It’s a week into September but as I am still doing #thereadingquest TBR I feel this is actually well timed. I’ll only have around 3 weeks or less of TBR time but I’m trying to keep up my reading binge I’ve been on.

The reading quest has given me all the motivation to read my TBR and even if I don’t finish on time (the 10th) I WILL continue with the books I have left until the end of the month.

So whats left? 

Morning Star by Pierce Brown

I am 100 pages into this and loving it. The characters have so much depth and the action is crazy amazing. This series is so good and seriously everything I could want in a Sci-fi.

American Gods by Neil Gaiman

I WILL READ, IT I WILL. Someone come yell at me if I’m not seriously I read “It” and that’s 1000+pages this 500 page book is NOTHING compared to that.

Devoured by Amanda Marrone 

I am TRYING to get this read by Sunday and hopefully I can read it in one sitting, it’s short, looks interesting, and fingers crossed I can slide this into my Reading Quest.

The Chimes by Anna Smaill

This is myself and Kirtsie over at Upside Down Books are reading this for our book club, check it out if you haven’t and feel free to join in with the read 😀


Is this a thing? It should be. I have so many sequels/final books to read I’m making this my own little mini challenge for the month:

17666439Doctor Sleep by Stephen King – Sequel/companion to The Shining

I’ve had people tell me they liked this better than The Shining which I adored, it actually gave me shivers while reading, I did try reading this YEARS ago but put it down after the first chapter. I’m ready to give it another go and hopefully love it.



Now I Rise by Kiersten White – Sequel to And I Darken

Second book to the epic And I Darken, I loved the first book for the most part and though Lada was a great character. I can’t wait to see what happens next. Gender Swapped retelling guys I love it.

34567771.jpgOne Dark Throne by Kendare Blake – Sequel to Three Dark Crowns

I was very up and down with Three Dark Crowns, I loved the ending and the concept made me push through, but the characters and POV’s bored me. It just dragged on and felt super slow. I really hope this book keeps the pace that the ending set.

34397653Our Dark Duet by Victoria Schwab – Sequel and final of This Savage Song

I just want to cry and be in pain and then cry some more because this is the last Schwab I have left to read before she releases a new book. I mean I could just reread Shades of Magic to numb the pain.


29475447A Closed and Common Orbit by Becky Chambers – Sequel to a Long way to a small angry planet

I’ve read the first 50 pages of this and really liked where it was going. I can’t wait to jump back in, these books are everything I want in sci fi, multi cultural, so many different types of aliens, different cultures, histories, rag-tag families, and artificial intelligence.

5660855The Republic of Thieves by Scott Lynch – Third in the Gentleman Bastards series

LOCKE LAMORA MY LOVE, MY SON, MY STABBY FAVE. I love this series and these characters so very much. I might not finish this in September because I like to spend way to long reading it so I can get as much Locke as I can but we shall see.

This actually might be doable I mean 10 books? I can do that I did 11 books last month and 4 of them were over 500 pages. 

Whats on your TBR for September? Are you reading any Sequels?

There are so many Godsgrave, Tower of Dawn and I’m sure a million I’m forgetting.

What are you most excited to read this month?


15 thoughts on “SEQUEL SEPTEMBER TBR

  1. For One Dark Throne when you were like “I really hope this book keeps the pace that the ending set” I AGREE, YES SAME. I am crossing my fingers and toes that the POVs in this will engage me more than book 1 did.
    You’ve got some awesome books lined up to reaaaaaaad! I bet you’ll smash it, you’re on SUCH A ROLL. 😀 Good luuuuuuck!!!

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    1. Fingers crossed it does! The ending was awesome but the rest was a snooze fest :/ I just want epic sisters fight together or against each other which ever works I’m not picky xD
      Gah thank you! Hopefully I can keep all the reading up!

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      1. I’m not picky either! Just fighting, stabby, awesomeness – PLS! Or just can all of them be triple-queen and then fight TOGETHER AND BE BADASS. So many possibilities. XD

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  2. I like your selection! ‘American Gods’ is a favourite of mine and I’ve become more fond of it since I finished. It kinda stayed with me and made me think about it. ‘Doctor Sleep’ was a fun read as well, although I still like ‘The Shining’ more. ‘The Republic of Thieves’ was my least favourite of the 3 Locke Lamora books but I am still hype for the next book whenever it will be published 🙂 Have fun with all of those!

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    1. I like books that stay with you so thats awesome, I’m excited to start it and watch the TV adaptation 😀 You’ve read so much off my tbr XD I don’t think Doctor Sleep will top the shining for me esp coz it was one of the first King books I read so I have fond memories of it.
      I’ve seen the Republic of thieves isn’t as loved as the first to but I’m excited anyhow I love the characters and can’t wait to see what happens next. I hope I do too!

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  3. I LOVE the idea of Sequel September! I actually finished Now I Rise this week and loved it as much as the first. We get to see a lot more of Radu in the book too. I hope you enjoy it 🙂

    I’m so with you on American Gods! I have it on audiobook, but its like 20 hours of listening time where the majority of books I listen to are 10-12 hours. Once you read it, you can pester me to finally give it a go lol

    Happy reading in September!

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  4. I read Devoured a couple years ago and enjoyed it immensely. I wouldn’t say it’s one of the best books ever, but the story is so unique and surprising that I couldn’t help but like it!

    This sequel September thing is SUCH A GOOD IDEA! I am beyond behind on sequels too so I totally feel the need for this. Best of luck with the TBR!!!

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    1. Thats what I’ve been told! I think it’ll be a fun short read so I’m excited about it 🙂 Plus I haven’t read to many Snow White retellings so it’ll be cool to see how its done .

      I really need to catch up on series so I’m hoping I get through a heap of these sequels XD Thank you!

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  5. Aw man I have so many books I want to read in september, but it’s already the 10th and I’ve read 1/12. #winning hahah so I don’t think I’m going to get to them. Nonetheless! I’m going to try and finish off aaalll the series on my list in the hope that I manifest some super reading powers.

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    1. I’ve managed to finish 4 and 2 of them weren’t even on this TBR so hahah my TBR is going greeeeeeeat XD Also one of those was a 25 page short story but I’m counting it XD

      Wish you luck in the super reading quest it hasn’t worked for me yet but I believe in you XD

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  6. Awesome post! Personally, I don’t keep a specific TBR, just a list of all the books I want to read eventually on Goodreads. But right now I’m reading Days of Blood and Starlight and Mask of Shadows. I adored Taylor’s first book but Miller’s a newcomer so we’ll see how it goes hahaha
    Those are some really cool choices of yours, by the way 🙂

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    1. I just finished that series by Laini! I hope you enjoy it the writing is so fantastic and easy to read 😀 I have Mask of Shadows on my TBR I love that it features a gender fluid main character and can’t wait to ream about them 😀
      I was like that too but I have so many books to get through I’m trying to be more organised xD


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