August Wrap Up & Haul

I’m late with this wrap up but life’s been kicking my arse lately and my blogging has been lacking, I am sorry but hey lots of things to hopefully look forward to this month! SO MANY RELEASES, AHHH I SHALL SURVIVE SOMEHOW (the same can’t be said for my wallet). I had a pretty awesome reading month, I joined in with the Tome Topple and I’m still doing The Reading Quest, I ended up reading 11 books all up.

What I read:

35298151No Limits by Ellie Marney 5/5 Stars

I was lucky enough to get the ebook and read this before the release but I went to the book launch and had Ellie sign a physical copy because I needed Harris beautiful face gracing my book shelves.

This book packs a punch and really dive into some heavy subjects like drugs in remote Australia and how it affects small towns. I highly recommend it.

33281117Take Three Girls by Cath Crowley, Simmone Howell, and Fiona Wood 4/5 stars

Take Three Girls is a book that made my heart so happy whilst dealing with some real issues. I saw so much of my own highschool in this story and while it was enraging to see all the online bullying and slut shaming it’s all unfortunately just apart of highschool. It would be cool if everyone was nice and educated but it takes time, and perhaps it takes three girls to change the ways things are, even for a little bit.

I’m on a blog tour for this book so keep a look out for my review, it’s up on Sept 15th.

33296222Gap Year in Ghost Town by Michael Pryor 4/5 stars

Ghosts, Melbourne, Aussies, and Sass seriously what more can I ask for in a book?

This was The YA Rooms book of the month and while I didn’t get to go to the meeting I did see Michael Pryor talk at the Bendigo Writers Festival which was awesome!




It by Stephen King 5/5 Stars

It haunts Derry, It lives in the sewers and comes every 27 years, It feeds of children’s fears and limbs. That’s all I’d really like to say about the plot, I mean evil monster killing and decapitating a boat load of people is basically all you need to know right?

THE MONSTER OF A BOOK THAT I ADORED. I can’t wait to watch the movie and see how they’re going to adapt it, King’s writing was worth all 1400 pages.


6931356The Duff by Kodi Keplinger 3/5 stars

A quick fluff of a read to counteract “It” I needed to read something light and nice so I wouldn’t slump and this worked perfectly. It has some problems but all in all I liked the characters and the sex positivity.





Leviathan Wakes by James SA Corey 3/5 stars

Another huge book that had been on my TBR for so long, I was actually listening to this audio for over 3 months. I enjoyed the story in the end but it just wasn’t a page turner for me.


12812550Days of Blood and Starlight by Laini Taylor 4/5 stars

Days of Blood and Starlight is an amazing follow up to Daughter of Smoke and Bone, now we’re immersed in the Chimera and Angel’s world, Laini’s magic and world building is amazing and blew me away as usual.



29065860Between Two Thorns by Emma Newman 4/5 Stars

Magical words, Urban Fantasy, dislocated souls, 3 wishes, and kidnapping? HELL YES.

This was Kirstie and I’s books of the month, we have a book club over on goodreads dedicated to reading under rated and slightly weird Sci-fi/Fantasy and this book was perfect.

13618440Dreams of Gods and Monsters by Laini Taylor 4/5 Stars

Eeep I now officially have no new laini to read! That is until I get my hands on the Novellas for this series and the next Strange the Dreamer. The ending was good, not as tied up as I would have liked but laini’s writing is amazing and unlike anything I’ve ever read.

34696801.jpgGodsgrave by Jay Kristoff… 5/5 Stars

Look I can’t say much because I’m waiting for release day but it’s good, it’s goddamn good. I have a review written and ready… it’s so good.

13138734This Shattered World by Amie Kaufman and Megan Spooner 4/5 stars

These books are so good and I love that they’re new main characters with cameos of the old. The world building is on point and the character relationship are fantastic.

I need to pick myself up the third book asap so these gorgeous covers can be together at last.


A little explainer because ummm I may have hauled a lot of books this month, I went on a massive op shop day and found so many awesome books at 5 places. I don’t do this often so i let myself go crazy and get all the cheap books. I also went to a blogger night and we were given books for free which is amazing and yay!


Things I did:

Short story: All. All the things were did

Long story (Still somewhat condensed):

  • Bendigo Writers Fest with the lovelies Alex and Jay where I saw Michael Pryor, Amie Kaufman, Jay Kristoff, and Will Kostakis talk about all the things.
  • The No Limits book launch where I ate cupcakes, and swooned with everyone over Harris and aussie books
  • Melbourne Writers Fest I went to Angie Thomas YES the author of The Hate U Give’s keynote. It was empowering and amazing, I’m in awe of that amazing woman and can’t wait for her next book!!
  • Bloomsbury Bloggers night, I listened to the amazing Samantha Shannon Author of The Bone Season speak about her series and ate some delicious cupcakes.
  • Camping and what not where I read nothing but made some damper and had a great time with friends.

And that was my month, I also did a million other boring things like get a new car and be way too busy at work, but I’m super proud with all the things I squeezed into August and hopefully I can look forward to having a rather chill September.

How was your August? How did all the readathons go? Did you reach your reading goals? Take a nap instead? I fully support the nap option. 

Let me know your fave book of the month and if you read and loved any of the ones I’ve read!

11 thoughts on “August Wrap Up & Haul

  1. Honestly I did the nap option. Saturdays have become my nap day. I have regressed to being a baby again hahahaha!
    Seriously though, on to TBR stuffs… you slayed yours! I’m so proud AHH! And I’m so, so happy you hauled more Hobb books! ❤ ❤ I can't wait for you to read them, too! Hope September continues to be a knock-out for you, I BET IT WILL BE!


  2. I keep seeing GAP Year everywhere so I have to read that soon.I didn’t know that Ellie Marney wrote a new book *gasos* I will have to check it out soon though.


    1. Gap year is so much fun! I think it reads a lot like a really cool middle grade but with older characters? I liked it a lot though, ghosts and caring dads ❤
      How did you not know! XD It's self published and about Harris who was in the third every book, I loved it hope you do too!


  3. I’m sure this new IT will be better than the original movie, which was one of the worst movies Ive seen in my life hahaha It was weird because I loved the storyline (that’s why I think I’d love the book) but the movie was so bad lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I watched a youtube vid of best moments from the old movie and decided against watching it XD There are some old movies of Kings that I adore like Green Mile, Pet Semetery but I thought I’d just skip it for the new one, I might watch it afterwards for laughs.
      The book is great the writing style just made me pause and appreciate how skilled King is. The trailor for the new movie looks amazing so hopefully we both like it!


    1. ITS HUGGGGE but so worth it and I’m super proud I read it xD Now to get to the other 800+page books on my shelf 0.0
      Oh god my reviews probably a mess, I wrote it as soon as I finished and I’m scared to look at how fangirly I am XD

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Lol to be honest, I didn’t read a whole lot in August unfortunately, but I did actually nap. 😂I’m glad to hear you had a good reading month! It looks like you read some really great books and had a lot of fun events to go to. Nothing fun and bookish ever comes near where I live. 😜


  5. Did you buy ALL of Stephen King’s novels this month?! lol

    “King’s writing was worth all 1400 pages” Dude! I knew It was over 1,000 pages, but 1,400?!?! That is pure insanity. You should get 4 books credit on your Goodreads reading goal for tackling that beast lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I SO should get 4 book credits, this book is definitely the biggest book I’ve ever read.

      I may have XD the thrift shops I visited just had an abundance of King so i couldn’t just leave them there :’D


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