date him but he’s smart and funny, he’s not your average creeper in a trench coat. Also I love weird shit and Joe is the weirdest of them all. I mean he kidnaps someone and forces them to read and THEN quizzes them on the book. look I’m not saying I would actually do this because I like to think I’m pretty sane BUT if I ever did crack you know this would be an awesome form of torture to a non reader.


What is your Fave Thriller or Horror of the year? Give me all the recommendations! Seriously I have christmas money to spend soon, lets add some christmas weight to my TBR pile.

19 thoughts on “My FavouriteThriller/Horror books of 2016

    1. I have Horns and The Fireman on my TBR I’ve heard that Horn sis really good so I think I may pick that one up first 🙂 How is Shutter Island? I’ve watched the movie but haven’t read the book, is it really different?

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        1. The books are always better and I haven’t seen the movie in ages so I think I’ll defy check it out although it’s good to hear they did the book justice with the adaptation because I really did like the movie 🙂

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    1. Joe the main character is the most horrible human but the way it’s written with him being so well read and witty at times just made me really like him even though he’s a psychopath XD It’s such an interesting read 🙂

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    1. I think you’d love Heart Shaped Box! I wasn’t expecting much from the first few chapters but then everything started happening and I was just in the story and had to know what happens next 🙂 You is one of my faves I just love Joe (maybe a bit to much) XD bahaha


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