August TBR Part one: Tome Topple

ANOTHER READATHON! Yes another readathon, I went from no readathon’s to give me all the readathons because I need the motivations especially for tomes.

The tome topple is a two week long readathon where you basically read all your 500+page books. It’s running from August 4th to the 17th so there is still time to join in with the fun!

Past Casey thought it would be fun to read all her small books and has left present Casey with ginormous books that are threatening her life. What that means is I have a lot of books to choose from for this readathon so at least there’s that.

  1. Read more than 1 tome.
  2. Read a graphic novel with more than 500 pages. (Trust me, this exists.)
  3. Read a tome that is part of a series.
  4. Buddy read a tome.
  5. Read an adult novel.

Cheating tip: You know when you accidentally buy those itty bitty books that you need a magnify glass to read? Yeah the ones that say they’re 480 pages and then you look up the Kindle edition and they’re actually 750pg (lying books trying to trick me into thinking it’s not a tome) Well even if they say they’re 480pgs on the physical I’m counting the Kindle page count because it makes me feel better about taking so long to read them. 


Now for the fun part! I am mixing this up with the Reading Quest readathon hosted by Aentee over at Read at Midnight goddamn this readathon is epic! Keep an eye out for my post I’m going completely crazy and may end up regretting my decision to try to read so many books but that’s future Casey’s problem.


How stunning do all these covers look together?! 

  • Leviathan wakes by James S.A. Corey  (579 Pages)
  • The Republic of Thieves by Scott Lynch (650 pages)
  • Days of Blood and Starlight by Laini Taylor (517 pages)
  • It by Stephen King (1478 pages)
  • American Gods by Neil Gaiman (541 pages)

The only challenge this doesn’t check off is the graphic novel, I just don’t own any? and the buddy reads, I am doing a buddy read but it’s not over 500 pages so, there’s that.

Are you joining in for Tome Topple? What books are you reading? Have you read any from my TBR? 1 to 10 how bad do you think I’m going to do? 

To get all of these read I’ll have to average 270 pages a day and this is really ambitious but I can try!

25 thoughts on “August TBR Part one: Tome Topple

  1. I’ve never done a Tome Topple before (don’t think I’m game enough tbh) but YOU CAN DO IT CASEY!!!!
    I’ve read American Gods and DOBAS and enjoyed them both! 🙂

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  2. SO. MANY. PAGES. You’re being super ambitious and it’s making me excited for my OWN tbr pile!!!! 😀
    I honestly hope you really like American Gods, but I don’t know if I’d start the readathon with it. It just seemed particularly slow-moving to me! But again you might think I’m wrong and it’s amazing, sooo. XD
    You’ve got such great picks. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the final Laini Taylor book cos I have put off reading book 3 for some unknown reason lol.

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    1. I’m glad my ambitions are good for something XD I have so many books to read I just hope my motivation levels stay up!
      I’m expecting it be long winded and slow but I really liked Neils writing in Stardust so hopefully that pulls it together for me, also I’m such a nerd for greek gods and what not I’m excited to see what they’re like 😀

      Laini’ writing is so good, I don’t think I’m going to love it as much as Strange but I’m keen to jump back into the worlds she creates! Good luck to both of us and hopefully we can demolish our TBRS XD

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  3. I’m doing Tome Topple as well and have both ‘It’ and ‘American Gods’ on my TBR, though I think IT would take the whole readathon by itself to finish. The size is more than a little intimidating! Good luck with your TBR!

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    1. If you want to buddy read American Gods let me know! It is HUGE I’m planning on really racing through it on a weekend so hopefully that’s possible, seriously it should count as at least 4 books with those page numbers xD Good luck to you too Lucy ❤

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      1. I might take you up on that offer, I want to watch the TV show so I really need to get around to it soon.
        I have a long-haul plane ride so I might save it for then, I should be able to make a sizeable dent in it!

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  4. Yesss, I’m doing this one too!!! YOU CAN KEEP YOUR SCARY CLOWN BOOKS 😂 I need to read DOBAS and American Gods too! If you Although DOBAS is higher priority than American Gods because that one is super intimidating to me haha. If you get to them looking forward to seeing what you think ❤

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    1. Lauren whats with the IF ofcourse I’m going to get through ALL these mammoth books I am a machine *pants set on fire* X’D

      CREEPY CLOWNS FOREVER! seriously give me all the sewer clowns and all the scared town people, I cant wait to start it.

      I need to read American Gods so I can watch the TV show (shh I know I could just watch but my brain isn’t wired to do that) I’ve been warned it’s super dense though so we’ll see how far I actually get into it.

      Good luck for your TBR too! Hopefully we both kickass in all these readathons ❤


  5. Oh good luck with this readathon Casey. 🙂
    I’ve never tried one before but this seems like a good one to get through some of the really large books on your TBR list. I’m always really intimidated by books over 500 pages, which is insane because the majority of books I read have around 400 pages so I’m not sure why the extra hundred makes such a difference to me.
    I hope you enjoy Days of Blood and Starlight and American Gods, but I agree with Lauren in that you can keep your scary clown books! 😀

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    1. BETH Scary clown books are the best and you know it, how would one not love a sewer clown terrifying a town *mind boggled* XD I’m actually super excited to read it, although I may need to watch some disney after!
      I’m the same! I’ll read a 480 page book no probs but 500 nope? Like why it’s only a 20 page difference, eh brains are funny things.

      Starlight was so fantastic I can’t wait to read American Gods and see what its all about. I love Laini’s writing so I’m excited to jump back into a world of hers 🙂

      Thank you Beth ❤

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      1. Well I can’t speak for everyone but that is my idea of a worst nightmare. I saw the It movie and that scene with the sewer/shower drain scarred me! Personally I’d skip the book and just watch Disney. 🙂
        I think it’s just the number, 500, it seems bigger and scarier than even 480.
        Oh that’s great to hear, and that’s all right! 😀 ❤

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  6. I wish I was joining in! I can’t do another read-a-thon this month though. Looking at my TBR it’s just not going to work for what I need to get read *cries forever*. I shall watch your progress jealously from the sidelines XD

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  7. YAY! So excited to see you’re joining the Tome Topple readathon this round. I think you’ll do quite well 😉 I have faith you’ll finish at least 3 of these books. I’m publishing my TBR today!

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    1. I’m glad you have Faith XD I’m hoping I can do that! I’m going to try and really push myself but even if I read a few of these big books I’ll be proud coz they’ve all been on my TBR for ages! Eee Cant wait to see what you’ll be reading 😀

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  8. This is a brilliant readathon! I will admit that tomes intimidate me. I find them easier to consume on the Kindle, strangely. I think it’s because I don’t have to see all the pages I have left! XD

    I’ve read some 500+ page graphic novels and I have quite a few on my TBR. If you are interested here are some suggestions: Blankets by Craig Thompson, Boxers and Saints by Gene Yuen Lang and any full collection tomes — particularly for Sandman, Marvel’s The Wizard of Oz and Scott Pilgrim. So fun!

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  9. Good luck in your Tome Topple! I’ve been debating taking part myself and mostly because I really want to read American Gods ahaha 🙂

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