What I’m reading while I’m on Holiday!

It’s Christmas, MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! Guys 2016 is nearly over and that is just bonkers, I can’t deal but also yay to a bright and shiney new year

I just wanted to update you all, I wrote up some scheduled posts (yes I know I am a new me woo for organisation lets see how long this will last) This right here is actually scheduled so past Casey says hi and that’s shes really stressed out with planning for the holidays and shopping in crowds but future Casey who will reply to comments should be relaxed and full of christmas dinner so yay.

I’ll be camping from the 26/12 to the 5/1 so while I’ll have posts going up I most likely won’t have internet for at least a week, I know the horror of it all! I’m planning on reading a heap, taking photos in really cool places and consuming way too much alcohol by a camp fire, it should be good.

As a quick TBR because even though I never do one I will technically only be bring a few books with me so here are the books I am taking camping:

18513639Percy Jackson and the olympions – books 1-5 

I read the first Percy Jackson book a little while back and I remeber enjoying it but I can’t remeber all the details so when I seen the box set on sale I had to get it and can’t wait to binge read this series. So Many people love Percy Jackson that I am ready to find out why!


I will also have my ereader that has some earcs on there so If I have the time I will also be reading:

28818314RoseBlood by A.G Howard 

A Phantom of the opera retelling? Set in an old Theatre that’s been converted to a school? All the yes’s! Plus look how beautiful the cover is XD

30142281The Sixth Event by Kristen Morie

A Sci Fi end of the world, back to the future to try and save it and change the future? I hope this book can live up to it’s awesome description.

30038977Nowhere Near You by Leah Thomas 

This is actually the second book to Because You’ll Never Meet me. I have been wantimg to read Because you’ll never meet me so this second book is going to give me all the motivation to actually do that + look how amazingly beautiful the cover is!



Merry Christmas again everyone! I hope you all have an amazing day with loved ones and eat lots of chocolate and good food oh and get lot sof books and book vouchers!



19 thoughts on “What I’m reading while I’m on Holiday!

    1. I am to it’s been way to long I need to finically see what everyone’s talking about when they say Percy Jackson and Annabeth 😆 happy holidays to you too! Hopefully you get some relaxation time in before the year ends

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    1. I haven’t read as much as I liked and I’ve just finished the first bookm while I really like the characters and narration I’m not completely obsessed yet, I have a feeling I’ll enjoy the books more and more as the series goes on though 😀


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