My Favourite Standalone’s of 2016


*sings* I’m all alooooone there’s no one here besides meeeeeeeeee *sings*

Okay I am alone but who of us is ever really truly alone? I mean I have the internet and all you guys to chat to, I have my books that contain all my faves so it’s pretty hard to be alone when you’re in the book community with all you lovely amazing people. Merry Christmas and happy Holidays ALL! Nothing beats a great standalone in my opinion. There are A LOT of trilogies and series that are my fave but it’s so satisfying to just read a book and love it and not have to lie in agonising wait for the next book to be released an entire year later. So with no further a due here is my top 3 standalone’s of 2016

TOP 3 STANDALONE READS OF THE YEAR (also these aren’t books released this year these are books I read this year) 


Weighing in at third place is *pause for dramatic entrance* Vicious by V.E. Schwab

It’s a fantasy/sci-fi with two anti-hero friends that give themselves super powers using science and become enemies and do bad shit for wrong reasons and think there doing good shit when there really evil and everyone is so morally grey it makes me happy and I love a standalone FSS I mean there aren’t many out there that do it as well as Schwab in my opinion.

Also I can’t pass up a good alliteration and Victor Vale is an amazing Hero/Villain name.



In Second place is Are You Seeing Me by Darren Growth

A story of two Aussie twins that have just lost their father. Perry is going to live in assisted living so he can give his sister the freedom he thinks she deserves so they’re going on a road trip around Canada and America before he moves out.

A search for sea monsters and lots of amazing sibling love. Perry also has Autism and it is portrayed really really well. If you’re looking for a read that stars an Autistic main character, a great sibling relationship, a road trip, and lots of fantastic Aussie slang PICK THIS UP, PICK IT UP.

13611052And grabbing the shiny gold metal faster than a Niffler out of its case is The Night Circus by Erin Morgernstern

Gosh guys this book, this book! It’s just beautiful, the imagery, the magic, the competition, the characters, the writing. I loved the beautiful descriptions, the circus that arrives in the night with no forewarning, enchanted umbrellas, a betting game that ends in death.

The Night Circus is so beautiful that I can’t even think of it without smiling.



I realise most of these were published a few years ago but I am ecstatic that I found them this year, 2016 has been such a year of craziness and greatness (at least personally) and I wouldn’t have chosen any other year to read these books.

What has been your favourite standalone of the year? If you’ve read any of my last fave’s of 2016 posts then you know that I am putting myself through an intense kind of torture which involves me creating a two big TBR for 2017. Let talk down below!

17 thoughts on “My Favourite Standalone’s of 2016

  1. Vicious was great, but it’s actually going to have a sequel!! No idea when, but it shall. 🙂 I’m excited since I predicted the ending, hehe. And I really need to read the Night Circus, I don’t even own it yet AH!

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    1. I’m not sure how I feel about a sequel but it’s V.E Schwab so I really shouldn’t be worried XD I do like how it can be read as a stand alone too though 😀 The Night Circus is so beautiful, It doesn’t really win any points from me plot wise but the world building and descriptions are everything 😀

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    1. It’s soon good and beautiful, the writing is really really pretty but not to over the top. It’s def not a fast read but its not slow either 🙂 Am I still making sense? Probably not XD just read it it’s amazing

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    1. It’s really original I loved the whole book, the plot is different but it’s nothing mind blowing I was just in love with all the descriptions and writing 😊 hope you can read it soon!


  2. The Night Circus is one of my all time favorite novels!! I’m so glad it left a great impression on you. It’s so good. Think it has the most satisfying ending of any book I’ve ever read. Omnomnom.
    My favorite book of 2016 is The Shadow of the Wind. It’s also beautiful and affected me in a very similar way. Something about historical magical realism that catches my heart, I guess!

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    1. Everytime I even think of that book I’m just like ahhhh so beautiful and yes the ending is so satisfying the whole book is just fantastic and magical 😀 Checking out Shadow of the Wind now, I can’t wait to read some more magical realism I love it but I don’t tend to pick up as many as I’d like 🙂

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      1. Oooh. I can’t wait to hear what you think of The Shadow of the Wind! I am *also* looking forward to reading this review from you.
        You’re putting an awful lot of pressure on yourself with all these impending reviews. 😉 But I could just be trying to persuade you…

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    1. To many books to be read! I had the worst reading month of the year in December so none of my planned books were read XD Hoping to catch up now though and read all the books I own hopefully you can to! The Night Circus doesn’t have the most amazing plot but the writing is so beautiful I could read it over and over again 😀

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