Tome Topple Wrap up!

AHHHHH Tome Topple went so quickly, books I ordered for it didn’t even arrive in the mail in time damn book depository But all is okay I guess because those books are on my reading quest TBR anyways.

So what I did manage to read!

11381895First up is It by Stephen King

I’ve even posted a review for it already! I’m really getting on top of this blogging thing guys. I read it from the 6th to the 13th and 7 days for 1478 pages isn’t that bad at all if I do say so myself.

I loved it 5/5 stars and a giant wow at how King continues to impress me with every book.

This book comes under the Read an adult novel challenge

12812550My next book was Days of Blood and Starlight by Laini Taylor

First off what an epic name. Days of Blood and Starlight is the epic second book in the Daughter of smoke and bones trilogy and wow after reading ‘It” YA fantasy is a breeze, no more reading pace 30 pages in an hour xD I read ADOSAB in 2 days and loved every page. Laini is an auto buy author for me and I’m in awe of her mind and writing.

This book was 517 pages and come under read more than 1 tome! 

12667419My final book is a little bit of cheat Leviathan Wakes by James A. Corey

This book was an audio that I have been listening to since umm May… I know 3 months for a book Casey?! I really enjoyed this whole book premise, the plot, the aliens, the conflicts, the evil space bio weapon and finding out who’s trying to start a war between everyone but I just didn’t love the audio so I had to push through.

This was 579 pages/ 19hr audio and comes under read a tome that is part of a series

So three books, three challenges, 2574 pages done, I’d say I was pretty damn successful!

How’s everyone’s August going? I swear everyone’s doing at least one readathon this month, are you doing The Reading Quest or ARC August? How did your tome topple go?

The books I didn’t get too were The Republic of thieves by Scott Lynch (I still haven’t received it from book depo but it should be here any day now *fingers crossed*) and American Gods by Neil Gaiman. Both of these are on my Reading Quest TBR so they will be read before Sept 10th hopefully!

27 thoughts on “Tome Topple Wrap up!

    1. Eeeee Thank you! I’m so happy with my reading XD I’m still motivated to read a heap so I can feel a good month coming on! That is def a win what did you think of the ending??! My heart hurt a lot but I loved it. I hope we get more stories set in the world 🙂


  1. You’re nailing your TBR~!!!!!
    I have no doubt you’ll finish one, if not both, of the books you didn’t get to for tome topple!!!
    Honestly so impressed you knocked over It so quickly. 😀
    I am aiming to knock as many review books over as possible for The Reading Quest!!! It goes for so long, I have my fingers crossed I’ll step over the finish line being happy! Yeeee!

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    1. You’ll rock it to bec! You already finished Godsblind and that looked like a slog so atleast its out of your brain!
      I’m excited to read the rest of these and hope I can finish them! I need book depo to move their arses and deliver Republic of thieves already XD

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  2. You did amazing!! I participated in the Tome Topple readathon as well. I finished two books which was my goal so I’m really happy with that. I’m going to be talking about the books I read in my wrap up post I will be doing later today. I am also currently participating in the 7in7 readathon and the read-a-thin readathon.

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    1. Love books are so daunting! It’s one of the reasons I like tome topple though I need something to motivate me to pick them up XD I hope you’re having fun with The Reading Quest! It’s so much fun seeing everyones progress


  3. Oh man it sucks that some of the books that you ordered didn’t arrive in time (I’ve had issues with Book Depository in the past and rarely use them now) but you still did really well, especially when you consider how long these books are as well. 🙂
    Days of Blood and Starlight is amazing! It’s one of my favourite series and I love Laini’s writing so much. She’s an auto-buy author for me as well. I know whatever she comes out with I’m going to love. 😀 ❤

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    1. Book depo is so hit or miss, I hope the book comes this week but I wont be holding my breath DX
      Laini is amazing and definitely an auto buy for me now too, I’m reading the last book now and it’s just so good right off the bat, Laini’s writing really is amazing and blows my mind.

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      1. It’s been more miss for me, but hopefully it won’t be in this case for you. 🙂
        Oh that’s great to hear, and in that case I hope you enjoy the rest of the last book as much as you have the rest of the series. In fact I hope it’s even better! 😀

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  4. I’m so curious what is Tome Topple? I wish kind wish I took part in Arc August. I am behind on so many arcs but I’ve been all over the place with my reading. Also great job with It. That’s a book I really need to pick up soon.

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    1. Tome Topple is a readathon held a couple of times a year were you read books with 500+ pages 🙂 There’s a couple of challenges like read an adult book or read a book is a series, hope you get to join in for the next round whenever that will be! 😀
      I finally caught up on arcs but I just requested more on Netgalley so I’m getting prepped to be swamped again XD Hopefully you love them when you finish them all!


      1. Oh that’s actually really awesome! I have a couple of books that are over 500 pages but I never read them cause I get overwhelmed by the amount. I’ll be on the look out for the next one. So far I’ve had mostly good luck with the arcs I’ve been reading lately. I’ve just been slacking on reading them lol.

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  5. Ooh, the hubby is right into The Expanse series too on audiobook, he loves the TV series and didn’t know it was a book series. Not my type of read but he’s really enjoying them. Anything Laini writes is golden isn’t it. The wait for the second book in the Strange The Dreamer series may literally kill me. Nice work with the challenge Casey ❤

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    1. Strange is amazing, if anyone had told me she could get more creative and wonderful after the daughter trilogy I would have been boggled but it’s true. I cant imagine what we have install for us for Strange but I’ll be excited with anything Laini writes 😀
      I need to start watching it, I don’t actually watch many sci fi shows so I’m hoping I’ll like it 😀 Thank you Kells ❤


    1. I love King and horror, there’s pleanty of scary elements but nothing that gave me nightmares or made me want to take a break from it, not sure how people afraid of clowns will go XD
      I’m super proud I did it, it’s so freakin huge

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  6. Well done!! I’m really impressed that you were able to get through THREE tomes this month! It does feel like everyone is participating in a readathon this month. I’m working on #ARCAugust myself. I am on track to pass my goals which make me super happy! I still have a HUGE collection of ARCs to push through, but this gave me some momentum to pick things up at least.

    Are you planning to read some of your delayed arrival tomes in the coming months? What are they?

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    1. Yep! AND THEY’VE FINALLY ARRIVED XD I’m planning on Morning Star, I picked up Golden Son yesterday so hopefully I’ll be reading it by the end of this week and the Republic of Thieves but I’m saving it for last because I read those books really slow and love taking my time in the world 🙂

      I’ve been sort of slipping in some ARC August by accident, I’ve read 4 arcs which was awesome, hopefully you get through even more and can catch up on newer releases!

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